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Cats Survive Sinking Ship By Swimming To Rescue

More evidence that, when it really matters, cats can swim. This was no calm pond though, but a swim through the ocean miles from land.

Cats swim to safety from sinking ship

© PA Images. Notice Jasper the cat sitting on the top of the bow before an epic swim to the rescue ship 

In this August 5, 2013 photo released by Mark Schneider, a cat named Jasper sits on top of a sinking tuna boat off of the Oregon coast about 80 miles from Newport, Ore. Mark and Cynthia Schneider and their two cats, Jasper and Topaz, survived after the boat sank following an engine explosion. Both cats eventually swam through the ocean to safety on the rescue boat. The 60-foot Sea Princess departed from Winchester Bay in late July and sank 80 miles off the coast on Aug. 5. The Schneider’s, who have been fishing together for 27 years, lost their boat, $40,000 worth of tuna and most of their possessions.

Jasper and Topaz are brave cats. We understand that after the explosion the Schneiders called the cats but were forced to abandon ship without them because it was sanking so quickly. They were later amazed to see Jasper on the bow remarkably his favourite place of refuge. Eventually both cats were able to swim to the rescue ship.

More photos of this event cat be found at The World.

The Schneider’s are not fully insured and have lost their livelihoods — though a fund has been set up to help them. They are delighted however that their cats have survived.

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  1. I guess I’ll have to drown if people think Im leaving without my cats. Wait, what the hell were they thinking taking cats on a boat?

  2. Cats have long lived on ships — they were traditionally taken along to reduce the mice population on long voyages when grain and other staples would be carried. In this case, the couple lived on the boat and the cats were part of their family.

  3. This is like “the rest of the story” Hi all I am here to report the cats are doing great. Way better than I am. Those two cats of ours loved being at sea. If they could talk they would tell you, We played with string and lazier lights and when the seas got rough we would cuddle up in our bed together and take long naps oh yea we do that at our winter home too.

    As always the further from a story the news travels the more it becomes crazy. I was desperate to find my two buddies just after having our boat blow up under us and start sinking. Some of the story that did not make the news as fact. Jasper did not have to swim 100 yards. I had said to the news we were 100 yards away watching very closely, Topaz already in our arms aboard the rescue vessel. When the boat went under Japser started to swim toward as we called and we were able to get closer so I could lean over the side and scoop him up.

    If I could figure out how to post some pictures here I would

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