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How Cats Choose Their Owners: Can It Be Love At First Sight?

The way cats bond with people is strange. The cynical may say that cats only love the hand that feeds them. Fortunately, every true cat-lover knows there is more to it than that.

It’s often a love-at-first-sight which a cat feels the instant they meet you. I don’t mean that thing about cats coming to people who don’t look at them. What I had in mind was it more as though they see a special aura in you which they find irresistible.

That seemed to be how it was when Hattie chose me. Twice I visited her home. Each time Hattie decided to sit on my lap shortly after I arrived and refused to leave. There were many cats in the room and several people, but this tiny ball of fur — the runt of the litter — decided I was chosen in some way known only to herself.

Sometimes human and cat are thrown together with no alternative. It may be you find a poor starved creature at the side of the road and adopt it out of compassion. Maybe someone gives you the cat for some reason. People may even describe how their cat just walked into their home and adopted them. It more often seems like fate than an accident though.

How d

I remember being given a cat that had been returned to a breeder because, when still a kitten, she had an unfortunate accident on her first owner’s bed. When Sally came home with me she instantly knew she was in her new home surrounded by people who loved her unconditionally.

She would not stop trilling loudly and ran up-and-down the stairs sitting on one lap after another. I discovered she had an infection that had caused the previous accident and this was quickly treated with a course of antibiotics. I will never, however, forget how she sensed so strongly that she had found her true forever home.

There are a few cats that are not dependent on people, but simply coexist with their human carers.  The great thing about cats is that they make that choice themselves. They may always be rather distant, or you may may earn love over weeks or months, or it may be love at first sight. When and why they choose to love you they do freely and instinctively. This makes them quite different from dogs for instance.

I’m not saying that when we visit the rescue or cattery we should not make a thoughtful decision. Some cats live better with children or old people or someone who can give them a lot of attention. Then there are indoor cats, outdoor cats and those that are less likely to cause an allergy. We should remember these when we make a decision to adopt, as it’s only fair to the cat.

However, cats do have amazing intuition. Maybe where this comes from will always be a mystery.

Did you choose your cat or did they choose you? Please tell your own story…

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  1. My cat literally chose me. A nice man tried to pick her up and she wanted nothing to do with him. When placed in my hands she immediately rubbed her tiny head on them.

    • Our kitty not only chose us, he literally rang our doorbell. He showed up in November of 2005, weighing 4 lbs and gashed down his back and face. We fed him and then took him to the vet so we could get him cleaned up and, hopefully, adopted to a good home. We finally found that home – ours, and he’s been an integral part of our family since then.

      • Me and my boyfriend went to go get a kitten from the humane society and she chose the BOTH of us by purring so loud we could hear her over on the other side of all sorts of meowing cats. We both feed her switching days and even tried to see if that was even the trick by letting me just feed her but she still lays between us or gives us both love when we walk in from work. So we named her sweetie.

    • Kirsten Fitzpatrick

      My 2 1/2 yr old cat (almost 3) chose me when I went to get her, not the other way around lol. (Back then she was about 4mnths old was also love at first sight..:)
      Out of all the other young cats/kittens that were there in the cattery she was the only one that Was all smoochy and cuddly all over me like a rash…(seriously) but in a good way tho..:) Hense why she acquired the name cuddles….She’s my baby girl and always will be…

    • There was a black cat roaming our complex because she was disgusted with the former owner who treated her terribly. Everyone wanted to touch her and take her in, but the only person she kept coming over to was me. Every time she saw me she would appear from nowhere and roll for me. She was drinking water out of the pool one day and saw me. She stopped drinking and came out to me. I finally acknowledged her by touching her, and that is it. She has been with me since 2008, and although she has finally accepted my lady it is me she comes to. She will jumo off the bed when my lady comes in and leave the room. Black cats are indeed geniuses. If you don’t believe me adopt one…..Maurice H Bank

    • My cat chose me. For some reason she seems to be drawn to me. I met her as a kitten outside in my neighborhood. She followed my seven year old son to our front door and would cry. I felt bad so I let her in. She followed me around everywhere and constantly wanted to be up under me. I became annoyed because I could not get her to potty train so I put her back outside after about a couple of weeks. I left her out there for about a month and the entire time she clawed and cried at my door. I finally felt bad so I let her back in and she follows me everywhere and still cries for me like a baby. I had an epiphany. It seems like this cat is showing me the definition of unconditionally love. She could have wondered off to another home, but instead she chose to stay at my door day after day. She never showed any resentment towards me. She only wanted the chance to be around me and show me affection. Shes not even a big eater

      • In the spring of 2011, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it was on a sunny afternoon after chemo that my black and white cat arrived in my garden as I was resting on the sun lounger! She was so friendly, looked well fed, no collar but I figured she belonged to a neighbour over the next road.
        It is now 2014, and Badger as I named it, now only realising she is a female, is still here, every morning when I wake, sleeps all day on a cushion and I put her back out at night before I go to bed! I’ve even been away for a week and she was there when I returned.
        She gave me the feeling that she is watching over me as I live alone in a large house, although yes I do feed her, she seems to be more increasingly hungry ! I do like cooking tho and the smells must be appetising I suppose!
        Always a doggy person, but I dunno, realising there is more to cats than I thought!

        • That kitty knows that you NEED her. Science has just now proven what kitties have always known: PURRR has healing power! She wants to purrr on you so you can heal! <3

      • Sharita! It sounds wonderful to have a cat like that! You said she wouldn’t potty train…did you mean literally, the toilet? as some people are able to train their cats to do? Or did you mean the litter box? and what about now? It’s the NOW that I’m wondering about!

    • My cat Sylvester…aka Boo -Boo..
      Is my love for life. He seeks me out we cuddle he’s my buddy. He cuddles more than both my Pomeranian dogs put together. He comes running when I call his name he’s my forever buddy. We already knew each other. He’s the shit.

  2. My Hope chose me. When I met her at the shelter, she clung to me like she never wanted to let go. I knew then that she was meant to be my kitty.

    • I wanted to add that Hope has always been very timid around humans. But she get along well with other cats, and she can be very affectionate when she wants to be.

    • My Ditto also chose me. I went to the shelter where my husband worked, I looked in to the kitten room and she was looking at me. I went inside and she immediately crawled onto my shoulder and purred in my ear. I was dead meat from then on. Her favorite place for 19yrs was my lap. I will probably miss her for the rest of my life!

    • Our cat was a “teenager” when he first showed up at our house. He of course became a much-loved part of our family.

  3. My tiny girl chose me. I had just lost my huge orange boy unexpectedly by heart failure. My husband and daughter took me PetSmart and this wee black kitten w/ a white belly and white whiskers kept coming over and sitting on my lap. I wasn’t ready to adopt so soon after Tiiggy’s death. 3 weeks later we went back to look at a litter of 5 orange kittens and Fia was still there. Non of the baby kittens felt right so my daughter got Fia out of her cage and handed her to me. She curled up in my lap and purred away. She didn’t want anyone else to hold her. She stole my heart! She is still my fuzzy baby and usually only wants me. She will growl if my daughter or husband pick her up, no scratching or biting, just a low growl to let them know she is not happy. Once handed to me she is all purrs. Love this kitty so much! She helped heal my heart and brought joy and sunlight in my life.

    • My kitty’s name is Tiggy too! I call her Tiggela sometimes, but it was supposed to be short for Tigger. Anyway, one day I was riding my bike around town and I saw this skinny little marble black/brown tabby cat in the middle of the road. She was fixed and declawed and everything. She then started following me the four blocks to my home. We took her to the vet, turned out she had pneumonia and a sinus infection. The vet said if she stayed outside she would have been dead in a week or two (it was around the end of November at the time). It took two months of antibiotics to get her all better and she still only weighs five pounds (shes a very small cat) but now she sleeps with me every single night, all night long, and is with me nearly every second of the day.
      I’m not really sure who rescued who that night, but I am very glad that she chose me to be her human 🙂

  4. I wanted a Ginger Kitten,,(dont know why ) I saw one advertised for sale, ginger and white,,, so off I went.he was in fact White (predominantly ) and ginger with a” splodgy” face not very beautiful,,,but as soon as I saw him those baby blue eyes looked so worried ,and I sensed he wanted to come with me,,,, when he was taken to the vets the same day it was discovered he had an umbilical hernia,the vet said he would sort it when he neutered him in a few months time him,,,I could not take him back to the seller,,, because I was in love with him already ,my fur baby,,I was shocked that after his castration I had an extra bill for £150 for the hernia which was the first time it was mentioned,,,if the cost was stated the day I had him I may have changed my mind as I am on a limited income.After these months of bonding with him however I would have gone short myself for him,He is now a beautiful large healthy cat just over 2 years old who has the same personality as me, and as he is my only company he is my family,,my neighbour says he loves me so much and is so beautiful as I gave him the very best start in his life,,,,,,that statement is my reward,,, he can be naughty,,but hey so can I 😉 x

  5. I was chosen by my current cat. I was at the pet store and I happened to look in the window of the adoption centre, and a little tortie girl saw me and started pawing at the glass and meowing at me. Next thing I knew, I was signing the adoption papers and purchasing a carrier to take her home in.

    Several years ago I was chosen by a skinny little grey Persian who had previously belonged to one of my neighbours. He was neglecting her (she was very thin and her fur was matted), and she apparently decided she’d rather live with me. She showed up at my door one night during a nasty rainstorm and never left.

    • i got 2 of my furbabies that way the people next door moved out and left a momma cat that of course was prego and my tiggy boy who was just big unuff to see over the top of a blade of grass…lol…well momma had her babies we kept one of them and tiggy stayed with us too along with momma i had em all fixed and took very good care of all of them heck they ate better than we did…lol…but i would do it all over again i sure did love them guys but they all picked us out tho we lived in a trailer court and people was sooo mean to cats in there and we always had dogs but i just couldnt leave em out side…my hubby said as long as they was fixed i could keep em….if he only knew i was feeding them anyways….lol…i do have sucker wrote on my for head when it comes to the furbabies….lol…well momma lived to be 15 yrs old as far as the vet could tell and tiggy boy was 20 and flippy was 14 so they had very good lives i would say and they was spoiled rotten….i have had cats every since and of course my dog too…shes a golden retriver shes awesome and she checks her cats every day to make sure they r ok and hers…lol…then the days begin….lolits never a dull moment around here….

  6. Our cat chose us, followed my husband home a year ago, and never left, tried finding where he belonged, but nobody claimed him. So had him vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped, took him to California with us in the winter, where he enjoyed himself and made friends, traveled well, taught him to walk on a leash, works better in motels and hotels, a very enjoyable companion/ Think he was a little disappointed when we brought him home to snow this spring, kept waiting for me to open the door to summer.

  7. Your last paragraph was for me, because a month ago I walked into a kitty rescue with the idea of adopting an older cat that didn’t have much chance of finding a forever home. Before I even got to explore the facility, this black Norwegian Forest Cat engaged me. I still looked at all of the other kitties, some were just breathtakingly beautiful. So I went home to sleep on it, but that little black one kept dominating my thoughts and I knew she would be special. Sure enough, when I brought her home she acted like this was where she was meant to be and she is more affectionate with me than any cat I have ever had. She is communicative as well and has a way of letting me know what she wants. She also let’s me know if someone is coming to the door and she likes to sit guard at the door when I have it open. I LOVE THIS CAT!

    • I went to our animal shelter to have a look at a cat I saw in the Internet. He was a 5 year old ginger and white boy which the staff thought was a Norwegian forest cat. I asked staff to open the cage and I gave a quick scratch on the head and said hello.
      Next thing I knew, he had climbed into my lap, wrapped his big paws around my neck and was kissing me!!

      Staff were gob smacked as he’d been there 3 weeks and hadn’t done that with anyone.

      I did bring him home with me.

      Pets come into your life for a reason. I thought I was rescuing him, but he actually rescued me from the darkness of a breakdown and depression.

      I actually received his pedigree papers by a fortunate coincidence!

      He is now 12 and I am caring for him through his medical diagnosis and am richer for having Sebastian in my life.

  8. Jennifer Chung

    My three year old tortie chose me when I walked into the cat room at PetSmart. She was 8 weeks old and climbed right up my leg and into my lap. She then proceeded to bully the other kittens that I looked at and continued climbing on me. Three years later she is a great pet–hilarious, friendly, chatty, possessive of us, and just a delight!!

  9. My smokey jumped in my car at a gas station from behind the newspaper box. Had her seventeen years before she passed away. I miss my baby so…she was a beautiful maincoon.

  10. We recently got a 1 y.o. tuxedo male cat from a no-kill shelter near our home – our 2nd one from there. And, we had been looking for about 3 hours when we thought we had found “the one” – or so we figured. It was not to be – because as soon as I had put down the cat we had chosen. Up popped Dax (formerly Rhemus) into my lap and started purring – loud. And the cat we had figured on was female – and had just returned a female cat back due to her being incompatable w/our resident cat. But – Dax has proven to be a great cat and get’s along w/our 2 1/2 y.o. resident feline puuuuuuurrrrrrfectly… Funny how cats do their selecting process ;].

  11. My kitty, Willow, chose me. I opened the door to the shelter and looked straight into a pair of green eyes which said, “Get me out of here! I’ve been here long enough!” I had not intended to adopt a cat that day, I was stopping by to visit my daughter who works there. I called my husband, received permission to bring her home, and we are living happily together. Hubby claims this is the best cat we have ever had. She certainly appreciates a nice home and loves traveling with us in our motorhome.

  12. My first cat was the official estate stray. When I moved there she was estimated to be 16 or 17 years old and had gone through at least two elderly owners who had both died. One day, she walked straight in the back door, looked around and went out again. After repeating this for a few days, she moved in and, until she died 4 1/2 years later she stayed with me. My second cat was an RSPCA rescue. I went all round the many big metal hutches at the vets’ surgery and saw quite a few cats I liked. In the last room, the assistant and I approached a wall of hutches when a cat moved forward in one of them, looked at me and put one poor through the grill as if to greet me. Who could resist that? She has been with me 3 years now and all the neighbours love her but say that she is so obviously my cat (probably because we are both slightly eccentric).

  13. Our tortie chose my husband. We were in the mall and decided on a whim to check out the kittens in the pet store. The tortie immediately marched across the pet store counter and clawed her way up his shirt, settled into the crook of his neck and started to purr. She was barely a handful of long-haired kitten and that was it – he asked how much and she came home with us. She was part of the family the minute she saw him!

  14. When I lost my first cat that I had from the age of 17, I cried for a very long time, then I decided that I needed a purpose in my life and I bought a tabby/white kitten from a pet shop. He was named Chesterton (after a china plate hanging on my wall), every other suggestion was met with a fierce kitten stare and disapproval! As he got older over time, it went from Chesterton, to Chester, to Ches, to Jessi! He loved being carried around the garden to approve of what was growing in it, if he didn’t like it, he would dig it out! No questions asked!! He moved from London to Wiltshire and again a few years later, he had his moments, he was suddenly confronted with a young kitten who, after some initial disgruntling looks, played happily with and it turned out, the kitten (now 6 years) got Chester back into killing mice – which was quite funny as he never really wanted to! Sadly he suffered a stroke and passed away. The gap he left in my heart will take forever to heal up, he was a rather special cat. I bought him to help me get over the death of my father, and he was there for me when my mother passed away 7 years ago, he slept on the pillow next to me, he cuddled up on my lap, he knew when I was sad. I miss him so much.

  15. My first cat climbed in through my kitchen window one day, and cried until I fed her. She’s been here ever since. She was skin and bone when she came in, and riddled with fleas, but somehow she knew that I was lonely and a soft touch.

  16. Our cat originally belonged to our neighbour’s daughter. She was moving house,and had my neighbour look after him while she moved. His own cat, however, had just had kittens and was quite hostile to the newcomer. Rooney, as he was called then, was also very stressed and had over-washed himself to the point that the majority of his fur from the waist down was missing.
    Eventually, he ventured out, and found himself in our house. We fussed him, gave him treats – but the real climax, the moment that we knew Rooney had chosen us – was waking up one night to use the loo and hearing a miaow. Confused, I used the loo, returned to the bedroom and heard another miaow.
    On opening the curtains there he was outside, on the windowsill, wanting in.
    He’d somehow gotten onto the bay window roof and from there made it to the window. The bay window itself has no easy access to its roof for a cat, so he must have been desperate and determined.

    From then on we took it that Rooney wanted to live with us and he still does – only his name is now Piggle 🙂

  17. Mimi “knocked” on my door about 11:30 one night. I thought Max, my other cat, was in the house, but I opened the door anyway. She had the same coloring as Max (black and white) and my first reaction was “how did you get outside?”. When I saw it wasn’t Max, I picked her up and took her to a neighbor who had expressed an interest in having a cat. Although a neighbor took her, Mimi kept coming to my back door knocking and meowing to come in. One day I opened the door and she was slumped in a corner and I knew she was really sick. I took her to the vet. She had several things wrong and was in the hospital for close to 2 weeks. She was so small I thought she was an adolescent but the vet placed her age at about 4. He also thinks that she’s been living on the street the entire time. We are so happy to have her in our home. Needless to say….Mimi (who turned out to be a boy…so I call her my transsexual cat) now resides at the home she initially choose.

  18. I had a kitten choose my spouse. I saw her picture on an email and her expression just said “save me!” so we went down to the shelter to get her. What we didn’t know was that there were about 6 kittens that looked just like her so we weren’t sure which one she was. So we start looking at all the kittens and we get to the batch is is about 2 -3 months old. The lady there tried to get them but they hissed, spit and ran so she said they were too feral and needed some fostering. Then my spouse reaches in and picks up the kitten and she falls asleep in his arms. Yeah – there was no way we were leaving her behind!

  19. I have 4 cats–all rescues–but each one has bonded with me. the oldest (15) is a snuggle baby since the day he came home–always at my chin at night purring like a Mac truck–the others all need to have a space when I sit to read–and they come to me like a dog if called–they know they are loved and give it back 100 fold. Everyone chuckles at how they are around me—they know they are home and loved. They let me know if they approve of company—and love kids—and they are darn good judges of character.

  20. My little guy, Tiggies RIP, found me too. I was at a shelter with my dad and as I walked around to see all of the different kittens and cats, I just could not make up my mind. Then I went to the back room where the sick little kittens were and I was so sadden that they were all alone and sick. I walked to a cage and out came this little maine coon kitten who put his little nose up the cage right were I was and that was it! He had found me and for the next 15 years, he was my life… he was my little fur baby and always will be… Cats do pick their owners and I think that is the most special feeling in the world <3

  21. My Penny chose me. I had just lost my beloved Oliver unexpectedly 6 months prior to an asthma attack at the vet. and I swore no more cats for me. He was my first one. and it was just too painful to lose him. We had just moved to NC from Florida. Had only been here 2 weeks when on a freezing, gloomy, snowy day, I open my front door to let a friend in, and there’s a young , beautiful cat, meowing to get in. I said, no way, no more pets for me. All that day, every time I opened my front door she would come running up. I felt so bad because it was so cold, so when my husband got home we put a big box sideways on our front porch, and put a big comforter in there and a bowl of food and milk. But she did not want it, she wanted to come into the house. I was adamant that I did not want another cat. After 3 days of the same thing every time I opened the front door, I had a friend come over and take one look at her on my front porch, and says, “that cat is pregnant. You can’t leave her outside. If she has those kittens outside in this freezing weather they will surely die.” Well, when my husband got home from work, we discussed it and agreed to let her inside, take her to the vet the next day, and keep her until she gave birth and then find her and the kittens good homes. I sat in a chair in the middle of my living room crying and feeling like I was being unfaithful to my Oliver, when no sooner does my husband open the door wide and invite her in that she proceeds to slowly inch her way in, totally ignoring him, until she locked eyes with mine, and ran to my lap. Fast forward 3 years later and she is the light of my life, who still locks eyes with mine and tells me without being able to speak, how much she loves me. she sleeps with me every night curled up in the crook of my arm like an infant, purring away. I love her with all my heart, and cannot imagine my life without her in it. Oh yeah, and those kittens she had, 4 to be exact, we never did find them homes we thought were good enough for them. So yeah, you guessed it. we kept them all. So I went from a woman who swore no more cats, to having 5. 4 girls and 1 very, very spoiled boy named, Monkey Boy. No regrets. They bring so much joy to our life. Sometimes they get on their mother’s nerves, and she locks eyes with mine and I can read her thoughts. ‘Hey, aren’t kids supposed to move out when they grow up?’ And I stare into those beautiful green eyes, rub her head and say, “Penny, 3 yrs ago you came to my door homeless, hungry, and knocked up. We took you in and loved and cared for you. And in return you gifted us with 4 beautiful babies. So no backsies 😉

    • I love that, gave me goosebumps….my cat same way, just knows when I need her and me same with her x god bless you all and all your liddle cotton sox.

  22. I picked out my cat from a local shelter. We made eye contact and as I walked closer, she stretched her paw out towards me through the cage bars. Now, two years in my home, she greets me as I open the front door. She walks with me from room to room. And when I sleep, she crawls up by my head and places her paw on my exposed arm to make sure I’m next to her.

    • At first i was all about dogs. I hated cats untill a close friend’s cat jumped on my lap and we became best buds. Sadly Pepper left USA months ago, so me being homebound on diaylisis my friend suggested I get a cat. Well, I had got everything I needed for a cat and looked around for almost 4 months waiting for someone to ask me if I was looking for a cat. That didn’t happen so one day out the clear blue my friend said lets go to the SPCA and I walked in to the kitten room and there was only one kitten in there she was all black with big green eyes and I told my friend let’s go I didn’t want a black cat and especially a girl but when I picked her up she was so timid and she looked into my eyes and she’s the best thing that has happened to me. No hospital visits in 6 months, so yes, I was chosen and at bedtime I call out midnight and I have someone to cuddle with all night long.

  23. Helen Douglass

    I was asked if I wanted a couple kittens, of course I said yes. When they came to me they were in a box, the girl just simply walked away after she sat the box down. I looked in the box, and there were 4 kittens. I picked 2 of them up, and the girl that lived next to me took the other two. Their eyes were bad, and they were only maybe 4 or 5 weeks old. I now have two big wonderful cats,that are healthy and happy. Of course I treat as family members which their are. My boys are Bigfoot and Hunter. Love them. They have Pit as a buddy too.

  24. I have always been a firm believer that cats choose you and so far every cat that I have has done so. We of course the occasional personality issues with the other cats, but that doesn’t last long.

    • I have 9 cats 3 born in our home and the rest all choose to live with us in spite of other cats already living here

    • I have an amazing and beautiful story how my kitty Layla chose me as her forever person. : )
      I held this tiny 3 week old white w grey hearts on each of her sides. I helped my friend deliver. I caught, dried with a towl, and stimulated to take those tiny first breaths….followed by the cute little meeeewww!!
      At 3 weeks they could see and hear. Layla looked up into my face with her piercing, trusting eyes. When I brought her face to face….she streached out her arm, and rested her tiny paw on my nose, leaned forward to smell me. That sweet little kitten started to lick my nose….and the softest little purrrrr could be heard from her. We became inseparatable after that! I spent hours with Layla at my friends house till she was big enough to come home with me….in her forever home! 🙂

  25. In the hot Texas summer of 2008, shortly before Hurricane Ike plowed through my neighborhood and surrounding areas, i was lucky to find a kitten (what seemed to be one of two dumped on my dock) who appeared to be but a few months old. He knew exactly what he was doing when I picked him up the first time… the little charmer! He suckled my neck and mewed lightly at my face when we first met… essentially sealing the deal. I (literally!!) carried him around for the rest of my shift on the dock, then sent my hubs a pic when I got home asking ‘could I keep this kitten i found ‘ (
    He was one of two kits on my dock that morning, the one of the two who made it past the 18-wheeler…. I don’t think I could have left him there even if someone PAID me to do so….
    After I got my hubby to accept the idea of another cat in the house I was rewarded with many crawfish, anoles, baby birds, and other small squigglies as reward for having given my Goblin a home… Gads, do I love that kitty, but holy tamales can I do with less dead things on my kitchen counters!! He had a 4-year stint as the local “Country Tom” and is now the “old boy” on the block… He still comes in, once in a while, with scars from battles won, but is more than happy to sit on my desk with me while I do a night of photo-editing… Now approaching 8 years old, my little rescue kitten has become one of the biggest parts of my life! I am so thankful that he was led to me when he was. That cat was meant to be MINE!! And he SOOOO is! My Gobble-kitty <3

  26. i went to the animal shelter with the intent of adopting an oddly colored cat. I’ve always been draw to them for some reason. but when i walked into the room this wonderful 2 year old black cat came running to me in his cage. he wouldn’t look at my mom either, just me, and he would just meow at me non stop till i came over to pet him. i thought he was just an overly friendly cat but then one of the volunteers walked over and told me that he was incredibly shy and wouldn’t come out for anyone. my mother and i looked at each other like she was crazy. then i recalled a book i read a few years ago that says you don’t choose a cat the cat chooses you. i new he was the one and i haven’t regretted it once

  27. Our Cat bandit banged on the back door to be let in. I thought someone who had just moved out had left him behind. He lived for 3 wks in our conservatory. Then his original owner who lives not far away came to ask if we had his cat. He recognised the cat (called Merlin) took him home and said if the cat returned to us when he was let out again he was choosing us and we should keep him. 48hrs later the Bandit was hammering on our back door. I opened it and he shot upstairs and wouldn’t come down for a month.

  28. On the day I had to have my beloved cat Starsky put to sleep a neighbour showed up at my door clutching a tiny black and white fluffy bundle. She had been roaming around the village for a few nights and various people had been letting her in because it was so cold but then putting her out in the day in the hope she would find her way home. I took her in that night, tried to find her owners but they never came forward and eight years later Mystery or Misty for short is still with me. I believe she was sent to me to help me through that time of loss – she now has four other playmates …

  29. Four months before I had to help my dear Honey cross the bridge, a little tiger showed up on our porch. He was hungry so I fed him. He never left the porch again. It took a few more months before he convinced he was our sand there was definitely an acclimation period for our other cats but now he is our special Zacchie. He follows me everywhere and has the adorable habit of leaning his whole body into mine and smiling at me. I love him to pieces and now he lives only inside with his brother and sister cats. 🙂

  30. Veronica Hargrove

    I enjoyed the article, but, I was not pleased the author went to a “breeder”. I acquired my cats, the past 45.yrs., from adoption, showing up in my yard, someone’s home……..there are way too many in shelters. Please adopt, spay and neuter! Just had to state this!

    • I totally agree! All of my animals , for the last 32 years, have been rescues. Even tho I was a Siamese breeder for a few years, I still had 12 adopted cats. They won more ribbons at the cat shows then my purebreds! Spaying and neutering are the only way we are going to control the population and keep more wonderful animals from being killed!

  31. We have three cats we had only intended to have two but fate had other ideas. Our first two chose us, our first Kit-Kat was one of two left of a liter our friends had we went over and he immediately jumped into our laps, going from my husband to me, the friends were surprised because he was the less social of the two and didn’t like to be picked up. He Chose us.

    Our second we got years later FrootLoop I’m still not sure why after all those years but my nextdoor neighbor told us her sons cats had two liters and I was compelled for some reason to go over and see them the second we were our of the car we were converged upon by a hoard of cats they sniffed and than went on about their business but one of the bunch stayed wanted to be picked up and petted going between all three of us my daughter had went with us again we had been chosen.

    Two was supposed to be it since we hadn’t planned on the second but in September of the following year my husband send me a picture of this little tiny ball of grey he had found him in the engine of his truck When he opened the hood and held out his hand the kitten jumped right into his palm never hissed or bit, not feral cat a dump 🙁 He brought him home with intentions of finding him a new home but he had other plans. We gave him a bath and he never once fought hissed or scratched while we did docile as could be, once he was clean I think we both fell in love (well I say my husband was already in love he disagrees) this tiny grey kitten with tuxedo of white and lopsided white and grey nose our FrootLoop immediately thought Lucky Charm was hers and interactive play-toy and that is how we ended up being owned by three (totally indoor) fuzz balls.

    Lucky makes a habit of needing to be rescued by his human daddy on a weekly basis I swear he does it on purpose so my husband can feel like his savior yet again 🙂 lol

  32. I chose my 4 yr old sisters roxy & rosy at the age of 7 weeks, I loved them on sight, my 1 yr old tilly was my daughters kitty and I looked after her for a week while she was on holiday, 4 days after her return my daughter informed me tilly looked depressed, needless to say tilly came back to us and is now a part of our family for ever more x

  33. Well, I wanted a bengal more or less but breeders were way out of the questions. After going on Craigs list I found 1 but the owner was difficult to reach so I gave up — then I found a lady in my area that had kittens she rescued and the one pic was exactly what I was looking for. He was found at approx 1 wk old and was bottle fed by her and was ready for a home. So over I went, and she was bringing more kittens as I was looking at this litter. Amazing lady. Anyway, she nicknamed him Tiger because of his kitten demeanor… but one look and that was it. He is 10 mos old and the one of the best furbabies ever. He is MY cat overall. He sleeps with me at night and comes to me for food. I love him so much. So not always do they pick you but if it was meant to be it will work out for both of you.

  34. My cats all chose me!! The first was Kallie, who just passed before she turned 18 years old. When she was a tiny little fluff-ball, she peeked into my front porch door & squeaked at me…she claimed me & my heart right there! She was an amazing & special cat, now that she passed shes in an urn. Sox stole my heart -piercing it with cute poofy cheeks & bright blue eyes at a pet store….he will be 15 …. he is my “little guardian”. Lastly – but not least, at the same place I found Sox, Shadow ran away with my heart!! Bless his Benal soul…he passed at the age of 12 last year. He was my little nut…loved to run full-throttle through the house & head first into walls! I miss my babies, I still have one, and I will be getting an itty bitty furry purry at the end of the month! I have the pick of the litter…I shall see which one wants to claim me next! Long live our Feline Children! ♥♥

  35. Both my cats chose my husband and i,its been 5 years and just this pass wednesday had to put my baby angel to sleep because of cancer.heartbroken but cherishing my memories and still loving her brother.

  36. I went to the shelter to choose a cat (of another color).. When I looked into Vixie’s cage, she grabbed my scarf and pulled it in to play. I knew she would love living in a home full of yarn! She settled right into my arms and purred. The rest is history.

  37. I also was chosen! I was trying to adopt a cat from a foster home and they kept pushing me to adopt one which i quite didn’t like. At some point they showed me my little one (ginger tabby) and he literally climbed on top on me and sat on my shoulder. I laughed aloud and said ” I believe i have just been adopted ” . I took a picture with him on top and still keep it! 🙂 He is the best

  38. My nellie is 2 and a half yrs old. She was four months when we got her. We went to the vet to get a flea treatment for our puppy max. I used to volenter there annd so one of vet workers told me to come back cause they had a new batch of kittys up for adoption. Most of them were kittens. Me and mom went back and i fell in love with them all-soo cute-i stuck my finger in between the bars and none would come over and play-one cat i got to pet but it didnt move or anything-well this little girl-nellie-played with my finger and instantly we knew right there that was our little girl. Not only that but she was the last of her litter to be adopted and she was the runt. She is such a sweetie 🙂

  39. Paris didn’t exactly choose my family. But she couldn’t have found a more perfect home. At the rescue she was 6 months old and playing with a 5 month old (who I had wanted to take home because she was friendlier). Paris paid no attention to us, she was timid and just wanted to play with her toy. It came down to Paris, the 5 month old and a one year old black cat. Paris was the least charming of the three but my mom thought that she was the prettiest and after humming and hawing over who to chose mom opened the carrier and said whichever walks in first we will take. Well, Paris doddled in there while the other two were busy getting cuddles from my mom and I. Mom snapped the door shut and we took her home. Paris couldn’t be in a loud home, or one with children. She is a very independent cat and we are perfectly fine with her just coexisting. Therefore, she ended up with the right family. Trinity, on the other hand, was a kitten who completely chose us. We were looking for a kitten because Paris didn’t make the move to university as well as we had hoped. She wanted to stay home. So we heard about a little, black, male kitten who needed a home. When we got to the house, this tiny, white and gray female climbed up my clothes until she was perched on my shoulder and licking my cheek. There was no contest.

  40. I think Sabrina and I chose each other. It was a Friday in April of 2000. I was heading home from work in Florida and passed a shelter called the Cat Lady in Sarasota. I decided to mosey in and look at the cats and see what the place was about. Well there were cages galore and I was checking all the furballs out when this little head pops up from behind a momma and stares at me with the most beautiful gold eyes I had ever seen on a cat. We were just staring at each other and the owner quietly comes over and says “Would you like to hold her?” I said “I couldn’t” She said “Sure you can”. And before I knew it I was holding in one hand this beautiful little striped ball of fur with gold eyes. I held her in the palm of my hand in the middle of my chest and we were just staring at each other like we were mesmerized or something. The Cat Lady, as I’ll call her, said to me “Looks like you’ve been chosen.” I didn’t know about that but I started to walk around with her, checking out the other cages. All the while she was just looking at my face. I went home alone that night but could not stop thinking about those gold eyes.
    The next morning I was on the phone with the shelter and she was still available so I started adoption proceedings. Took a few days and, in the meantime, I bought the things I needed, never having had a cat before. When I went to pick her up, I discovered that she had come from a round up of cats from a near bye trailer park. And this tiny little furball was the most vicious of the kittens, drawing the most blood when caught. You could have fooled me. She settled in my palm just fine, all the time looking me in the eye. She slept with me that night, buried under the cover in my belly, and has been my constant companion ever since.

  41. My 1st cat Figaro, most certainly chose me… I went to rescue centre and scanned all the kitties one by one and feeling sorry for this one cat who had a broken back and lost the use of his back legs, got my attention but feeling I had to continue scanning remainder of cats got to one kittie who really showed excitement when I got to his pen, so I asked if I could fuss him. He leapt on to me and purred and rubbed I was falling in love with him, time came when he had to go back in his pen, he put up so much of a fight that I said I would take him immediately. He lived for 19 years with me and my family . He was so loving and even slept with the dog. We miss him so much. I have another kittie now and that too was love at 1st sight, for me when she was 4 days old my 1st sight. And when she opened her eyes and started to wander I was the person she would make her way over to and snuggle up on…. She really is my little princess … Love you Misty xx

  42. Our new kitten chose us! My husband was at work and our boys were on our front porch playing with some toys, I was doing some house work and our youngest son (5) came in and said we have a new cat….. I asked him what he was talking about as we have a cat already and I look around our house and see this kitten about 4 or 5 months old IN my cats litter box. Im asking my son whos cat it is and he says ours! The kitten then walks out of my bathroom into the kitchen and straight to the cat food and water dishes like hes always lived here. This kitten came right to me and started rubbing against my leg and purring! He walks around our house like hes been here since the day he was born! His name is dallas and hes a great kitty and loves to cuddle! 🙂

  43. Neurotic Lady Adopted By Sane Cats

    Graphite, a Korat, came from an abusive environment to live with me temporarily until a permanent home could be found, but we all know how that goes as she has been my owner over ten years now. Chatte, a Tabby, was found abandoned in an apartment parking lot . . . my then-boyfriend/now-husband spotted her from a distance as we exited my vehicle. At the time, all that was visible of her was a tiny ball of fur surrounded by dead leaves. As I approached I heard a horrible rattling sound coming from her chest, she was malnourished and appeared near death; however, the emergency vet told us she had an eye infection and a bad lung infection, but they both could be effectively treated with antibiotics. Bill took care of the payment and we took her to my home to nurse her back to health. At that time, I already had fallen in love with Bill, but his coming-to-the-rescue of a stray cat sealed the deal.

  44. I had adopted the sweetest little black cat, Dusty. She brought me so much joy, was always by my side, even shared a pillow with me every night. She was only about two when I got her, thought we would share many years together, but after about a year and a half she got very sick with FIV and I had to put her to sleep. My heart was broken and I swore to the vet that I would NEVER get another one. My daughter had gone with me, and the vet looked at her and said “I give your mom 3 weeks, and she will get another one”. Well, he was wrong, two weeks later I saw a picture on our local shelter’s Facebook page of a mama kitty and her five kittens that they had found out on the street here in town. She had the biggest eyes that looked so sad, I just had to go see her. She was just beautiful and so sweet (and such a good mama) that I said I would take her, since I knew it was harder to adopt out older cats. The shelter wanted to keep her for a few more days to make sure the kittens were totally weaned. In that few days I decided to take one of her kittens, too. When I went back to get her, I told the woman there that I would take the kitten that she thought would be the least likely to get adopted. She did not want to make that decision and made me pick. All five babies were playing and active, but this one little black one climbed up the cage and got right in my face….that was it. I did not know at that time that black cats were least likely to get adopted, so I figure he picked me!! Anyway, it’s been a little over a year, it’s taken that long for Mama Holly to trust and realize that she finally found a good home…she is every bit as sweet and loving as Dusty was. As for Mr. Jethro, well, I can’t actually say he’s sweet, but he makes me laugh, even when he jumps in the refrigerator every time I open it.

  45. When I got my now 14 year old little man, Storm, my husband and I went to the pet store, where we lived there was no real place to adopt a cat from and the pet store was the only place. The little fluff of black fur was the only one not sleeping in the litter box. We asked to hold him and he went right up to the little door, and as soon as he was in my hands, he was purring. He curled up against my chest, in my hands, that little motor of his working over-time. That was it. I was in love.

    We had to put him back into the little cage to fill out paperwork. He reached between the little bars for us and squeaked. It made me want to cry. He still curls up against me and purrs his loud purr…but he chose us.

    Here he is and his loud purr:

  46. My cat chose me…I’ve had this experience twice. When younger, on one Easter morning, my Mom opened the door and in walked a cat. He hopped up on the couch, curled up, and fell asleep. He slept for about 3 days…and never left. We named him Sir Jellybean (Beaners for short).
    And now? My husband and I moved to a new house 6 months ago. And now I’m in love with a little girl I’ve named Furlin. She chose me to be her human…and this to be her home…with no doubt. Almost 2 months ago, Furlin showed up on my back porch: bloody, thin, her coat dull. I fed her and gave her water, cleaned her wounds up, treated them, and set up a little spot for her to sleep. She then chose to move to the front porch. For the past month, she’s been working on bonding. I set up an AMAZING area for her…places to shelter from the weather, food and water, perches and hiding holes. Little by little, she’s been getting more comfortable. A few nights ago, she decided it was time to march on in the house. She is now living mostly in our bedroom (it’s a HUGE house…so I imagine she’s “breaking it in” bit by bit). She wakes me for her breakfast. She tells me when she needs outside to prowl. She’s warming up to being indoors, her weight is up by pounds, he fur soft and shiny again, her wounds have healed (except a crooked tail from having been broken in the past). * HAPPY SIGH * It not only makes me happy to see her thriving and happy, but to know that at least we lived here when she needed someone. And that over this time, she took her own time and space…and then made it clear this is what she wanted.

  47. I met Noodles around Thanksgiving several years ago. I had a herb garden that I was about to pick some oregano from when I saw a young, black cat sniffing around. It was cold and windy outside that night so I wanted to offer my house as shelter for this cat. He was very verbal so I assumed he was hungry but when I offered him lunch meat he didn’t seem very interested. He came inside and made himself at home. Ever since that day Noodles and I had a close friendship. We moved from that house a few years later and when we first moved into our new place I had to be at work alot more. Noodles ended up (what I think) exploring then wasn’t able to find his way home. I looked for him day and night. I was constantly checking animal control, after a month went by I started to think I’d never see him again but low and behold I found him!! I took a different way home and saw him crossing the street. I stopped my car and called out “Noodles”, he turned around and when he saw me, he came running and meowing as if he was telling me all about it. I was so happy!! A year or so after that also after a move he ended up missing again. What I haven’t explained to ya’ll is that there is this man that horrasses and stocks me. He’s not an ex-boyfriend or anything considering I’m gay. He was an old roommate of mines acquaintance who decided to latch on to me. When I explained how I found Noodles earlier I left out the reason I was taking a different rout was because I was being followed by Frank (the stolcker) and it was possible Frank had my cat the whole time. The second time Noodles went missing I started getting messages from Frank regarding my cat. After a year went by he sent me a text about how he found Noodles but I never answer his calls nor texts because I don’t wanna encourage his behavior. Anyway if Noodles is still alive I will find him I just hope he remembers me.

  48. My Darwin and I were a match because of circumstances and both needing time to heal. My previous cat Nelson had died at the age of 10 while I was traveling abroad and in the care of my parents (who’ve had cats their whole life together). They told me when they picked me up from the station. I was emotionally devastated and missed him terribly. And it was wherever I sat or did something I was reminded of him (Nelson used to follow me around and beg for attention). So, after two days of ghostly memories, I decided I had to adopt a new cat ASAP. I needed a new cat to be prancing about, needing care and attention, just to distract me. It was just too painful all on my own. But because my heart was still enormously sore, I knew that a happy, super playful, super socialized kitten of 10 weeks would be too happy in contrast to how I’d feel inside. So, I searched to adopt an older cat – from a several old month kitten nobody could get rid of to an older adult cat that needed a new home.

    I met Darwin when I visited the cat-aiding woman’s house to meet Darwin’s father (of little over a year). The father was a pleasant enough tomcat. But in the center of the living room sat a scrawny scared kitten in a cage that was going through its first week of socialization training (the motherless kittens and tomcat father had been dropped off into the fields by their original owners wen they were moving). And as he needed fresh water and food, they got him out of his cage and dropped him in my lap.

    I had seen 5 cats when I was to make my decision, and Darwin had not been the planned one. And yet he was one of the three cats I truly considered. I knew the 3 month old female kitten I visited before seeing Darwin (reserved, having been the leftover kitten, and yet tried my lap and seemed to signal – I could settle with you) would be loved by the couple at whose house she’d been born. They hadn’t chosen her, but she was happy there (with her mom and bro) and they could settle for her. So, then it was either his father or Darwin. Something told me though the dad would be fine too where he was, but Darwin needed someone able to help him socialize, become his ‘mother cat’, and yet time and space to adjust. I knew we suited each other perfectly.

    He was scared witless the first week. I kept him in my bathroom at the time (he had phobia for larger spaces), and weaned him into living with me from day to day. It took a while, but after two months he adopted me as his caregiver, the one he could trust. He adored me soon after, following me anywhere and everywhere, always watching what I’m doing with great interest, as if he thinks he needs to learn it himself. He doesn’t mauw really (he was castrated by the shelter at a very young age, and so has no more than a peeping voice), but he makes those typical kitten sounds to recognize my presence or touch.

    Anyhow, we both needed time. He didn’t really pick me, because he didn’t want to be picked by anyone. He was too scared. Only one he trusted was his father tomcat. But he was exactly what I needed, and I knew I was exactly what he needed to be a happy cat. And he sure seems to know it now.

  49. I was cleaning my flat one day shortly after moving and I had my doors open. I was sitting on the floor when a cat with no tail wondered in came up to me and climbed on my lap. He started purring and kneading my leg after about 30 mins he miaowed and walked out again. This happened 2 more times and then one day he didn’t leave. I was told by neighbours that he was a stray but I found out he belonged to another neighbour who didn’t really care about him and he wasn’t bothered that I had him so we became flat mates.

    After 6 years we have just moved and Gollum has settled well. I truly believe he chose me and we will be cat/human buddies now for life. He sleeps curled on my arm every night and we know each other’s routine perfectly. Gollum doesn’t like my fiancée too much though but they are growing on each other lol

  50. We chose each other. His mom used to come to our house all the time, the first time she came inside it was over. She belonged to a couple up the street but she was constantly visiting us. We found out who she belonged to when she had her kittens. I remember going inside and playing with all of the kittens but I was drawn to Shadow. He was a beautiful tiny gray and white cat. He was the runt of the litter and he wasn’t even the prettiest or fuzziest! I remember picking him up and he didn’t try to get away. I put him on my lap and he just purred. I didn’t want to want to part with him. The other kittens were nonexistant compared to him. I begged my parents to let me keep him and he has been my baby ever since. He acts differently around me compared to other people, though he’s one of the most friendly cats you’ll meet. I can go outside and call his name and he’ll come running to me. He won’t do that for anyone else. I’ve had a lot of cats choose me over other people, but it was never like him.

  51. My cat choose me. My mom brought him home one day because I had seen people hurting him. My mom refused to take him in at first but when I told her what I’d seen she thought about it and after long considering she came home with Shifu (I don’t know who gave him his name), as soon as my cat entered my room he came up to me and began rubbing his head and sides against my legs and arms. Eventually he lay down in my lap and looked as content as ever. He was frightened with every little sound he heard and it took him long to trust people again, but with our help he became a social cat however he doesn’t like visits from ‘strangers’.

    Although it was my mother who ‘saved’ Shifu, he has a greater bond with me.

  52. My Elvira found me at a shelter. I went in knowing I wanted an older cat instead of a kitten. There was a room designated to the older cats where they were able to roam freely and not be in cages. Elvira was right in the middle of the room laying on a tiny bench like a big lump. I was instantly drawn to her. I sat with her for roughly ten minutes and knew she was coming home with me. I went to the desk and told the woman I wanted to adopt a cat and which one. She looked at me kind of strange and said “you mean the fat black cat?” i told her yes. She started crying and told me that this she was surprised Elvira wasn’t hiding. She said that when people go in the cat room that she takes off and hides in the tree house and that she wasn’t very social. She also mentioned that Elvira had been returned from 4 homes because of her lack of social skills. I let her know i was still taking her home. Elvira has never once hidden since she has come home with me and she is very social.

  53. I’d like to say our two rescues chose us but in all honesty, had we gone on first meeting, they’d still be in the shelter – where they’d spent the previous five months. The big tabby, Max who was 8 at the time, came out of his cat igloo to say hello then went back in and stayed there. His little three-legged 6 year old brother, Baci, didn’t even venture out of his for the 40 minutes we spent in their pen! But we thought they deserved a chance. They’d been terrorised by a small child at their last adoptive home and had become very defensive & hissy around small children (personally I’d have clipped the kid ’round the ear and told it to LEAVE THE CATS ALONE but apparently that’s no longer politically correct – probably just as well we don’t have kids). The cats spent their first week with us in a spare bedroom. One or both of us would go into their room every evening and read a book aloud, just to get them used to the sound of our voices. If they wanted to be social, great, if not, no pressure. After a week we left their bedroom door open. If they wanted to come out and explore they could but again, all in their own time. To get them used to being handled, I’d pick one up. If he wriggled I’d immediately put him down and make a fuss of him. Never any pressure. And so it continued…… baby steps.

    Scroll forward two years…… Max is still pretty much your “average” type cat: not spectacularly affectionate unless it’s feeding time, likes fuss but only on his terms and is still not a fan of being picked up (but will put up with it for maybe 10 or 12 seconds now). Baci is a different story – I’m HIS human. He follows me round the house (he’s sitting about 3 feet away as I type this) and frequently demands fuss and cuddles if I’m paying someone / something else what he thinks should be “his” attention (like my husband, the computer, a sewing project, the book I’m reading etc.). He sleeps on the bed, and he can now be cuddled whilst lying on his back and purring. He was the one doing most of the hissing at that repellent child but our experience is that he really doesn’t have an evil bone in his body – he is the sweetest, most gentle natured little cat you could wish for.

    It may be love at first sight for some cats but some have been so traumatised by life that they’ve forgotten how to trust or love. It takes time, patience and understanding to remind them. Then they can make their choice. I’m rather glad Baci chose me, even if it took months rather than minutes.

  54. I’m not willing to say I’ve been “chosen”, but my boyfriends cat took an instant liking to me. According to him, she never was one to wind around the ankles of a complete stranger, if she even showed her face at all! But Piyah greeted me like an old friend. It was so natural to me too that I hardly even noticed it until I saw the puzzled look on my boyfriends face. “She never goes up to strangers and even some people she knows with such abandon”. I admit I feel honored. But I don’t feel a “stranger like” newness to she and I. We really are old friends, I’d put money on it. I’ve always been a cat owner and have two of my own, males. I also have three sons. Having Piyah around is like having a sister. I often call her “Girlfriend”. After closely watching for a few days, she now grooms herself in front of the mirror sometimes! Really! Or I’ve found her just gazing at herself in my vanity in exactly the spot where I apply my make up. 🙂 She delights in my cast off robe. She sleeps on me and paced the bed when I was ill. My boyfriend and Piyah have moved in now, but Piyah rarely leaves my room! Once an outdoor kitty who scared of raccoons, she rarely goes out into the hallway. I love her dearly and enjoy taking care of her. My cats and dog adore my boyfriend too, often congregating around him while he works at his desk downstairs. I’m sorry to gush, but it’s a beautiful thing we’ve got going on here. Did I mention his two cockatiels? After 20 years without nary a peep, my female cockatiel sings his male love songs. I think this is gonna work.

  55. Have no idea how/why my cat is more affectionate towards me (no matter what), but it *does* drive my wife nuts who can’t understand why working for his affection does not work. Humans should understand that cat affection (or lack thereof) is not a personal statement of worth.

  56. Well my story starts off on my search for my first kitty.

    I’ve lived with cats and dogs my whole life, but none were ever truly mine. So this cat was going to be special! I knew about how cats chose their owners, and it always fascinated me with how they knew.

    Now when it came down to me and cats, i wasn’t very big on a lap cat. Sure i love to cuddle them, and give them kittie kisses, but i’m fine with them just sleeping around in my room, while i do my study, patting them when they give me that little look.

    I hadn’t met very many cats that don’t need to have attention 24/7, most of them (to my mums taste) had been cats that practically live in the arms of their owners, and sleep in the bed with them at night, and all that affection.

    So the day came to get my kitty, and i was worried i was going to be too picky. I didn’t want the cat to feel neglected just from me showing affection in a different way. Luckily the first cat i came across was perfect. I had gone to a shelter to find a cat, as i had some holidays to get the new kitten used to the house, the people, and also help it with anything it needed (as some shelter cats usually have some psychological damage depending on the previous owners).

    (oh wow this is turning out to be long! Will add a tl;dr ^-^)

    The kitty i found was this poor little thing, really thin, and really shy. This other kitten had been bullying her, and stealing her food from her. But as soon as i walked in to have a look at them, she became the brightest little kitten! The people at the shelter hadn’t seen her this excited and happy to see anyone before, and i just knew i had to take her! I held her throughout the adoption process, and took her home.

    Now that she had a place to call home, an owner she wanted, her personality and affection style came out.

    She’s a very skittish cat, new people are a bit too much for her sometimes, but if i’m there calming her, she usually does alright. But affection wise, she was perfect. When she wanted attention, i was always willing to give her all she wanted, but she was quite happy to just sleep nearby, watching what i was doing, being in the same room as me. Everyone else thought it was a bit weird, but she is the most loving little thing, just in her own way ^-^

    But yea, before i drag on about it,
    tl;dr my little darling somehow knew what kind of cat i wanted, and what kind of person i am (having clinical depression and anxiety). She’s the most perfect little furball ^-^

  57. My brother has 3 cats, but one of them has always been with me, it’s like he’s actually my cat instead of my brother’s. He’s always in my room and he sleeps right beside me every single night. He hasn’t been to my brother’s room in like years. Could it be because of the fact that the very first night that we found him (he was 4 months old) he spent the night in my room on my lap or close to me?

  58. Princess came to me as a foster cat in 2008. My plan was to let her go to a loving home. But she’s not a lap cat, she doesn’t like to be lifted, and I cannot remember the last time she napped in my lap. 2010 I went for a two week business trip. When I had been away the first week, I emailed the SPCA and told them I couldn’t live without her. When I cam home, she heard me come up the stares, and she cried so pitifully. When I opened the door, we spent a long time cuddling and I knew we were bonded for life.

    It took us a long time to get to that stage, though. First three days she hid under the sofa. She wanted into the bedroom, and after a month I gave in, but it still took 1.5 years before she started sleeping on the bed. But we love each other now. We’re two misfits who found each other randomly, and I know I am more than a meal ticket. I love my Princess 🙂

  59. Like most of the other stories, my cat chose me. As I was about to move into my new apartment, I was on the hunt for a very particular type of cat: A declawed, short-haired, black cat. After looking at the animal shelter’s available cats online, I decided to meet the 3-4 potential kitties in person with my mother. I entered one of the cat rooms at the animal shelters and started searching for my kitty. Unlike other animal shelters, this one didn’t have any of the cats caged. Instead they had hammocks and tall scratching posts set up so the cats were free to walk around or just lounge. While I was looking at the different black kitties, who all seemed to be blissfully napping in kitty igloos, my mom told me to turn around. Apparently, this beautiful orange-white tabby was following me from the moment I entered the room. After I noticed her, she started to rub herself against my legs and purr nonstop. I quickly sat down in a chair within the room and the cat jumped up on my lap, sitting there for 15 minutes as I pet her head. My mom told me that this was my cat. My Coco may not have been what I was looking for, but I was exactly what she was looking for. Then, as I started filling out the adoption paperwork, the volunteers were suprised that I was adopting this particular kitty. They told me that she was sweet, but incredibly shy around people, often hiding in the background. After my paperwork was approved (it took about a day…which seemed like the longest day ever), I brought Coco home. She followed me everywhere and purred whenever I held her or pet her. And, contrary to what the volunteers say, she is a rambunctious cat with an explosive personality. I’ve almost had here for a year now, and I seriously can’t remember life without her. She is the sweetest cat, and I’m so glad she chose me.

  60. A cat came up to me when I was at the Dept. of Public Works one day. Shw was so skinny and probably didn’t eat for a while. I felt sorry for her so I took her home and fed her & gave her water. I didn’t live too far from where I found her so I walked her back once she finished. Two days later I heard a meow and it was her so I decided to keep her. I loved her for two years until I had to put her to sleep because of stomach cancer a few days ago. She is sadly missed.

  61. I truly believe our cats choose us. This has happened a few times for me. Years ago, my first cat chose me by greeting me on the front steps of my apartment. I reached down to pet this young calico thinking “cute! You must belong to someone around here!” I opened the door afterwards intending to go my way, but she raced up the stairs faster than a blink and waited for me at my apartment door like she knew exactly where I lived all along! She walked in and never left for 16 years. Several other cats came into my life in varying ways, they always let me know they chose me.

    Fast forward to today, and I was chosen again. I had very recently lost a dearly beloved cat to cancer. I decided today to visit some shelters to cheer myself up by loving on some kitties. Lots of beautiful cats, but no one really clicked. Then I walked into the cat colony room. There was one who seemed to really like me, but got flustered and sidetracked when others walked into the room. I decided to let her cool down and walked towards a cat who was sleeping in an out of the way cubby. All of a sudden, she woke up, and it was almost surreal. The look on her face was as if she recognized me. She came right out and started head butting me and giving me kisses. A staff member walked in and was shocked… This kitty had been really shy, she told me, and they had never seen her react this way with anyone else. That was it. Adoption papers are signed, and she comes home with me in two days after her last shots are administered. The look on her face as I left without her today was heartbreaking. But I know we both will be so happy when I come back to take her to her forever home!

  62. I am the chosen one! My daughter and I went to the local rescue center to find a pet for her 13th birthday. Our plan was to stop at several shelters to find the purrfect pet, but we didn’t make it past the first shelter. We walked into the cat area and everyone was black, which was my favorite. but we weren’t there for me. I told her to sit down and let them come to her, while I stood in the back and watched. Out of all the middle of all these loving, playful kitties walks the biggest male I’ve ever seen! He was solid black with huge lime green eyes and hair that was about 3″ long….and ribs showing 🙁 so I sat there and pet him. Until he put one paw on my chest and the other one on my face and pulled me cheek till I looked at him. When I did he started purring and licking my cheeks and forehead…game over he’s ours! I played rigt inot his paws! It has been a few weeks now and his ribs are no longer showing and when I get home he crawls in my lap and stretches out and puts one paw on my face, licks my cheek about three times and stares me down till I look at him then he puts his HUGE head on my shoulder and passes out. We named him V8 cause that’s how loud he purs.

  63. My cat chose me
    Fluffy is almost 4, my mom got her off craigslist a few months ago, my mom loved fluffy, but whenever I would visit my mom fluffy would loose her mind she was so excited to see me, she even peed herself once, then another day I was at my moms and went shopping for her but I left my purse at my moms so fluffy knew I was coming back she sat behind the front door screaming until I got back…. Then she jumped in my lap and started to purr so loud she drooled…. My mom knew fluffy chose me and gave her to me…..

  64. A few days ago, I came home (I live at a very large apartment complex). To my surprise, a beautiful black cat was sitting on one of the steps on my staircase. We made eye contact, she was not afraid, and allowed me to pet her (which she seemed to enjoy). She even meowed to me in a very inviting way. As I was walking up my stairs, I continued to make eye contact with her, and used voice and body language to get her to follow me to the door of my apartment, which she did without fear. Next, I used voice and body language to invite her in, which she did. We bonded immediately! It was like we had known each other for years and that I was her caretaker. After feeding her some people food (that is all I had), and giving her water to drink, which she ate and drank, she immediately clung to me and purred for hours as I continued to stroke her. She meows a lot, and has to be with me constantly (which I don’t mind). What is really fascinating to me, is the fact that I have had the desire to adopt a cat who is exactly like her! I definitely believe God made this happen (it is just too consequential that we are so perfect together. I have wanted a cat exactly like her, she obviously bonded with me immediately, and she was sitting on the steps of my apartment (seemingly waiting for me to come home). This must be fate, and the hand of God in this. One last point, she is about one year to about a year an a half old. Examining her body, she was obviously an exclusively indoor cat, that was fed well and cared for well. I have debated whether to report this lost beauty to my apartment management team, and ask them if anyone has reported a lost cat with her description, and for me to put up flyers (in the apartment’s common areas) stating a lost cat found, with the cats description, and my phone number to contact me. I hate the idea that a child or children may be heart broken (adults as well) by this lost cat. I don’t want to feel guilty about this. So, I have decided to look out for flyers in the common areas of my apartment, that have been put up from the family of this lost cat. My thinking is, if they really want her back they will immediately put the flyers up. If they do, I will give them their cat back, (although it will be very hard on me ). I will do this because it is the right thing to do, and I won’t have to live with a guilty conscious. I hope they don’t post the flyers, and for me to never know who this cat belongs to. Then, I can feel guilt free from keeping the cat. We love each other. I will take care of all her needs, including medical/health. I will make her happy, content and stimulated with plenty of play time. I will make her a happy home for the rest of her life. What do think? Am I doing the right thing? Please reply. I would like opinions on this matter. Thanks for reading.

    • James Lautner, Senior Cats Editor

      Patrick — I have read your story very carefully. I fully sympathise with your desire to keep the black cat and have been in a similar situation myself. However, I think it is vital that you immediately and proactively make an effort to find the owner of this cat. The cat is after all well looked after and very likely to be an indoor cat. As you live in a large apartment block the owner is likely to live very close to you and be easily found.

      The key thing is that this is a well looked after cat. The owner is likely to be distraught, as you know. These things happen all the time and it is not the hand of god that you have found her regardless of how well you have bonded. Please talk to the apartment management team and put up notices around the block.

      Most likely the owner will soon be found. If god was telling you anything it is that you should adopt an unwanted rescue cat. I guarantee that you WILL find just the right one if you look. That way YOU will be happy and the person who already loves and cherishes that black cat will be too.

      I am sure that in your heart you know what I am saying is the right and proper thing. I fully understand that love is a powerful thing. I as much as anyone have sometimes acted foolishly in love and have later regretted it — that is human nature. Finding the owner of that black cat is the most loving thing that you can actually do in this instance. Of course if you try with all your heart to find the owner and no one turns up then it maybe appropriate to look after the cat. That however is not where you are at the moment.

      I will post a link so that others can see what you have said and give their opinion.

      • I agree with Patrick. Someone could be distraught and for your own peace of mind you must put up an ad somewhere to say you have found her. If her owners come forward, well there are plenty of black cats in need of a loving home as black cats these days seem to be less popular. I’ve had a black cat – she’s 16 now and love her dearly. Also had a tabby who went missing when my husband died and would soooo love to get him back and think of him every day.

      • I agree with Patrick. The owner of this well cared for cat may not be able to get out and put up posters. They may be house-bound or physically handicapped in some way. They may be elderly, live alone, etc., etc. The fact that the cat is healthy and possibly an indoor cat is reason enough for me to say “Find the owner(s)”. Perhaps this cat is lost and God delivered you to help the cat, who cannot speak for herself – well, other than all the meowing. Maybe that’s her way of asking you to help her. Please find her home for her and then go and adopt a shelter cat that really doesn’t have a home!

      • Patrick. I am a Cat lover. If you saw a flyer you should give cat/kitten back, even though you know it would hurt.
        Maybe put one flyer up in Office.
        Cats/kittens know good people and know when they are safe.
        Good Luck on your Decision.
        It’s a tough one but you are a good person you will do the right thing

        • My cat got out of my van Nov 29, 2013, I put her picture on Craigslist and Pet911 no one came forward.
          I only hope someone is loving her like you are that kitten.
          She was only a year old.
          I asked for them to call if found.
          I called humane society’s as well.
          I miss her so much. I just wish I knew she was okay. Maybe I wouldn’t cry so,much.
          Good luck,either way.
          Take Care of
          Little Angel
          While with you

    • Why it is not the hand of God:

      “In all cases of illegal possession of an ox, a donkey, a sheep, a garment, or any other lost property about which somebody says, ‘This is mine,’ both parties are to bring their cases before the judges. The one whom the judges declare guilty must pay back double to the other” (Exodus 22:9).


      “If you see your fellow Israelite’s ox or sheep straying, do not ignore it but be sure to take it back to its owner” (Deuteronomy 22:1).

      A possible legal angle:

      In English common law, which is the same as common law in the United States, property that is lost and found (including a $100 bill you find on the ground in the grocery store parking lot and animals including cats) still belongs to the person who lost it and must be returned to the person who lost it. Possession is with the person who found it, but title is not. Title remains with the person who lost it. Continued possession by someone who does not have permission from the one with title is illegal.

      So, the common law version would be the same as the biblical version in the passage from Deuteronomy.

      God wouldn’t want us to break the laws of the land, they are there to maintain order and protect people and their property.

      Once I found a kitten that was a few months old in my own apartment complex. It was very friendly (not feral at all) and taken care of. I put up posters to find the owner. The owner contacted me by phone and her first words were, “Do you want to keep her.”

      At the time, we didn’t want to keep her and since we found the owner we gave it back to her immediately. The owner was in the same building just down one flight of stairs from us. It turned out that her aunt lived in the country and had come upon a litter of kittens and had given the owner this kitten. The owner did not like the kitten because it squeaked, but her son wanted to keep the kitten.

      We handed the kitten over to the owner. Later, we found out that the kitten had been given back to the aunt in the countryside. I believe we did the right thing in looking for the owner, but it is possible the kitten would have been happier and more loved with us once we realized the true owner did not want the kitten back. I still think about the kitten and hope it is well taken care of. Hindsight is 20/20 and we did our best for it at that time, feeding it, watering it, and spending time with it.

      But notice, we were offered the kitten by the real owner when we finally found the owner. At that point it was our own moral and legal choice–before that point, our only correct choice was to find the owner.

    • hi how you this evening please keep that cat cause i have four cats i found three i have tossshall cat differernt colors i found her on freeway the oher cat went human soct and the three cat the lady is was to turn this cat in so i take her and brought her health back bad cold she is doing fine and the four cat last one i got her from this lady house she was not going to make it she was4 or 5month she was sick takecare of her she is fine and she was a black cat with green eyes she is so petty and she got alot of love she purr all the time two of my younger cats like her my older one that i had first not too much so please please keep her ok

    • Oh how your story resonates with me!! Years ago I was leaving my house for a few minutes and found the most beautiful kitty sitting on the steps. I said “ohhh please stay until I get back”. Upon returning I was happy to find her still siting there.

      I proceeded to go into my house and without hesitation she followed me in and made herself right at home. It was obvious she was a well cared for kitty and one could only assume it was someone’s furbaby. My cat had passed unexpectidly 6 months prior but I was apparoaching the point where I was ready to welcome another furbaby into my home. What I dreamed of having was a seal point who was an absolute lap cat. This is exactly what showed up at my door!! Sadly though I knew I had to attempt to find her rightful owners so reluctanlty placed flyers around my community. A few days had passed, all the while I was becoming more and more attached, when I received a phone call in responce to the flyers. That evening a family was coming over to see if it was their lost cat. As the doorbell rang that evening, with the precious baby in my arms, I sadly opened the door only to hear the little girl exclaim “IT’S NOT HER” and I immediatly said to myself “YES”. This family stated that if the owners where not found they would have a home for this kitty and I thought not a chance, if no one claims her she found a home!!

      Fast forward 14 years, that beautiful most lovingly affectionate seal point is still sitting on my lap!! Like you, I belive it was a blessing from above. I tell Gizmo the story of how we met all that time, that she is my blessing and the love of my life. I dreaded the thought of possibly having to give her up when I found her all those years ago but I like to believe that doing the right thing by trying to find her owners has made me having her all the sweeter. Although, I must admit when I finally moved from that neighborhood five years later there was a sign of relief that there is not chance she would ever be leaving me 🙂

      • James Lautner, Senior Cats Editor

        A wonderful story Abbym. Can you please let me have a photo of Gizmo and I will share it with our readers.

  65. Kerry Williams

    I so sympathise with you Patrick. But this cat is obviously well loved and a family is desperately looking for her. Obviously if no one comes forward she is yours. Just enjoy the time that you have with her for now

  66. Dear Patrick im pleased to know that the cat is being taken care of by you in the most loving wayan animal ddeserves, that said if it were me i would put every effort to finding the owners he probably wandered off as cats love to do. They love exploring, if no one claims the cat after 90 days I’d say keep him and love him for all his little life

  67. All I can think is how sick with fear my kitty might be if she got out and couldn’t find her way home. My cat really is like my child, and if she disappeared and never came home, I’d be heartbroken. Please do the right thing.

  68. Patrick i check to see if she is microchipped and put a flyer up but be careful that someone doesnt say the cat is theirs without offering some kind of proof

  69. marjorie vetter

    Our cat arrived on our door stop 3 years ago this month, didn’t let him in for the first 3 days, but fed and watered him. He slept on a lawn chair, finally let him in. Took him to the vet had him neutered and shots. Almost 3 years to the day, I found out where he came from, his previous owner had move a thousand miles away, the day she was moving, he disappeared. Well a couple of weeks ago his previous owner was visiting her old neighbour and saw him. But she didn’t want him back and had replaced him when she got settled in her new home. So we were all happy.

  70. I am missing a black cat – he was my buddy – my best friend – my life…he went missing after sneaking out of the house behind me – which he did too often – he was quite good at stealthing…this was 8 years ago – I have never been able to find out what happened to him-although some neighborhood kids told me that some people who used to live a few blocks over had been feeding a black cat that showed up periodically…I posted fliers thru my neighborhood hoping that if this was true they would do the right thing if they had him I also paid to run a newspaper ad…hoping to get my point across if they were the ones keeping him from me. He was young – just 2 years old – long & slender & lanky – he walked like a panther slouching his shoulders – I can still see him come running when I would call him after I’d figured out he snuck out yet again…my point being – at least try to find this cats owner – if they don’t come forward then at least you can be guilt free – if I found out today who took my boy away from me it would be hard for me to keep from telling th just how horrid they are for taking him – he was loved & well taken care of – vetted & neutered – they HAD to know they were stealing some bodies pet >:

    • Hugs Joannie, understand that feeling, would be nice to just know that if he still in neighbourhood, people do the right thing. Obviously you love that cheeky little panther! X good on you. Lana. N.Z.

  71. Oh – & now I crying yet again over a cat that went missing 8 years ago 🙁

  72. Put up the flyer but only put cat found and sat cat found and your number. No description. If it is their cat and they want it they will call and identify it to you. People sometimes pretend animals are theirs and then sell them for research. So cat found and your number only. And no one may ever call. My son found a cat and we took it on. We put up flyers and made every attempt to find the owners. No one ever called. A year later a neighbor girl told us the cat had belonged to another neighbor . They had got another cat and had moved recently. So they did not want her and she looked well cared for. Good luck!

  73. Patrick, you are obviously a good person who really wants a cat and would treat it well, but this is not your cat. It is a well-cared-for pet belonging to someone else who loves and cares for it and you have no right to keep someone else’s pet and cause them the long, gruelling process of unresolved loss in order to satisfy your own emotions. They will never know what has happened to their cat, they will assume the worst as the days and weeks go by, imagining it is injured and dying slowly alone, or has been trapped in a garage and is slowly dying somewhere nearby – I have had cats go missing and I know how harrowing this is. Don’t put them through this. If you are attached to this animal after such a short time, imagine how bonded the real owner will be after caring for it for a year and a half. Your feelings will recover much faster than theirs.

    For what it is worth, some cats are just very affectionate by nature and will respond to anyone who gives them good signals. This is not necessarily a sign of anything special in your particular relationship, they may do this with everyone. In my work I visit a lot of houses and cats are frequently glad to see someone if the owner is out, and will act as though you are their world if you give them the attention they enjoy. Do not project your emotions onto the cat, they are not reciprocating with the same emotions as you feel. They are just enjoying your attention. My family had a very friendly cat who regularly went next door to the neighbour’s house when we were out and lived there during the day for years. Ate their cat food, slept on their beds. We still loved him and he enjoyed being with us.

    Please do everything in your power to find the real owner of this cat. If it is an indoor cat, it has probably just got shut out by accident and could not find its way back to familiar territory. Indoor cats with no outdoor territory can get easily lost, chased or startled by vehicles or other animals, and have trouble finding their way home. It could be from anywhere within a mile or two radius of your home, so if you have no success in your building, go a little farther afield.

    When you find the owner, perhaps enquire where they got their lovely natured cat from. It might be that you can obtain one with the same parents and it will have the same delightful temperament. It seems to me that you will be very well suited to a cat and both of you would get a lot of enjoyment from each other.

    All the best.

  74. Patrick, I can feel how much you love this sweetie that came into your life, but I can’t agree that it’s the hand of god. Most likely, she belongs to someone in the building and just happened to wander out an open door. From your description, she has been well looked after and has not been abused. Probably the reason she took to you so quickly, is because she HAS been well-treated and has grown up with love. She has learned to trust people and so came to you readily. Ask yourself if it was you who ‘lost’ her would you want someone to try their best to find out where she belongs and return her to you. I have no doubt you would care for her devotedly but that is not the issue. Put flyers up and see if she is claimed. Maybe you can have ‘visiting rights’. 🙂 If she is claimed, I’m sure you will find another lovable little sweetie to bond with. If she isn’t claimed, then she is all yours!

  75. Hi Patrick. That’s beautiful that you can feel so much love for an animal. But you must understand that the cat’s caretaker is certainly heartbroken now, missing his/her cat, for they definitely love their pet as much as you now love her. I have two cats myself and I can tell you that I love them more than I love any person in my life. I know this may sound a bit too much, but it’s true. I just cannot imagine life without them. If I was the person who lost the beauty that you found I would be so desperate now… Jesus, even the thought of going through that hurts me. So please do the right thing and put some effort into actively looking for the owner. Please. If you REALLY cannot find the person, you will be then maybe have the chance to keep your new friend. But if you do find them (and I truly hope you do), I’m so happy to know that you have so much love to give to a rescued cat and create a beautiful, loving relationship with you own pet. I believe you want to do the right thing, as you are certainly a very good man. Good look with the search for the owner and for you own new cat!

  76. I’m thinking to put posters out letting them know you have a cat and do t describe it, if it is their cat they will give you a description of it, there are just too many nasty people out there that would love to get their hands on a black cat, and for all the wrong reasons and if they cannot describe the kitty to a tee, then it is yours to love and cherish

  77. Oh Patrick, it is wonderful that you are caring for this cat. But, as much as you love her there is undoubtedly someone that has loved this cat far longer and is most likely heartbroken and worried sick over the well being of their cat right now. My daughter lost her cat months ago and is still heart broken and keeps looking for her…. Please continue to care for the cat but make every effort to find the owners. God may have sent the cat to you not to keep but knowing you would care for it and keep it safe while the owners are found. If you make no effort to find the parents this is kind of close to pet-napping and certainly not admirable behaviour. Once the cats owners are found, look for your own cat – you will discover that there are many homeless cats longing for a home , cats that don’t already have loving owners and that desperately need someone just like you. Good luck!

  78. Patrick
    Think how heartbroken you would be if you lost your beloved cat

    There might be flyers out of where you live
    PLRASE if you want to live with yourself
    1) PLEASE get cat checked at LOCAL vet for MICROCHIP asap
    very important also leavr a flyer there

    LOVE Patrick is about doing the rignt thing and being able to live with yourself
    I believe you are a good person so I know you will do the right thing THANK YOU

  79. Take him/her to a vet to be scanned for an ID chip. If none & nobody comes forward to claim the cat, then congratulations, you have had your life taken over
    by a tiny panther!

  80. Marcella Young

    I agree with everyone. Have you considered taking this cat to a vet and seeing if it has a microchip in it, so it can be reunited. If no microchip, then put up flyers, saying that you have found a well cared for black cat. If after a time, no one has responded to the flyers, then consider that God has placed this cat on your steps, for you to care for it. In the meantime, think of buying it cat food, as to people food not being good for animals. Also, a litter box will help.

  81. The “official” reply makes sense but a friend and i were in a similiar situation this past Thanksgiving during a blizzard… a malnurished but otherwise fine looking cat showed up under the deck… had originally planned to post notices but called all the area vets and shelters, leaving name and number. Kept her separate until she could be vet checked. Although underourished, she eanted to be petted and held even more than eat. When taken to the vet, he discovered she had been spayed by the humane society and was a year to year and a half years old. She then moved in, joining other cats, was friendly, loving and obviously familiar with being inside: scratcher, litterbox, cat bed, etc. Watched for any signs to be posted or notices and never heard from vets or shelters. So decided someone must have “dumped” her…. so she’s joined the family <3 hope if she isn't claimed she ends up as your 'forever furbaby' <3

  82. This cat was drawn to you because he knew you’d take good care of him while you help him find his family. Don’t let kitty down. Put up flyers and call the shelters. Enjoy your time with him and if he’s reunited with his family you’ll have lots of love to give a homeless cat who needs you very much. Good luck to you both!

  83. My kitty, Chloe, was “handed off” to me when I went to visit a friend in Atlanta. She had been abandoned at the apt. complex and my friend (who already had a cat, a dog, a fish and a bird) couldn’t take her.
    That was 1994. Chloe is 20 and truly my buddy and I am the ONLY one she has ever warmed up too. She still runs every time I go by with a broom, etc. Poor baby. I have no idea what it was like for her to be abandoned.

    She now has a tumor on her shoulder (inoperable) and a bad eye. But she purrs, eats, goes outside and grooms. We are hopelessly counting down the days, but I love that girl. I can say, she is a REAL friend and helped me through the loss of my 15 year old cat Jake, a couple bad jobs and some ratfink boyfriends. Cats (and dogs) just totally rock. Better than a lot of humans.
    Peace and love, Al

  84. I want to thank all of you for your great advice. I am really impressed with all of you who have given so many consistent answers. I will now begin in earnest to put up a number of flyers all around my apartment complex (in the common areas or in areas of congregation). I will also put up a few flyers across the street and a couple of blocks over. I will do the right thing. I can only imagine what the caretakers of this cat must be going through. I don’t want to feel any guilt about this. Hopefully, I find the rightful caretaker. If after my best efforts, I don’t hear from anyone, well only then will I keep the cat. By the way, great advice on the suggestion to only put on the flyers cat found/basic info. If the person whom responds to my flyers can accurately describe the cat, only then, will I know that they are the rightful caretakers. I’ll also contact the office management, and let them know the situation. I will give updates on my progress. Thanks again to all of you wonderful people who have responded; without your responses, I probably would have done the wrong thing.

  85. My cat chose me, almost three years ago I went to Petco with my fiance and a friend, I wanted to look at the rescue kitties, and was looking for a kitten to adopt. When I got to the cages I saw a beautiful gray tiger kitty with a solid black stripe down her back, she was about 4 at the time, I was drawn to her, I never had this kind of experience before, it was like the cat and I were communicating at that time I knew she chose me has her human mommy, that was almost three years ago, she even calls me mamma which means a lot to me because I can’t have my own children!

  86. My current cat was my boyfriends neighbors cat. She is 9 years old, the neighbor had her as a kitten and said she shed too much and left her outside and the neighbors would sometimes feed her. I first noticed her when I was outside, and another cat chased her up a tree. I saw her walking through his backyard after this and gave her a bowl of milk, she let me pet her and started showing up when we were sitting out back a couple times a week. After a couple more times of feeding her she would come back as soon as we would open the door, she let us luck her up and pet her, she would eat then sit out back with us until we went inside. After this went on for a little while she then decided to start running into his home whenever we opened the door. We would pick her up and put her back out but she wanted inside (his family did not want a pet so we weren’t allowed to have her inside). She would lay outside his window most of the time, or on their front porch waiting for us. She would run out to greet me when I pulled up at his home, but sadly we couldn’t bring her in. One night after her many tries to get in, we snuck her in for a night and she instantly curled up in bed with us. She then knew to jump on his windowsill and paw at the window for us to let her in, which we did whenever able. She would sleep with us every night and meow when she had to go out, like a dog. Sadly her owner would leave her out in the snow, and during hurricanes so we weren’t able to always have her inside unless we were home. Finally after about a year and a half of sneaking her in we moved out on our own and asked the owner if we could take her. For the past 4 months she has been an inside cat and she loves it! She can sleep all day and not worry about hunting, she is the sweetest and most grateful cat I’ve ever had, so I would say she chose us to be her owners.

  87. I remember Sept. 1999, labor day weekend (this was told according to my mother and father) my father said he heard a car late at night. My mother was still awake, and other cats heard something outside, a few mintues later my mother discovered a black and white kitten about five months old at the time she found him. She feed the kitten and he purred, meowed, and ate at the same time. She left him alone outside, but there’s a garage he went into for the night. The next morning I found him eating outside and asked about him, I was surprised to see this kitten here. My mother was surprised the kitten stuck around. Shortly after that, my mother gave me a choice of names, either Lucky or Max. I chose Max. Max was his name, after the first night my mother put him in a shed for the time being, until she could get him to the vet. My mother decided she was going to keep him, and we visited often in the shed, he had the things a cat needed while being isolated for the time being. We had other indoor cats and my cat had medical problems, and we didn’t want nothing to happen to her with the new kitten. One day I showed Max to Mushie through a screen and she hissed at him. A beginning of a rotten relationship between those two. A month later he was brought to the vet and given his shots, and he was “fixed” shortly after that. He was given a clean bill of health and brought inside. My cat Mushie hated him, my mother’s cat Cyrano liked him and they got along well, when Max grew bigger, they played together, some times those two could be a bit rough. But they were two happy cats. As Max grew up we found out he didn’t like loud noises, and he would run and hide until it was over, like thunderstorms. We never knew where he came from but we think his old owners didn’t treat him so well. He had his tricks, my mother found out by accident, she threw a dry cat food on the floor, and he caught it. So after that day, we learned to throw dry cat food and he would either catch with his mouth or paws. He turned out to be a wonderful cat, his old owners missed out on a great cat, he still had some problems but we loved him anyways. He was a gentle cat around Mushie, she would always smack him one. (She couldn’t see all that well, cataracts in her eyes, with other medical problems) But we wouldn’t trade him for the world. Sadly other two cats died in 2008, then nine months later 2009. Poor Max he was all alone, and he must have missed them, he grew up with Cyrano and Mushie after all. The he grew ill and in May 2010 he died, poor thing but at the same time he did have a great life with his owners. Max turned out to be wonderful and grateful cat in the end. He chose us, we didn’t chose him, but we’re never sorry for taking in another cat.

  88. Hi Patrick,

    Can we have an update please, did anyone come forward for the sweet black kitty?

  89. My really chose me, or us, our family.
    Being born from a loving and caring mother, he was helpless and so was she because he was born with a weak immune system. Had FVR the day he was born and boy was he helpless, he couldn’t even follow his mother around, couldn’t eat, couldn’t play, he was on the verge of death, lying on his back, his little paws in the air, gazing at the sky with his eyes stuck together, little kids poking him with sticks.

    Until one day, we decided to put him on our balcony to shield him from the hostile world and perhaps let him pass away in peace. He instantly climbed on my father’s knee and sat there.
    That’s when we knew he chose us.

    Feeling bad for him, we really want to help that cat as it was almost fate. We normally feed stray cats, but none of them are interested in approaching us, at least not that close. They are either scared of us or uninterested in a relationship, even if that means a cozy home. But neither did we. We care for them, but aren’t willing to let them live among us.

    Regardless of that, that cat decided to approach us and look for reassurance. We decided to call around and brought him to the veterinary. Even the vet knew he had something special with us, as he would walk onto my hand and sit there, a little furry ball. Even his siblings and mother didn’t dare to approach us that way.

    As he got better, every time he would wake up from a good deep sleep on my bed, he would almost charge at me and bump his head against mine as a way of showing his deep gratitude for giving him the opportunity to be reborn with his new healthy body of his. He would walk around me while I am lying on the bed, go over me, around me, bump and rub his against mine several times.

    And this is how my cat chose me.

    Sadly, I have already lost him in a car accident, he was barely a year old, all healthy and everything, who could have actually foreseen this. At least he lived a happy life, even if it was a short one.

    It’s still difficult to believe that such a strong bond could be severed by death.
    The bond is still there. I wonder if that will make him come back or was that my final and only moment of happiness that I will get to share with a cat, even if that was a really short lived one.

    This was my first cat and probably my last one, things like this just don’t happen twice…
    Still hard for me to accept his sudden departure.

  90. My kitten Caspurr ultimately chose me. I had a friend who took in a pregnant stray and well im obsessed with cats and will never have enough(i now have 4) when seeing pictures if the litter i fell in love with caspurrs brother, but my friend decided he wanted to keep that one so i settled for the other tabby, my caspurr. When we first brought him home he seemed to absolutely love my boyfriend but after a few days of him going to work 7-7 hes in love with me now hes always cuddling and wanting to hug me and loves to be in my face.

  91. Our cat chose us definitely! We were living in a town home and had a couple of friends over and were out in the patio having a BBQ. I left the sliding door open because we kept coming in and out with food. At one point we noticed a black cat roaming around it jumped over the fence and into the patio. Eventually it made itself inside the house. He laid on our wood flooring in front of the tv and refused to leave. The next morning we tried to let him out and still refused to leave. Si we went to the store got food and litter and a litter box. Once we set up the box I kid you not he urinated for 2-3 minutes straight. Later that evening with the door open he left. The next morning he was meowing at our door. When we opened it he ran inside the house. He would continue to sleep over randomly when he wanted. Finally we found out who the owners were abd we took him home thinking they were worried were he kept disappearing to. They said they kept throwing him outside due to his sister being in heat. Weeks later animal control came and took the owners remaining pets they found. Apparently they had another pet that starved to death we were told and all their pets were removed. We were in the midst of packing since we were moving. That cat was the only remaining pet. We decided if he came to us on our last night abd he didn’t leave once we were departing that he was coming with us. So he did!

  92. My cat definitely chose me. I found him with a litter of kittens and mother on an abandoned apartment porch. Mother just stood by as I proceeded to say hi to her and her kittens. Not being much of a cat person(or so I thought) all I planned on is petting the tiny balls of fluff and being on my way. Well four of them were freaking out and hiding, hissing and so fourth. While this little orange and white male ball of fluff decided to sit on my shoe, meowing and scratching till i pick him up. I did and pet him till he fell asleep in my arms. That was it, 5 years later he’s still “my” cat, or I’m his human. Found homes for rest of the litter as well.

  93. The first three joined our family out of necessity. Their families couldn’t keep them. The 4th and 5th chose us. We believe they were born at the end of Winter, and the vet confirms they are 6-7 months old. They were much smaller when we first saw them around the edge of the forest. Because they were so thin and never seemed to leave, we figured we had better help them out by putting food out. We checked for missing cats and asked everyone living around us. Nobody claimed them and none of them had seen them around their homes. The 4th is now inside, after his vet visit the other day. The 5th is next and anxiously hanging at the doors and windows asking to come in now. lol But we have to protect the health of our indoor colony. Their sister has shown no interest in us. We believe we may have to trap, spay and release her. Hopefully she will have a change of heart and want to be part of our family too. I think we are maxed out on cats after this. lol Thankfully, we have the space they need to run and get away from each other when they want.

  94. We looked at several older cats at the shelter but our cat Meowster chose us. She walked in and ran up to me begged for petting then ran behind me as I sat in the shelter sitting room then headed for my hubby John and plopped down in front of him on her back for a tommy rub. She had chosen us,that was that. The shelter lady told us she hated carriers so we might have a problem but when she brought the carrier in;she ran for the carrier popped in and waited for us to close it. Yep, she made it quite clear she wanted to go home with us. We have no doubt some cats simply read the invisable(to us) signs that say… These folks are just who I have been waiting for.

  95. My 2 cats chose me. I’m 20 years old and I’ve always had dogs, and therefore I’m a huge dog person. One below 0 degrees night in January I was leaving a restaurant with a group of people and I heard a cat screaming and looked about 10 feet away to see a cat staring a me trying to get my attention. As soon as I saw him and acknowledged him he ran to me and followed me to my car. It was a very busy parking lot with many people around, but he followed me for some reason. He hopped right in, curled up on my lap, and the rest is history. Well…the vet says he’s about 6 years old. But he still likes to play so I figured I would casually look around for a friend for him. I happened upon a group of about 10 different kittens at an adoption event, and this little black kitten with white feet was literally trying to push her way through the cage she was in to get to me…she wouldn’t even let me look at the other kittens/cats. She was determined to get my attention and keep it. Even with others around, it was clear even to the lady assisting with adoptions that she wanted me. As soon as the lady opened her cage she leaped into my arms and has been there since (very snuggly). So, that’s the story of how this dog person made some room for 2 cats who seemed to choose me. I think I’ll always be a dog person, but now I say “I’m a dog, Tommy, and Tahlia person” (their names). 🙂

  96. My boyfriend says I must give off an aura of “Here is a human who is a soft touch when it comes to cats.” I was adopted by a grey Persian who lived in the parking lot of my apartment building (her “owner” said she chose to live out there instead of in his apartment; she then chose to live with me instead of in the parking lot.) She walked right into my apartment and made herself totally at home. The first few days after she moved in she barely moved from my lap except at mealtime. After that kitty passed away, I happened to visit the adoption centre at the pet store and a pretty little tortoiseshell saw me and started pawing the glass and meowing at me. I filled out the papers, paid the adoption fee and took her home. The little tortie lived with us only a year before she passed from cancer, but at least she spent her final year in a loving home with people who cared for her and did our best to ease her pain.

  97. Sherry adopted me. She had been getting fed by some folk who lived in my street after her owners did a moonlight flit and moved away taking her brother Whisky with them.

    I fed her once or twice as I wasn’t sure if I wanted another cat after my other cat disappeared before my son and I went on holiday a couple of years earlier. I never found out what happened to him.

    Then one day I relented and she shot inside and went straight for under my window in the living room and stayed there! And has been with me ever since and that was 12 years ago!

  98. I was ten when my mother put down my cat. My father had given me Mick when I was little, and my father died when I was seven. It was heartbreaking to lose my little Mickey, especially because he was only ten. But he had a heart disease that would have slowly and painfully killed him. A couple weeks later we went to a pet store. They had no kittens, so we went to a shelter in the next town over (which would soon become my home). There, we found two small kittens. Brothers. Otis was a sleepy baby when we took him out of the cage to hold him. But he grabbed onto my shoulder and would not let go. We took his brother, too because he would have been all alone. That’s how we got Papi and Otis. Papi, sadly, died when he was a year old of someone unknown disease. Otis is still alive and well, but he misses his mama, since she has gone away for school.

  99. It’s taken me a while to be able to type this, because my son’s cat Sock, a handsome ginger and white boy, has climbed onto my desk demanding fuss. He is only with us till my son gets a permanent place. I shall miss Socks terribly as he comes to meet me as I come home if he’s out. I can sense he’s there and I’m never wrong. He comes round the cars with his tail in the air. If he’s indoors, I know he won’t be able to meet me.

    But the true cat that chose me was our tortoiseshell girl, Arwen. My wife put this little bundle of fluff on my desk the first day she was here, and her favourite place is asleep in the crook of my arm (Arwen that is).

    Whenever I go to my daughter’s, her three boys rush to see who can jump on my lap first.

    The funny thing is, I’m not a cat person. I adore dogs, but cats seem to see ‘mug’ written on my forehead, you know, the person who hands out love.

    I don’t mind though.

  100. I chose my first cat, and she was eternally grateful while being regal and demanding. I loved her for it.

    My second cat chose me. He meowed at me to choose him as a kitten. I picked him up, and he climbed all over me, looked me in the eyes, and PURRED. His love continues every day, he is the most devoted, tolerant, sweet and loving cat I’ve known. Yes that sometimes means he pokes me when I’m sleeping. However his tolerance of my human foibles is remarkably high, and I’m convinced it is because he chose me from the start.

    Tigger, the cat who chose me, won my heart. I don’t even want it back. He can have it. 🙂

  101. I had a beautiful chocolate-point Siamese boy named Chelli who was my “soul-kitty”, my best friend and simply the most amazing companion a girl could ask for. We spent 12 years together until Chronic Renal Failure took him from me on 4 February 2011 at 6pm and at that point I swore I could never have another chocolate-point again … I had been blessed with the best one ever and there just wasn’t another one like Chelli. A couple of weeks after he died I looked at his photo and I said “OK Angel-Boy if you want me to have another kitty then you find him for me” and I left it at that. It was only about a week later that a friend told me of a litter of Siamese that needed homes and she gave me the phone number of the person who had them. When I called the only one left was a chocolate point boy. I had already decided another chocolate-point would be too hard to have at that point but I still asked her more about him. He was born on 4 February in the late evening … the same night Chelli died. This kitten’s mother’s name was Angel … and the coincidences kept coming. So Jaffa came home to live with me … I didn’t choose him, he didn’t choose me, but I firmly believe he was chosen for me. And I love this little chockie rascal so much that I could not imagine life without him!

  102. Three years ago, a cat showed up in the neighborhood and started following me as I walked my dog. He came right up to us and started rubbing around my legs. He would walk with us for all of our morning, afternoon and evening walks, but would stop before coming to the house. I named him “Thompson” since he was a “tomcat”. After a few weeks, he began following us home and would even jump up on my lap and sit with me on the front steps. When Fall came, I opened my garage door at night and he began sleeping there. One day, he followed my dog into the house. At first, he became frightened and darted back outside, but the next time he came in, he stayed. He has become “best friends” with my dog and is very affectionate.

  103. I was the one who chose my 4-year-old black male cat named Nibbles. I went to a local shelter having made up my mind to adopt a black cat after looking through the shelter’s website. I have always heard that black cats are hard to get adopted, so that was my reason for adopting one. During the car ride home, Nibbles was very upset and kept crying and crying. Once we were home, I showed him where his litter box was, then he immediately left the bathroom and hid under the bed. Later our first night together, he finally got hungry enough and came from under the bed and went to his food bowl to start eating. Less than 24 hours later, Nibbles was no longer afraid of me. He figured out that I wasn’t a threat to him, and is a very sweet cat. He’s very affectionate and loves being petted. He is the sweetest cat I’ve ever had. He’s also a lap kitty, jumping unto my lap to be petted several times a day. I figured when he began to show his belly to me that he really trusts me now. He loves it when I pet his belly. Whenever I have company, he doesn’t dash under the bed anymore. He would sniff their hands to get to know them first before they can pet him. Everyone he has met so far he has liked. So, Nibbles and I have been together now since August 22, 2013. I am very happy with him and he’s quite happy with me.


  105. I never used to believe people when they said “your pet sometimes chooses you”. I went to an adoption centre to give a stray a new home, I had a completely different cat in mind (one I’d seen on their website). The cat I wanted was reserved but I still had my heart set on a companion. The girl at the adoption centre stood asking me all sorts of questions about what kind of cat I wanted…colour, sex, breed, long hair, short hair, etc. I laughed and said I was there for a companion, not an accessory to put in a handbag (thinking back I wonder if this was a test to see if I was after something that just looked good).

    She took me to the black cats, which I didn’t know at the time are very hard to Rehome. “Bert” was the third cat I met whom was supposedly shy yet the moment his pen opened he came out at me like he’d been waiting for me (as if I had owned him already and was just collecting him). The girl left me and told me to go look at any other cat I wanted but “Bert” was determined I wasn’t getting to leave, he got in front of me, pushing my hands, etc. when I did get out he stood at the pen door looking at me expectantly. I knew right then I couldn’t look at any other cat. He guilted me lol, he was determined he was coming home, end of discussion lol.

    The girl told me while filling out the forms that the fact the shy cat had picked me was a good sign as clearly he sensed who he was supposed to be with and they prefer it when the cats choose their person rather than people picking them based on their breed or attractiveness. That was ten months ago almost and that cat (now known as Sabbath) follows me like a stalker, sleeps with me, talks to me, will only let me pick him up and will howl if I leave the house. It was like the second he saw me he bonded then and there, for him it seemed to be love at first sight and for me who hadn’t really thought of ever getting a black cat it was the same.

    It can be a really weird and powerful thing. Like I say, it was like he had been expecting me…the girl said he’d never done that before. It could be I remind him of an old owner for all I know, but he seems rather contented to be my shadow and stalker. I’m glad I let him be the one to decide he was going to be mine, don’t know what I’d have ended up with otherwise.

  106. Casper my first cat definitely chose me. He would follow me around the cat shelter while I looked at other cats. Farrah I chose because she looked so cute and had the shortest legs. I end up having her for 22 years. My cat which I just got recently was kind of strange. We went to look at the cats at Pet Smart and Grace the cat I got was sleeping so I played with the other cats. After I ended up putting Farrah down, I went back to Pet Smart on the bus and something kept telling me I was going to go out to Pet Smart and get Grace even though I hadn’t even interacted with her. I was trying to choose between Grace and another cat. I ended up getting Grace. As soon as I put my finger in her cage she ran up and licked it. When I had my home inspection I got a bag of stuff with Grace. The lady put a purple collar on her. I figured then that my mom who recently died had chosen her for me because purple was her favorite color. I was meant to have her and she is a sweetheart, constantly purring and happy.

  107. i had a dog for 17 years, so I never been a cat person, due to the fact that my mom hates cats:(. Well, a cat used to spent aaaaallll day and night outside our house, only for a few hours disappeared but the most of the time he was outside, sleeping or grooming (strange for a cat right?) A few months ago I started feeding him, in the beginning he didn’t approached me but the safest way to get into anyone’s heart is the stomach so days later he was crazy in love with me. The rest of the story is well known, he lived inside home, was really affectionate until…. we decided to take him to vet, he managed to escape and we were looking for him. A lady who lives in the front house saw us and told me to approach and explained me the whole story: he was an outdoor cat and for a very strange reason his favorite place for eight years had been the front house, our house. She was worried because the cat hadn’t come for a week to eat, I explained her that week the cat was inside my house. I was sad because I really love this cat and he continues coming to my house, asking for food and in fact he likes to sleep inside, but doing research I discovered that some cats like to roam in different houses just because they love the attention. So, maybe a cat just don’t chose you, he can chose more people too! It’s ok for me to welcome such a friendly visitor and now I’m really considering adopting a cat, they are charming creatures!

  108. Well to get the formal out of the way I am not exactly a cat lover… still I find myself followed around by a grey and white fur ball. I never thought I would actually like having the kitten, Mac( I kinda borrowed his name as screen name), around. The silly little guy actually belonged to my mother. From the minute he came into the house he kept looking for me. He would scratch at my door if it was closed, at first I tried to keep him out on account of my pet spiders in their glass containers and my initial dislike of cats. He is sweet and seems to understand that my spiders are off limits. Now I find my room invaded by what is now officially MY cat. I have changed my mind about cats. All thanks to a little fury four pawed boy named Mac.

  109. When my family decided to adopt a cat (after much nagging on my behalf) the advice we were given was to “pick the cat that comes to you”. That’s exactly what we did. Smudge, then a tiny 8-week-old kitten, wandered up to us at the adoption centre, meowed at us and when I picked her up she snuggled right into my arms. That was it. 14 years later we couldn’t be happier. She is the perfect fit for our home and lifestyle. Dad says she’s “the best cat in the world”!!Hehehe.

  110. My cat picked me when I was looking for another cat after my other one was killed by a car. I was looking at a rescue center and I saw a yellow cat that I thought would be the one, but I was surprised when I walked over and she touched my hand with her pawn. I reached down and started to pat her and she started purring. She picked me to come home with. I have had her for around a year and she loves me more each and every day.

  111. I believe all my cats choose me. Matter of fact my currant cat Kenzie came to me in a dream first. For several days I kept having this dream of a sweet little black & grey striped cat coming up to me in the yard and me naming her Kenzie. 4 dreams later I was doing yard work and I heard a sweet little meow and there she was.

  112. Once upon a time there was a little kitty who didn’t have a home and lived in a cage
    And there was a Lady who had a home that didn’t have a kitty
    So the Lady went to the adoption. Enter and brought the kitty home
    So the kitty had a home
    And the home had a kitty
    And the Lady had a home with a kitty
    And they all lived happily ever after

    The End

    PS: I named the kitty SassyPants and she’s the best kitty I’ve ever had….

  113. A neighbor’s cat has chosen me over the past few weeks. I have a big house and no pets. I’d seen her on my deck a time or two over the summer. Petted her. Very friendly. She ran in the door one night a few weeks back. Comes by several times a week and darts in. Tough to keep out. Once inside she’ll walk around a bit and then jump into my lap for a nap. If I try to move she yelps. After a few hours I open the door and out she goes. She’s getting fed at her regular home, and also likely catching something under my deck to snack on every now and then. Suspect a busy house with young kids is making home life less enjoyable these days. Chasing this creature away from my property seems harsh. Must be saying “you’re mine now buddy”.

  114. Years ago our two cats Mushie and Cyrano heard something, and a few minutes later a black and white kitten appeared, he was a tuxedo kitten. My mother saw him and told my father, “There’s a kitten outside and I’m going to feed it.” sure enough the kitten was so happy, he was eating, and purring at the same time. A while later my mother went back inside and went to bed, but the kitten followed the light, he was accustomed to people. In the morning he was still there, he must have crawled under the garage door to sleep, it was summer and warm out then. After the first night my mother put him in a shed until he was taken to the vet. Eventually was given a name, Max. He was dropped off by someone, and whomever dropped him off, missed out on a great cat. He chose our house and never left. Max chose us to be his family. He was around five months old when he came to the house, however we found out he didn’t like his paws touched and he didn’t like loud noises. However we dealt with it, and loved him. We think he wasn’t in a good home, but when he came here, he had a great home. Mushie hated him, but to Max it was a small price to pay, Cyrano liked him and they would play together. He grew up to be a big cat, and he was a gentle cat despite his size. He could catch if you throw some dry cat food with his mouth or paws. A smart cat. We had him for over ten years, and sadly he died, but he was loved, we didn’t chose to get another cat, Max chose us

  115. My mrs whiskers chose me. I was 8 and we had lost our cat Carly (her real name was carling black label after a beer, my dad is slightly bonkers) who had hated me since I was born died two years before. I did like Carly but she wasn’t my cat, we had problems with mice as we lived next to some fields and farms. One Friday after a trip to the dentist mum took me out again. We went to a farm/small holding. My cats mum was huge it was her second or third litter. She had thirteen kittens and all had survived. I had no idea what mum wanted me to do. When she said chose a kitten I was looking. There were two boys in the room. The older one picked up a kitten, she was tiny. I could easily hold her in two hands and I was 8. He told me this is v and she is my favourite and I want you to have her and handed her to me. I held her for ages as my mum talked to the lady. I then had to chose a kitten. Mum wanted me to chose a black one she liked but Millie had chosen me and I ended up choosing her. I hate being away at uni. I come home a lot I say homesick. Catsick is more appropriate.

  116. Thunderfromdownunder

    I’ve always loved fur line furkids, ever since I was a boy, so I love reading people’s stories on their adoptions of their fur babies
    I currently can’t adopt I really want to, but my landlords are tough they have a no pets policy,
    I live not far from a shopping complex, and when and if I need something I go get it. There is a young woman who has a furkid, I presume she must work or something because whenever I walk past, her ginger boy or possibly girl is outside…some months ago, I was walking past, and the kitteh, just started meowing at me, as I was walking past…so it was like he/she knew I’m a cat person and so each time kitteh is out and he/she meows I stop to give it a pat, a belly rub and off I go, it’s my therapy some days to spend a few mins with the kitteh.

    The cat never leaves the yard, she is well fed, and cared for, so I’m happy that she has a responsible mummy, whom I’ve met,
    If I can offer this, if you can’t adopt like I can’t at present. Then donate money or time to your local pet shelter to help them, rescue the strays or prosecute the neglect.
    Most of all. If you have a kitteh who is undeserved, please get de sexed.

  117. This girl had found 4 kittens that were two days old, when mother cat never returned home….
    The girl had no money for taking care of them, i seen her on a post and she was begging for someone to help and take them in…. no one on there would help 🙁
    The next day she was on there again begging….
    It was then that i knew i had to help these little guys and it was tough very tough, they turned out very healthy and smart young little men as i call them.
    When i got them i was thinking ill raise um and find them the best homes, well…. i still have them and i could never never let them go, my family helped me raise them and turned out their was one for each of us… smokey, danaul, mr. Anderson, and memee… they are family and ive never spent so much money as i have with them
    Buying them toys, thinking about them all the time, they even understand what we say to them and they respond back with noises….. its crazy but i love them soooooo much i couldnt see them leaving. I feel it was meant for me to save these babies and some how they picked me…..

  118. I went to a shelter when I was 4 to pick out my cat. My parents told me I could get whichever one I wanted as long as it had dark fur. The man who ran the shelter took me in a room with about 20 kittens all just playing and running around, and when I squat to the floor ready to pick a little kitten came running right up to me. I sat on the floor before she got there and she got right in my lap and started purring rubbing her head against me and doing that kneading thing to my stomach. Needless to say it was kind of love at first sight. She is now 13 years old and I’m still her favorite

  119. My cat just came into my house and she bought her kids. and when I pet her she gets into my lap. I freak out but then Im growing to in love with her. She lost her kids because they tried to escape from home. 🙁 she’s so sad… but she knew theres still me. Abd she keeps coming back to my house after walking around the block. she even listen to me, she knows when i called her with just snapping my fingers. She wasnt even trained so smart. Her name is Cressida Cressie for short. And sorry for poor grammar 🙂

  120. I went to SPCA in Oakland, and we entered a room of ten cats. None of them paid attention to us. I went to each one to say hello and see any connections… nothing happened. When my boyfriend and I decided to turn towards the door and leave, a 4 month old kitty started scratching my bf’s pants and we knew right there and then that he is the one. With us for 3 years now and isn’t affectionate type but we match that way because we’re always busy with work. One day he came home with a black cat, and the black cat ran towards me. We knew then that “yeppp we got another family member “lol.

  121. Just like women. A man will approach her, and she’ll be ready to scrach his eyes out. Another man will completely ignore her, and she’ll be rubbing next to him. If he keeps ignoring her, she’ll be in his lap. With cats they have to feel a connection, test to see if you’re safe, and they come/go as they please. Just like women! No woner women and cats love each other. They’re the same!

    • Why thank you for comparing us to cats. Once they form a bond of trust with a person they’ve become fond of, they become the most loving creatures, as long as that trust isn’t broken and a mutual respect exists. Of course, that’s true of many species, no matter the gender, isn’t it?

  122. A cat chose us. My siblings were outside then the kitten waled towards them and didnt run away like most cats do, but since we live in apormins
    apartments we werent allowed to have pets. We left him outside of our apartment with food amd water a few hour later he left then came back. He now wont leave and im happy with that.

  123. I walked into the cat enclosure of a beautiful green eyed girl, who let me pet her but meowed to tell me when she had had enough.

    I knew that this active and vocal cat needed me and I needed her. She had been returned to a shelter by a previous owner because she had scratched her children.

    She sleeps in my bed in the crook of my arm every night.

    When I let her outside… she comes back to the door meowing not because she wants in but because she wants me to come with her.

    She’ll even wear a leash and come on walks on quiet trails with me.

    After 8 years together, every moment away from her is wrong. I don’t believe in fate, but I believe in the love that can be had with even the most nervous of cats when trust exists.

    Now we human and cat are a bonded pair… incomplete without the other.

  124. My mum got a kitten as an early birthday present a bengal cross persian , it was a shy little thing and hid behind the toilet when we left her to settle in. I spent an hour sitting in the bathroom playing with her when she purred for the first time and it was because of me, that night she crawled into my lap and fell asleep.

    Ever since then she has always preferred my company instead of my brother,sister or mother. She is friendly with the rest of my family but spends hours with me. When I used to come home I used to get the best greeting any cat mum knows, intense purring, grooming, meows, rubbing up against me and nose bumps on my face.

    when we first got my mums kitten I was very alone and I needed someone and I think Pixie ( the kitten) picked up on that , I dont believe in coincidence I think every cat knows who they pick and why and when they pick the right person they become inseparable. Even now as I write this I have a huge 9 month old cat sprawled across my lap with her head in the crook of my arm .. I couldnt have asked for a better cat or a better friend because a brilliant bond like one between cat and human makes everything so much better x

  125. My tortoishell cat found me at an empty campground almost a year ago. I could only imagine she was dumped there, or escaped someone’s rv, though i never found any lost cat ad describing her or the area, and i looked for a couple months after i found her.She was still a little kitten, and ran up to me meowing and climbed up my leg. I started a camp fire, and she hung around all night despite being scared of my salivating hyper cat obsessed dog. All evening, she alternated between sleeping on my lap or sleeping under my chair. She even came back after my dog lunged at her (dog was on a leash)… I slept in my car that night, and she was still outside @ the campsite in the morning. I took the dog for a 2 hr hike, came back, and kitty was still there. She followed me around until it was time for me to leave. Couldn’t possibly imagine leaving her at an empty middle of nowhere campground with a high population of predatory animals, so I popped her in a bucket with a pillow case wrapped around it for the 2 hr drive home. She was miserable during that car ride, but forgave me the moment I let her into my home. Almost a year later, she’s still my cat. She’s Incredibly affectionate and still loves to cuddle, though as a kitten she was attached to my body one way or another anytime I wasn’t standing up. She also likes to cuddle with my dog, despite the dog’s initial lunging transgressions during her kittenhood.

  126. One day while having dinner, we heard this loud mewing outside our window, and a very thin kitty wandered in through the open door and rubbed her head on my hands and legs. there were two other people there but she chose me for some reason. I sat down, and she went straight to my lap and laid there purring. We fed her and she was a bit timid at first but ate up everything after a moment. She was so friendly we assumed she had a home, but every day for a week she stayed at our house and wanted to be in with us. Whenever she asked to be back out we let her out. But after a week of her staying inside with us more and more, with no one else seemingly claiming her and with her sleeping outside our door at night, we just took her to the vet and called her ours. I still let her out during the daytime when she wants, unless we are out of town or there is something unsafe outside. But every day she stays by our house and cuddles with me every night and throughout the day. No one in the neighborhood said she was their cat, but the previous renters did say that she would come by for food every so often and was sweet. But for some reason she chose our home to make hers and I’m sooooo glad she did. I love her like crazy.

  127. My 12 year old daughter asked if we could adopt her friends cat for they were moving and couldn’t take her with them. I agreed even though I didn’t want a cat but as long as her and her sisters fed her and cleaned her litter box it would be ok. I on the other hand have a hard time opening my heart to another cat. Every time I do something happens. I don’t know if I’ll ever love a cat again. They were gonna just abandon her. She was nice enough but kinda kept to herself for the first month. She hung out with the kids some…mostly by force I think but now she thinks she’s mine. I don’t understand why. I barely pay attention to her. I don’t feed her. But every night when we’re all in bed, it’s my bed she chooses to sleep in. She’s my daughter’s cat that thinks she’s mine.

  128. Quick question.
    My girlfriends cat has been around here friends for 10-14 years and will not let them touch her. I am around her for 2 days and she comes over sits next to me and lets me Pat her. Needless to say that kind of stuned my girlfriend. Thank you for any insight on this

  129. my cat Zelda chose me without a doubt. My dog had to be put down due to old age and I was getting more and more depressed and lonely. For my 24th birthday mom said she would get me a cat. her rules were it had to be a female, an adult, and from a shelter. So I went to the local humane society and the cats there wanted nothing to do with me

    I begged my parents to let me check the branches at Petco and Petsmart. I saw Zelda in her cage at Petco and took her out. In the break room she wandered around once then she crawled into my lap latched all four sets of claws in my pants an wrapped her tail around my wrist and wouldn’t move. She was purring like a motor and my heart melted and I knew she was mine and told mom I would take her. She is completely black with amber eyes nd flecks of chocolate brown swimming in them.

    the shelter gave her to me for free since she had been there for 100 days and couldn’t be with other animals or children. and now she is my emotional therapy animal. This cat is the second best thing that happened to me. She owns the house and is completely spoiled rotten and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  130. So I’m confused, my brother-in-law brought this kitten home from his things house and everyone claims that the kitten is just friendly, but the signs this kitten is showing me I feel reason to believe that he chose me, I have another cat that chose me here as well but this kitten is fighting with my year old Brat-cat for my attention, I put him sheen and he climbs right back up my legs to sit in my arms or on my shoulder, he races Brat and fights Brat for my attention, he wouldn’t come to my mother-in-law after the dog scared him but he came to me. And I did the same thing she did. Does this mean he chose me?

  131. One evening shortly after we moved into our new home I was walking around our property and was approached by a meowing cat who seemed he had been waiting for me. This cat chose me over our next door neighbor even though she was feeding him salmon. I have always felt this amazing cat specifically chose me. He will only come to me when I call him, all 26 pounds of him lays on my chest and stares intently into my eyes as though he is trying to tell me something very important.

    Recently, I saw a a cat whisperer who told me that our beautiful Bell is a healer cat.

  132. Here’s an excerpt from a short story I’m writing (for fun):
    Just before I turned four years old, my mother took me to visit my preschool teacher’s farm. On her farm lived a litter of four kittens that were a mere six weeks old. I still remember their names: Greyborous, Cupcake, Duchess, and the small runt of the litter, Cleopatra. Even though I had not reached my fourth year of life, I was fascinated with cats and had always wanted one of my own in addition to my family’s two pugs. Because this was cause enough for my mother to introduce me to a lovely litter of kittens, I went to the farm for the next six weeks. Those were the weeks that changed my life.
    You see, from the moment I first laid eyes on the cluster of cats, I always paid attention to Greyborous. He was a charming grey kitten with a white splotch on his nose, and acted, not lacking respect, as the guardian of the group. He stood out, and me, being a small child, would constantly stroke him and carry him in my curious arms. Although Duchess and Cupcake were both rather keen on exploring such an odd thing as my former self, they didn’t seem to care as much, often spending their days with their mother, Piglet, in the barn.
    Then there was Cleopatra, or Cleo, as she was known. She was a shy kitten with fluffy black and white fur, notably unique due to the left side of her face being black and the right being white. I recall wishing to rename her as “Pirate” when I first noticed her sneaking around in the grass. But I never did notice how she would ALWAYS pounce on my shoes, or rub against my legs as I cherished the somewhat larger grey kitten in my arms. The moment I sat down, the tiny black and white cat would walk across my lap, claiming ownership of me… and I practically ignored her. Of course, that didn’t matter to the skittish kitten, who would flee in exaggerated terror whenever anyone else came towards her. No, she decided to be persistent, no matter how much I pleaded my mother to bring home Greyborous.
    The six weeks passed, and my birthday was nearing. I constantly pushed the thought of receiving a cat into my mother’s mind for the next few days, but soon gave up after she refused to speak of it any longer. I was anxious beyond belief, wishing to the stars above that I would open a gift box containing a small ball of fluff. But as my mother ceased speaking of cats, I did too. I began imagining other things I could receive for my birthday, like a pack of wonderful books, or something my mom called a “flip phone.” Perhaps I’d receive a barrel of toys, or a Pac-man game. And these thoughts only grew when my mother sat me down at the table a few mornings prior to my birthday. She asked me what I thought I’d find in gift-wrapped boxes, but refused to tell me the answer unless I happened to answer correctly. I guessed all of the items listed above, and my mother said, “Perhaps…” to a few of the trinkets. But never once did I say a combination of three, inescapable letters.
    In the early days of August that year, I woke up at five o’clock to awaken everyone in the house, which consisted of my father, mother, and our pugs. I was overjoyed with the idea that it was my birthday once more, and rushed downstairs for a day full of fun. Disappointment flooded my childish heart, however, when my father stated that we wouldn’t be opening any presents until later in the afternoon. So I waited, impatiently, but I waited nonetheless. My mother said she had to go run some errands, and thinking nothing of it, I grumbled to my father of how long I had to wait (typical three year old behavior). He told me to be patient, and whatever was concealed in my presents would be worth the wait. Finally, at around three o’clock, my mother arrived with a large box in her hands. It wasn’t wrapped, and it was speckled with gaping holes. Mewling came from within, as you most likely anticipated, and out came a smile, wrapping itself around my face from ear to ear. I jumped up and down, grabbing for Greyborous, the small grey kitten who boldly stood out among his siblings.
    My mother gently handed me the crate and helped me place it on the ground. Despite my enthusiasm, I held back, slowly opening the tabs holding the cardboard together. Titling the box on its side, I revealed what was within. A grey blur tumbled into the center of the living room, hissing at the inquiring pugs and flicking a tail up and down. A pair of gaping green eyes full of confusion and worry turned to me, and suddenly contracted. The tiny kitten lifted itself onto four paws and insecurely crouched over to me, looking for comfort, but never losing eye contact. I stared back in confusion, but held it with love anyways. Soon after, the curious kitten began sniffing around the new environment, its “forever home.” But no matter how cautiously someone other than myself approached, no matter how gently they wished to handle her, Cleo would run away to her safe place, which soon became the spare bedroom next to mine.
    Now here I am, a sophomore in high school, typing on my magical light-box. I’m stressing about a test that I’m sure will be forgotten within the next year. And there is Cleo, purring and rubbing her cheek against mine, stomping around on my keyboard, letting me know that she’ll be there for me, no matter how much I push her out of the way, or shed tears upon her angelic fur. Even though I never came to the full realization up until this moment, I’ve known it all along, deep down in my heart; every time I meowed to her welcome, the times I took breaks from work to take her outside, or wiggle a string for her to tackle, every time, it was a moment of pure joy and love. Every time I ran my fingers through her fur, or used her as a “pillow,” or kissed her on her nose, our bond strengthened beyond the golden chains. Every time I love her, she only loves me more.

  133. My neighbours cat adopted me and to be really honest I really enjoy his company. Especially at night. He loves cuddles and he has become more and more fond of me everyday. I would claim him but it’s just not practical for me, as i move around a lot and like to travel.I can’t really afford to look after him sadly anyway as at the moment I am struggling financially myself and couldn’t think of vet fees or pet insurance and registration. He is a clean cat; thing is, I think my neighbours cant afford to keep him either and I feel like they have neglected him somewhat, as I see his nails are not trimmed and he has a lump underneath his belly.I often question why he has been so neglected. I feel very sad for him because all he wants is love and affection. I am at a loss on what to do. If i let him in the house he often stays here all day and sleeps or plays around the house. I am trying not to encourage him at the moment, but I have a big heart and it’s very hard when i hear him meowing at my back door. I try not to look at him but it’s very hard. In the beginning when i first met him he was quite timid and distant, though when he realised that i was not looking to hurt him he warmed to me quite quickly. After patting him the first time he knew there was an instant friendship there, and so the second time I saw him, he just pushed his way into my house through the front door. This guy seems to need almost 24/7 attention it seems. I am just stuck on what to do. As much as i care for him I can’t have pets right now. I would appreciate anyones thoughts and advice on this. Because i am very stuck with the situation and also have been considering moving house due to other complications within this neighbourhood.

  134. In the fall of 2008 my dear 21 year old cat died at my home while we were away at work. She had been battling kidney disease and she chose her time to go. I was devastated. Within a few weeks my world was so empty without a fur baby that I went searching for a new baby to give a home to. I went to two humane societies and no kitty chose me. At the third one I saw a kitten in a cage and went to it but a girl had gotten to it before me and picked him up. I peeked in the cage and saw sitting in the back, the cutest little ball of fur. I took her out of the cage and she immediately nuzzled my neck and started purring. I knew at that very moment this was my baby. When I brought her home she rolled around in my blankets with the look of pure joy knowing she found her forever home and would never sleep in a cage again. Every night until she was about 5 months old she would fall asleep in my arms before going to her own “bed”, which was her own down pillow right above my head. It is 7 years later and she still sleeps right there with me every night. I am so glad she chose me, she has brought me such great joy. We have such a special bond and I love her so much. Cats are amazing creatures and anyone who thinks a cat only loves you because you feed it is incredibly ignorant. I pity them as its clear no cat ever found them worthy enough to bestow their love upon them. That says a heck of a lot more about that person than it does about cats.

  135. My mom was gone when my cat had kittens, it was a little scary for me because i’ve never expericed it before, but after a little bit she had her first kitten and she was adorable (she’s cuddling with me right now) (her name is willow) and then my mom came home and my cat had two more kittens. but every day willow will cuddle with me and fall asleep 🙂 which she is right now.

  136. I was living with a roommate who had 2 large dogs. One day her female (she is spade) was acting funny, when she let them both out to use the bathroom and the female jumped the fence. She had never done that before. We went looking for her but never found her. After about an hour had passed she came back with this very small shabby looking ball of fer. She brought that small bundle right to me. It was a baby kitten way to small to be away from its mom. The kitten was covered in fleas and looked starved and that’s the story of how I got Boo.

    • What a wonderful story. Amazing how that dog brought you that sweet helpless fur baby, almost as if she knew you were the one who could give it a good home. Animals are magical. We know a lot less about them than we think and this type of story just proves it. I am thankful for the millions of animal lovers out there who just like me, feel a connection with them and do what they can to make them feel loved. The joy of saving an animal from certain death and letting them become members of our families is indescribable.

  137. My best friend, Hopper passed away about three months ago. He was 18 years old. He was the sweetest cat. I had him the moment he was born. He was born in our house and he died peacefully on my bed. It was the most difficult thing I’ve had to go through. I made a vow to myself that I would not own another cat for several years, out of respect for sweet Hopper. but my father found a homeless, little kitten that kept coming to his door two months after Hopper passed away. He was covered in dirt and oil, he brought him inside, cleaned him up and brought him over. When he walked into my house, the last thing I was expecting was there to be kitty in my living room. I did and still miss Hopper very much. But under these circumstances, I decided to take in this homeless kitty. I named him Smaug. He has a lot of the same mannerisms that Hopper did. Part of me thinks, Hopper sent him to me or as crazy as it sounds, he’s a reincarnation of Hopper. We bonded the instant I picked him up. We nap and sleep together, he greets me at the door when I come home. I never thought I would have had a cat like Hopper again, but Smaug is pretty close. I love Smaug. R.I.P. Hopper. I’ll see him and Smaug at the end of the Rainbow Bridge someday.

  138. My cat, Luno, did not choose me, nor did I choose him. We chose each other. I was at a Christmas party and decided to step outside for some air with a friend who was the daughter to the hostess. While sitting out on the porch on that cold December night, all I saw was a small little white and black fuzzball trotting up on the porch. It was him. I asked if it were her kitten and she began telling me of how there was a litter when they had moved in about two weeks ago and a man came to pick them up but did not see him so he was the only one left. As I was listening to this story, I felt a warm tickle at my feet where he had begun to lay to find warmth. I immediately scooped him up and knew internally that this cat must be mine, even though the 11-year-old daughter had decided to keep him. After I spent the rest of the night on the porch with Luno keeping him warm, they offered him to me. As much as it broke my heart, I said no, I had just lost my first cat and was not ready for another. 11 days go by and I receive a knock at my door on December 22nd and it was Grace with what was soon to become my furbaby, I was a little afraid to love him, but he gave me strength, now soon to be one year later, he still sleeps at my side, he still lays on the bathroom rug as I shower, he still watches me type countless words for my college papers, he is my dearest companion. That night when he was just a small kitten I thought I was keeping him out of the cold, but in reality it was he who would be the one providing me with the warmest of love and happiness.
    Thank You, my sweet, loving Luno for choosing me, but also for allowing me the
    opportunity to choose you.

  139. I have uncontrolled seizures so my family and I had to move to a different state for my medical, we ended up moving into my sister-inlaws house. She had 3 cats all of them were strays that she rescued from her neighbor-hood, well one them her name is Tiamat she was 4-5 months old at time and she bonded with me, she seemed to know when I was about to have a seizure, the first time we noticed it she started meowing really loud, rubbing and crawling all over me, everyone came into the room freaking thinking she was hurt or something we didn’t know what was wrong with her, then I started having a seizure, after I came to from the seizure my husband and family told me she wouldn’t let anyone near me so they could roll me onto my side during my seizure that she was hissing and clawing at anyone that got near me. When I came to from my episode I had a beautiful grey Tiamat on my chest purring and rubbing my face. Ever since she has been my little girl she won’t have anything to do with anyone but me, so my sister-inlaw ended up giving her to me. My Tiamat is now 3 years old. I also have another beautiful little girl her name is Saphira, my son brought her home from the bus-stop when she was 2-3 weeks old, she was so small she fit in the palm of my hand and when I petted her I could feel her ribs and her insides she was that skinny and tiny, I got her healthy, because of all the time I spent with her bringing her back to health she bonded with me, she is a very timid and fearful kitten of everyone that when anyone comes near her or visits our home she runs and hides. She won’t let anyone touch or pet her she’s not agressive about it she’s just very fearful, but to me I’m her everything. she loves, cuddles and snuggles with me. She kisses my hands and my face all the time when she is in my lap or laying on my chest when I’m laying down, she is now almost 2 years old. I love my beautiful girls more than anything. and they both claimed me to be their meowmie.

  140. My beautiful 3 legged orange tabby, Sunny, I believe chose me. When we first got him, he was very shy. Shortly after we got him, he was sitting on the stairs trying to itch his ear with the leg he no longer had. I sat next to him and scratched his ear for him. Ever since then, i believe he chose me as his human. He’s no longer shy around me, rubs himself, as if marking his territory, all over my bed and cloths, meows at me all the time. I love him so so much. He is not my cat, but i am his human.

  141. So my cat chose me followed me home sat with me, and i learnt t understand this cat and i recently found out he has a microchip and belongs to someone, i did not steal this cat and this cat is quite attached to me, is there anything i can do??

  142. My sweet girl, Pumpkin, chose me. She hopped right up on my shoulder at 2 months old and refused to leave. I didnt even know she was there. I saw a tabby and two orange kittens and then all of a sudden, there she was. She’s the love of my life.

  143. I went to Animal Welfare to pick a little tabby boy, having lost one of the tribe a few weeks before (car got him). I watched the kittens playing – some inside the enclosure, some were outside playing on the grass. Jake was standing by himself. I asked the attendant to open the gate for me. Jake looked up at me, and it was as though he told the others ‘Mum is here, have to go’ as he calmly walked over to the gate and jumped out into the corridor to me.

  144. Last night while on the way to the store I walked past a young cat on the sidewalk and she cried after me and when I bent down to pet her she jumped into my arms. I’ve never seen a cat do this. It was cold and raining lightly so I turned around and brought her home. I came on here for answers because since brining her home she’s been hyper affectionate and hasn’t left my side since. She even sleeps against me and is even snuggled up to me at this moment. My mum thinks she’s in heat but I haven’t noticed anything else that indicates that. Needless to say she’s got her paws around my heart now. It is like she chose me. I think I’m going to name her Snugs.

  145. I wanted to adopt a black cat. I know that shelters have a really tough time adopting these beauties out because of all the stupid superstitions associated with them, so when I walked into the free-roaming room of the shelter for the second time, I was torn between two different black cats.

    Them, this grey and brown tabby sauntered up to me, planted himself next to me, and started purring like a freight train. Now I know I’m an animal person so most cats and dogs feel comfortable with me, but this was different – he was literally looking up at me with the full expectation that I’d pet him.

    So I did, and he purred louder, and he just kept calmly sitting next to me.

    I had purchased a new cat carrier right before coming since I knew I would be taking a cat home that night, and while I was looking at the cats the volunteers were on the floor putting the carrier together. To *everyone’s* shock, this little upstart tabby finally left my side, walked over to the still-unassembled carrier, and planted himself inside. He just lay there purring. I looked at the volunteers and they looked at me. I said, “Do they usually do that?”

    The head of the shelter started laughing. “Um… no. This is the first time we’ve ever seen a cat do this.”

    I said, “But I really kind of wanted a black cat…”

    She shrugged. “I’m thinking you don’t have much of a choice. You’ve just been adopted!”

    To this day I have no idea what made that little furball “pick” me, but pick me he did. (At this exact moment, he’s leaning against me purring louder than the TV.) I did end up adopting a black cat a few months later (who emphatically did not pick me, LOL… he had spent his entire life in the shelter and was flat-out terrified when we left), and they are both the sweetest, most wonderful pets I could ever ask for. I’m incredibly blessed.

  146. My cat Anna definitely chose me. When I met her I actually went to see a nother cat in the home not even knowing about Anna. The other cat was clearly happy staying where she was, the lady then mentioned that she had another cat. She then brought out Anna and my mom and I fell in love. The lady set Anna down, I could tell she was scared but I removed myself from everyone else and any other animal and sat in a corner. Anna then calmed and ran over to me she sniffed me and rolled on her back right I my lap. She was purring and ever since that day she will lounge about it my house on her back. She even adopted my boyfriend. Every time he walks through the door she is saying hello and asking for pets. She is my fluffy kitty.

  147. In I think it was 2012 we had got our 2 kitties from our neighbours cats’ 7th litter so we got 2 black and white cats that were named Tux and Oreo. At first they were more of the families pet but they have gradually come to love me more I guess. They still go to the rest of my family sometimes but most of the time they meow at me to feed them to them only sleeping on my bed every night

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