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Black cats are beautiful

black cats are beautiful - this one isIt’s Halloween time again. One kind of cat — the black cat — invariably gets bad publicity this time of year. Black cats of all sorts and sizes are considered bad luck as well as the companions of witches by many. Medieval days are long gone and in the 21st century it’s crazy such views persist, but they do. The problem is not only that some cruel people treat black cats badly – particularly around now — but also they are last in the queue for adoption. I say, give them a break — black cats are beautiful. What’s going on to cause this attitude?

Fact is, a cat’s color in linked with certain prejudices in the human mind. Don’t believe me? According to a UC Berkeley article quoting a recent study published in Anthrozoos:

Black cats are beautiful – do you have an unconscious bias against them?

While most people surveyed said personality informs their decision about which cat to adopt, the characteristics they ascribed to cats based on their coat color indicated that color consciously or unconsciously played a key role in their final choice of which kitty to take home.

Orange cats have a reputation of being friendly, and are very popular among cat adopters

Overall, orange cats and bi-colored cats were characterized as friendly, while black cats, white cats and tri-colored cats were regarded as more antisocial. White cats were considered to be more shy, lazy and calm, while tortoiseshell cats were more likely to be depicted as both more intolerant and more trainable. Black cats were typified as having less extreme character traits, which might contribute to their mysterious reputation.

Truth is that rescue centers frequently report black cats as most difficult to place — often resulting in their euthanasia. Some may say it does not matter — if it was not a black cat it would be another one that was not adopted. I disagree. I think people should choose their cat carefully based on personality, not on color.

One of the reasons there are so many cats in rescue is that people don’t get on with a cat for some reason. Cats have different personalities just like people – the need is to find the best fit between adopting family and cat. A black cat can sometimes be most suitable. Consider a black cat without prejudice to color. Why not even adopt two cats this Halloween and make one a black cat. Let’s make it a new fashion. Black cats are beautiful and can have great personalities. There are thousands out there waiting to prove that to you right now.

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  1. Black cats are considered lucky in the UK, and as the proud owner of one, I can honestly say he has the gentlest, most loving personality of any cat I have ever known 🙂

    • We purposely sought out a black cat. My son fell in love with friends black cat and would not settle for anything less. Pepper has brought us much joy and comfort.

  2. I have a conscious bias FOR them, they’re my favorite cats and I make a point of adopting them.

  3. My first cat was black and he was so beautiful. We got him from the Cats Protection League – some morons traumatised him when he was a kitten and left him extremely nervous and afraid of men. He gave us so much love and affection and is still missed dearly. People are so stupid thinking black cats are bad.

  4. My kitten is a tuxedo. EXTREMELY CUTE!!! I love any color, but we just fell in love with him the day we saw him for adoption.

  5. Stephen G. Rodenbough

    My wife’s Boo Boo was either a black cat or a very dark brown.
    He was the sweetest kitty.

  6. I personally have 2 cats black cats and one white cat.. they each have a very different personality and I love them dearly… they arent allowed out of the house this time of year even though they stay on the porch and patio there are just to many people who want to do harm to cats this time of year.

  7. Of course black cats are beautiful! I’ve had black cats in my life for 25 years. My first black cat was from a litter born behind a washing machine. We named him Tigger – he was bouncy bouncy fun fun fun! He grew up with my kids and was their best friend. Now I live with a tabby and her sister, a black girl called Morgan, who is mostly rather elegant and sedate, but has moments of total insanity when she will hurtle across the garden past me and into the bushes, then back again. I’ve never had any special breed, I just go for normal black cats and tabby cats, they are just as loving as the expensive breeds and don’t need to be kept indoors for fear of thieves.

  8. I once had a black cat with extra toes! He was an AWESOME cat! I have had several cats and each one has their own distinct personality. You can’t equate color with personality! Love all my cats, past and present.

  9. I think its jus a matter of perception,i have had almost 5black cats and other coloured cats all ,but the black cats to me have great current black cat is Pikachu..i love him so much he puts a bigg big smile on my face.

  10. I have a bias towards them… but then my first cat from the crib was a black cat…

  11. I have 2 beautiful fluffy black boys, one is the most outgoing gentle and fat kitty ever he acts more like a dog then a cat. The other is a bit more shy and reserved but they both are wonderful although they are more red and then black now being bleached from the hot australian sun.

  12. Black cats rock, make for perfect ambushes in the middle of the night when humans get up to go to the bathroom. >:]

  13. My family only adopts black cats, since it’s harder to find them a home. My cat Gomez is skinny and shy, but very sweet, and my cat Turbo (Also known as Tub Roast) is fat and playful.

  14. Tempie Kessler-Roberts

    I have had the great good fortune to have shared my life with 5 black cats over the last 40 years. 3 were rescues from a shelter, the last of which lived to be 20 years old. In each case the cat chose me very definitively. Each had a totally different personality and eccentricities but all were loving, caring family members. If I am fortunate enough to have another one choose to share his/her life with me I will not hesitate for even a minute to accept that offer.

  15. He has a fat 8 8 inch tale vet did say he was born that way he looks like a Bombay do you or anyone know the breed for a short tale sweet black cat very lovable

  16. I believe black cats to be wonderful creachers. We have 5 lil black meows and they are all cuddle bugs. Everytime they pass you, you can’t help but smile. They’re a blast to watch them play:). I love my black cats!

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