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Crow Feeds Cat and Dog Like They Were Its Chicks (Video)

It’s perfectly natural for cats to hunt birds in the wild, after all they can only survive by eating meat. On the other hand birds and cats do not have to be enemies as has been proved time-and-time again.

What I love about this amazing video is not only that the cat and dog are so laid back in their relationship with the bird, but also that they are so happy to play the role of babies being fed by their mother. It’s totally ridiculous how these lazy two just let the bird get on with it.

This USA Today video is not only very funny but I think it tells us a lot about our cats and dogs… (P.S Sorry, I cannot get rid of the few seconds of advert before the video starts).

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  1. Deborah Ann Ort

    The video of the crow feeding the cat and dog was amazing but what got me the most is that after the cat gets done eating the crow cleans his teeth!!! lol Awesome!!!

  2. This is very amusing. However, humans, cats and dogs carry a bacteria in their saliva called that can be fatal to birds in as little as 48 hours.

    • my cat mocha ( a bird killer) made best buddies with a magpie for the summer, wish could of vidoe’d it, they would play games on the fence, being laying out in the yard together, it was something to see, totally out of mocha personaliity, but they were best buds for whole summer, they were always together

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