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Bengal Cat Temperament

The Bengal cat is a stunning creature of great strength and physical beauty. It’s known for being highly intelligent and affectionate. People are taken back by the strong resemblance to a leopard.  What about Bengal cat temperament though–how suitable are they as pets?  Most breeders agree on the main traits. Here is a quote from

The Bengal cat can be very mischievous and boisterous. They are active cats always ready to play. You can easily leash train them, and teach them to fetch, and play other games. They are also very vocal cats, always eager for human companionship and approval. The Bengal cat mixes well with children and other animals.

Most important is not to choose a Bengal unless you can give it full attention.

Bengal cat temperament

Beautiful Bengal Cat

The breed is highly active and needs the company of others–a Bengal doesn’t take to solitary life. Some may need two so they can keep each another company. It is also a very vocal cat:

Bengal Cat Temperament: these gorgeous cats are very vocal!

The Bengal coat coloring is inherited from the Asian Leopard Cat. At least four generations of  breeding with domestic cats is required to lose the wildness.


Bengal Cat Temperament

Leopard cat in the wild. See the coat. Courtesy F. Spangenberg – Der Irbis

Remnants of the wild temperament may remain. These include an unusual ability to climb up (and down) trees. Also an unusual interest in water. One of the first cats bred with the Leopard cat was an Egyptian Mau. Others include the Siamese,  Abyssinian and Burmese. This heady mix of breeds produces a remarkable result. One warning though: as the line has wild genes a few generations back, ensure kittens are sociable and affectionate. Sadly, an above average number of Bengals require re-homing. The reasons for this are many. Here are two examples:

I live in a small flat and though I love him dearly he constantly yearns to go outside”

“Sweet and affectionate cat, but needs to go to a home with no other animals and people that understand the breed. Needs support, patience and understanding to grow into the wonderful cat I know she can so easily become. Will always be a shy indoor cat”

Bengals need understanding owners who have rapport with their special personality. Do not choose this breed on looks alone: you must be sure you can provide its needs. Talk to breeders about the Bengal cat temperament and their own cats. There will be differences between individuals, but that is the beauty of them: as well unsurpassed appearance they have unique character. If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends.



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  1. Generally speaking, the Bengal needs no more care than most cats. Proper food and veterinarian care will keep your cat in good health. Except for one thing: this cat needs out! Otherwise, it becomes fearful and goes wild. It also loves water and during the hot season will gladly splash and spatter in any pool it finds.
    hey are proud but shy, strong but cautious, they easily get along with any pet, gradually growing to the dominant position in the house. They have elicited a movement of ‘bengalomania’ for Bengal owners often go back to that same breed when the time comes.

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