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How Cats Choose Their Owners: Can It Be Love At First Sight?

The way cats bond with people is a strange and delightful thing. Of course the cynical say that a cat only loves their owner because they feed them. Fortunately, every true cat-lover knows a cat’s love is far more than a simple meal ticket however it comes about.

This love is often a love at first sight and the cat knows immediately on meeting you. This is nothing to do with the way that, in a crowded room, a cat jumps up into the lap of someone simply because they are the only one not looking in their direction: normally that’s the person with least interest in cats. What I had in mind was it more like they see a special aura in a person and somehow find them irresistible.

That seemed to be how it was when Hattie chose me. Twice I visited her home. Each time little Hattie decided to sit on my lap shortly after I arrived and refused to leave. There were many cats in the room and several people, but that tiny ball of fur — the runt of the litter, decided I was the chosen one by some mysterious process known only to herself.

On the other hand often human and cat cat are thrown together with no chance of selecting one another. It may be a person finds a poor starved creature at the side of the road and adopts it out of compassion. Maybe a friend simply gives you the cat. People may even describe how their beloved cat first walked into their home from an unknown past and adopted them. These things often work out so well it seems to be fate rather than accident.

How does a cat choose its owner

I remember acquiring a cat that had been returned to a breeder because while still a kitten she had had an unfortunate accident on her first owner’s bed. The odd thing was when we got home Sally instantly understood she was in her new home surrounded by people who loved her.

She would not stop trilling loudly and ran up-and-down the stairs sitting on one lap after another. It turned out that she had an infection that had caused the previous accident that was quickly treated with a course of antibiotics. I will never, however, forget how she sensed so strongly that she had truly come home to where she was always intended to be.

Naturally there are some cats that are not so dependent on people, simply coexisting beside their human carers. That’s fine too. The great thing about cats is that they make that choice themselves. You may earn it over weeks or months or it may be like love at first sight. When and why they choose to love you they do so freely and instinctively. That’s quite different from a dog or gerbil or any other animal.

I’m not saying that when we visit the rescue or cattery we should not engage human logic in making a choice. Some cats live better with children or old people or someone that can give them lots of attention. There are indoor cats, and outdoor cats and ones that are more or less likely to cause an allergy. Those things count when we make our decision.

At the end of the day however cats do have amazing intuition. It may be that the black cat that is drawn to you magnetically knows something about how the two of you could become great companions you never, ever guessed.

Did you choose your cat or did they choose you? How did it happen? Please let us know…

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  1. My cat literally chose me. A nice man tried to pick her up and she wanted nothing to do with him. When placed in my hands she immediately rubbed her tiny head on them.

    • Our kitty not only chose us, he literally rang our doorbell. He showed up in November of 2005, weighing 4 lbs and gashed down his back and face. We fed him and then took him to the vet so we could get him cleaned up and, hopefully, adopted to a good home. We finally found that home – ours, and he’s been an integral part of our family since then.

    • Kirsten Fitzpatrick

      My 2 1/2 yr old cat (almost 3) chose me when I went to get her, not the other way around lol. (Back then she was about 4mnths old was also love at first sight..:)
      Out of all the other young cats/kittens that were there in the cattery she was the only one that Was all smoochy and cuddly all over me like a rash…(seriously) but in a good way tho..:) Hense why she acquired the name cuddles….She’s my baby girl and always will be…

    • There was a black cat roaming our complex because she was disgusted with the former owner who treated her terribly. Everyone wanted to touch her and take her in, but the only person she kept coming over to was me. Every time she saw me she would appear from nowhere and roll for me. She was drinking water out of the pool one day and saw me. She stopped drinking and came out to me. I finally acknowledged her by touching her, and that is it. She has been with me since 2008, and although she has finally accepted my lady it is me she comes to. She will jumo off the bed when my lady comes in and leave the room. Black cats are indeed geniuses. If you don’t believe me adopt one…..Maurice H Bank

  2. My Hope chose me. When I met her at the shelter, she clung to me like she never wanted to let go. I knew then that she was meant to be my kitty.

    • I wanted to add that Hope has always been very timid around humans. But she get along well with other cats, and she can be very affectionate when she wants to be.

    • My Ditto also chose me. I went to the shelter where my husband worked, I looked in to the kitten room and she was looking at me. I went inside and she immediately crawled onto my shoulder and purred in my ear. I was dead meat from then on. Her favorite place for 19yrs was my lap. I will probably miss her for the rest of my life!

  3. My tiny girl chose me. I had just lost my huge orange boy unexpectedly by heart failure. My husband and daughter took me PetSmart and this wee black kitten w/ a white belly and white whiskers kept coming over and sitting on my lap. I wasn’t ready to adopt so soon after Tiiggy’s death. 3 weeks later we went back to look at a litter of 5 orange kittens and Fia was still there. Non of the baby kittens felt right so my daughter got Fia out of her cage and handed her to me. She curled up in my lap and purred away. She didn’t want anyone else to hold her. She stole my heart! She is still my fuzzy baby and usually only wants me. She will growl if my daughter or husband pick her up, no scratching or biting, just a low growl to let them know she is not happy. Once handed to me she is all purrs. Love this kitty so much! She helped heal my heart and brought joy and sunlight in my life.

  4. I wanted a Ginger Kitten,,(dont know why ) I saw one advertised for sale, ginger and white,,, so off I went.he was in fact White (predominantly ) and ginger with a” splodgy” face not very beautiful,,,but as soon as I saw him those baby blue eyes looked so worried ,and I sensed he wanted to come with me,,,, when he was taken to the vets the same day it was discovered he had an umbilical hernia,the vet said he would sort it when he neutered him in a few months time him,,,I could not take him back to the seller,,, because I was in love with him already ,my fur baby,,I was shocked that after his castration I had an extra bill for £150 for the hernia which was the first time it was mentioned,,,if the cost was stated the day I had him I may have changed my mind as I am on a limited income.After these months of bonding with him however I would have gone short myself for him,He is now a beautiful large healthy cat just over 2 years old who has the same personality as me, and as he is my only company he is my family,,my neighbour says he loves me so much and is so beautiful as I gave him the very best start in his life,,,,,,that statement is my reward,,, he can be naughty,,but hey so can I ;) x

  5. I was chosen by my current cat. I was at the pet store and I happened to look in the window of the adoption centre, and a little tortie girl saw me and started pawing at the glass and meowing at me. Next thing I knew, I was signing the adoption papers and purchasing a carrier to take her home in.

    Several years ago I was chosen by a skinny little grey Persian who had previously belonged to one of my neighbours. He was neglecting her (she was very thin and her fur was matted), and she apparently decided she’d rather live with me. She showed up at my door one night during a nasty rainstorm and never left.

    • i got 2 of my furbabies that way the people next door moved out and left a momma cat that of course was prego and my tiggy boy who was just big unuff to see over the top of a blade of grass…lol…well momma had her babies we kept one of them and tiggy stayed with us too along with momma i had em all fixed and took very good care of all of them heck they ate better than we did…lol…but i would do it all over again i sure did love them guys but they all picked us out tho we lived in a trailer court and people was sooo mean to cats in there and we always had dogs but i just couldnt leave em out side…my hubby said as long as they was fixed i could keep em….if he only knew i was feeding them anyways….lol…i do have sucker wrote on my for head when it comes to the furbabies….lol…well momma lived to be 15 yrs old as far as the vet could tell and tiggy boy was 20 and flippy was 14 so they had very good lives i would say and they was spoiled rotten….i have had cats every since and of course my dog too…shes a golden retriver shes awesome and she checks her cats every day to make sure they r ok and hers…lol…then the days begin….lolits never a dull moment around here….

  6. Our cat chose us, followed my husband home a year ago, and never left, tried finding where he belonged, but nobody claimed him. So had him vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped, took him to California with us in the winter, where he enjoyed himself and made friends, traveled well, taught him to walk on a leash, works better in motels and hotels, a very enjoyable companion/ Think he was a little disappointed when we brought him home to snow this spring, kept waiting for me to open the door to summer.

  7. Your last paragraph was for me, because a month ago I walked into a kitty rescue with the idea of adopting an older cat that didn’t have much chance of finding a forever home. Before I even got to explore the facility, this black Norwegian Forest Cat engaged me. I still looked at all of the other kitties, some were just breathtakingly beautiful. So I went home to sleep on it, but that little black one kept dominating my thoughts and I knew she would be special. Sure enough, when I brought her home she acted like this was where she was meant to be and she is more affectionate with me than any cat I have ever had. She is communicative as well and has a way of letting me know what she wants. She also let’s me know if someone is coming to the door and she likes to sit guard at the door when I have it open. I LOVE THIS CAT!

  8. Jennifer Chung

    My three year old tortie chose me when I walked into the cat room at PetSmart. She was 8 weeks old and climbed right up my leg and into my lap. She then proceeded to bully the other kittens that I looked at and continued climbing on me. Three years later she is a great pet–hilarious, friendly, chatty, possessive of us, and just a delight!!

  9. My smokey jumped in my car at a gas station from behind the newspaper box. Had her seventeen years before she passed away. I miss my baby so…she was a beautiful maincoon.

  10. We recently got a 1 y.o. tuxedo male cat from a no-kill shelter near our home – our 2nd one from there. And, we had been looking for about 3 hours when we thought we had found “the one” – or so we figured. It was not to be – because as soon as I had put down the cat we had chosen. Up popped Dax (formerly Rhemus) into my lap and started purring – loud. And the cat we had figured on was female – and had just returned a female cat back due to her being incompatable w/our resident cat. But – Dax has proven to be a great cat and get’s along w/our 2 1/2 y.o. resident feline puuuuuuurrrrrrfectly… Funny how cats do their selecting process ;].

  11. My kitty, Willow, chose me. I opened the door to the shelter and looked straight into a pair of green eyes which said, “Get me out of here! I’ve been here long enough!” I had not intended to adopt a cat that day, I was stopping by to visit my daughter who works there. I called my husband, received permission to bring her home, and we are living happily together. Hubby claims this is the best cat we have ever had. She certainly appreciates a nice home and loves traveling with us in our motorhome.

  12. My first cat was the official estate stray. When I moved there she was estimated to be 16 or 17 years old and had gone through at least two elderly owners who had both died. One day, she walked straight in the back door, looked around and went out again. After repeating this for a few days, she moved in and, until she died 4 1/2 years later she stayed with me. My second cat was an RSPCA rescue. I went all round the many big metal hutches at the vets’ surgery and saw quite a few cats I liked. In the last room, the assistant and I approached a wall of hutches when a cat moved forward in one of them, looked at me and put one poor through the grill as if to greet me. Who could resist that? She has been with me 3 years now and all the neighbours love her but say that she is so obviously my cat (probably because we are both slightly eccentric).

  13. Our tortie chose my husband. We were in the mall and decided on a whim to check out the kittens in the pet store. The tortie immediately marched across the pet store counter and clawed her way up his shirt, settled into the crook of his neck and started to purr. She was barely a handful of long-haired kitten and that was it – he asked how much and she came home with us. She was part of the family the minute she saw him!

  14. When I lost my first cat that I had from the age of 17, I cried for a very long time, then I decided that I needed a purpose in my life and I bought a tabby/white kitten from a pet shop. He was named Chesterton (after a china plate hanging on my wall), every other suggestion was met with a fierce kitten stare and disapproval! As he got older over time, it went from Chesterton, to Chester, to Ches, to Jessi! He loved being carried around the garden to approve of what was growing in it, if he didn’t like it, he would dig it out! No questions asked!! He moved from London to Wiltshire and again a few years later, he had his moments, he was suddenly confronted with a young kitten who, after some initial disgruntling looks, played happily with and it turned out, the kitten (now 6 years) got Chester back into killing mice – which was quite funny as he never really wanted to! Sadly he suffered a stroke and passed away. The gap he left in my heart will take forever to heal up, he was a rather special cat. I bought him to help me get over the death of my father, and he was there for me when my mother passed away 7 years ago, he slept on the pillow next to me, he cuddled up on my lap, he knew when I was sad. I miss him so much.

  15. My first cat climbed in through my kitchen window one day, and cried until I fed her. She’s been here ever since. She was skin and bone when she came in, and riddled with fleas, but somehow she knew that I was lonely and a soft touch.

  16. Our cat originally belonged to our neighbour’s daughter. She was moving house,and had my neighbour look after him while she moved. His own cat, however, had just had kittens and was quite hostile to the newcomer. Rooney, as he was called then, was also very stressed and had over-washed himself to the point that the majority of his fur from the waist down was missing.
    Eventually, he ventured out, and found himself in our house. We fussed him, gave him treats – but the real climax, the moment that we knew Rooney had chosen us – was waking up one night to use the loo and hearing a miaow. Confused, I used the loo, returned to the bedroom and heard another miaow.
    On opening the curtains there he was outside, on the windowsill, wanting in.
    He’d somehow gotten onto the bay window roof and from there made it to the window. The bay window itself has no easy access to its roof for a cat, so he must have been desperate and determined.

    From then on we took it that Rooney wanted to live with us and he still does – only his name is now Piggle :)

  17. Mimi “knocked” on my door about 11:30 one night. I thought Max, my other cat, was in the house, but I opened the door anyway. She had the same coloring as Max (black and white) and my first reaction was “how did you get outside?”. When I saw it wasn’t Max, I picked her up and took her to a neighbor who had expressed an interest in having a cat. Although a neighbor took her, Mimi kept coming to my back door knocking and meowing to come in. One day I opened the door and she was slumped in a corner and I knew she was really sick. I took her to the vet. She had several things wrong and was in the hospital for close to 2 weeks. She was so small I thought she was an adolescent but the vet placed her age at about 4. He also thinks that she’s been living on the street the entire time. We are so happy to have her in our home. Needless to say….Mimi (who turned out to be a boy…so I call her my transsexual cat) now resides at the home she initially choose.

  18. I had a kitten choose my spouse. I saw her picture on an email and her expression just said “save me!” so we went down to the shelter to get her. What we didn’t know was that there were about 6 kittens that looked just like her so we weren’t sure which one she was. So we start looking at all the kittens and we get to the batch is is about 2 -3 months old. The lady there tried to get them but they hissed, spit and ran so she said they were too feral and needed some fostering. Then my spouse reaches in and picks up the kitten and she falls asleep in his arms. Yeah – there was no way we were leaving her behind!

  19. I have 4 cats–all rescues–but each one has bonded with me. the oldest (15) is a snuggle baby since the day he came home–always at my chin at night purring like a Mac truck–the others all need to have a space when I sit to read–and they come to me like a dog if called–they know they are loved and give it back 100 fold. Everyone chuckles at how they are around me—they know they are home and loved. They let me know if they approve of company—and love kids—and they are darn good judges of character.

  20. My little guy, Tiggies RIP, found me too. I was at a shelter with my dad and as I walked around to see all of the different kittens and cats, I just could not make up my mind. Then I went to the back room where the sick little kittens were and I was so sadden that they were all alone and sick. I walked to a cage and out came this little maine coon kitten who put his little nose up the cage right were I was and that was it! He had found me and for the next 15 years, he was my life… he was my little fur baby and always will be… Cats do pick their owners and I think that is the most special feeling in the world <3

  21. My Penny chose me. I had just lost my beloved Oliver unexpectedly 6 months prior to an asthma attack at the vet. and I swore no more cats for me. He was my first one. and it was just too painful to lose him. We had just moved to NC from Florida. Had only been here 2 weeks when on a freezing, gloomy, snowy day, I open my front door to let a friend in, and there’s a young , beautiful cat, meowing to get in. I said, no way, no more pets for me. All that day, every time I opened my front door she would come running up. I felt so bad because it was so cold, so when my husband got home we put a big box sideways on our front porch, and put a big comforter in there and a bowl of food and milk. But she did not want it, she wanted to come into the house. I was adamant that I did not want another cat. After 3 days of the same thing every time I opened the front door, I had a friend come over and take one look at her on my front porch, and says, “that cat is pregnant. You can’t leave her outside. If she has those kittens outside in this freezing weather they will surely die.” Well, when my husband got home from work, we discussed it and agreed to let her inside, take her to the vet the next day, and keep her until she gave birth and then find her and the kittens good homes. I sat in a chair in the middle of my living room crying and feeling like I was being unfaithful to my Oliver, when no sooner does my husband open the door wide and invite her in that she proceeds to slowly inch her way in, totally ignoring him, until she locked eyes with mine, and ran to my lap. Fast forward 3 years later and she is the light of my life, who still locks eyes with mine and tells me without being able to speak, how much she loves me. she sleeps with me every night curled up in the crook of my arm like an infant, purring away. I love her with all my heart, and cannot imagine my life without her in it. Oh yeah, and those kittens she had, 4 to be exact, we never did find them homes we thought were good enough for them. So yeah, you guessed it. we kept them all. So I went from a woman who swore no more cats, to having 5. 4 girls and 1 very, very spoiled boy named, Monkey Boy. No regrets. They bring so much joy to our life. Sometimes they get on their mother’s nerves, and she locks eyes with mine and I can read her thoughts. ‘Hey, aren’t kids supposed to move out when they grow up?’ And I stare into those beautiful green eyes, rub her head and say, “Penny, 3 yrs ago you came to my door homeless, hungry, and knocked up. We took you in and loved and cared for you. And in return you gifted us with 4 beautiful babies. So no backsies ;)

  22. I picked out my cat from a local shelter. We made eye contact and as I walked closer, she stretched her paw out towards me through the cage bars. Now, two years in my home, she greets me as I open the front door. She walks with me from room to room. And when I sleep, she crawls up by my head and places her paw on my exposed arm to make sure I’m next to her.

    • At first i was all about dogs. I hated cats untill a close friend’s cat jumped on my lap and we became best buds. Sadly Pepper left USA months ago, so me being homebound on diaylisis my friend suggested I get a cat. Well, I had got everything I needed for a cat and looked around for almost 4 months waiting for someone to ask me if I was looking for a cat. That didn’t happen so one day out the clear blue my friend said lets go to the SPCA and I walked in to the kitten room and there was only one kitten in there she was all black with big green eyes and I told my friend let’s go I didn’t want a black cat and especially a girl but when I picked her up she was so timid and she looked into my eyes and she’s the best thing that has happened to me. No hospital visits in 6 months, so yes, I was chosen and at bedtime I call out midnight and I have someone to cuddle with all night long.

  23. Helen Douglass

    I was asked if I wanted a couple kittens, of course I said yes. When they came to me they were in a box, the girl just simply walked away after she sat the box down. I looked in the box, and there were 4 kittens. I picked 2 of them up, and the girl that lived next to me took the other two. Their eyes were bad, and they were only maybe 4 or 5 weeks old. I now have two big wonderful cats,that are healthy and happy. Of course I treat as family members which their are. My boys are Bigfoot and Hunter. Love them. They have Pit as a buddy too.

  24. I have always been a firm believer that cats choose you and so far every cat that I have has done so. We of course the occasional personality issues with the other cats, but that doesn’t last long.

    • I have 9 cats 3 born in our home and the rest all choose to live with us in spite of other cats already living here

    • I have an amazing and beautiful story how my kitty Layla chose me as her forever person. : )
      I held this tiny 3 week old white w grey hearts on each of her sides. I helped my friend deliver. I caught, dried with a towl, and stimulated to take those tiny first breaths….followed by the cute little meeeewww!!
      At 3 weeks they could see and hear. Layla looked up into my face with her piercing, trusting eyes. When I brought her face to face….she streached out her arm, and rested her tiny paw on my nose, leaned forward to smell me. That sweet little kitten started to lick my nose….and the softest little purrrrr could be heard from her. We became inseparatable after that! I spent hours with Layla at my friends house till she was big enough to come home with me….in her forever home! :)

  25. In the hot Texas summer of 2008, shortly before Hurricane Ike plowed through my neighborhood and surrounding areas, i was lucky to find a kitten (what seemed to be one of two dumped on my dock) who appeared to be but a few months old. He knew exactly what he was doing when I picked him up the first time… the little charmer! He suckled my neck and mewed lightly at my face when we first met… essentially sealing the deal. I (literally!!) carried him around for the rest of my shift on the dock, then sent my hubs a pic when I got home asking ‘could I keep this kitten i found ‘ (
    He was one of two kits on my dock that morning, the one of the two who made it past the 18-wheeler…. I don’t think I could have left him there even if someone PAID me to do so….
    After I got my hubby to accept the idea of another cat in the house I was rewarded with many crawfish, anoles, baby birds, and other small squigglies as reward for having given my Goblin a home… Gads, do I love that kitty, but holy tamales can I do with less dead things on my kitchen counters!! He had a 4-year stint as the local “Country Tom” and is now the “old boy” on the block… He still comes in, once in a while, with scars from battles won, but is more than happy to sit on my desk with me while I do a night of photo-editing… Now approaching 8 years old, my little rescue kitten has become one of the biggest parts of my life! I am so thankful that he was led to me when he was. That cat was meant to be MINE!! And he SOOOO is! My Gobble-kitty <3

  26. i went to the animal shelter with the intent of adopting an oddly colored cat. I’ve always been draw to them for some reason. but when i walked into the room this wonderful 2 year old black cat came running to me in his cage. he wouldn’t look at my mom either, just me, and he would just meow at me non stop till i came over to pet him. i thought he was just an overly friendly cat but then one of the volunteers walked over and told me that he was incredibly shy and wouldn’t come out for anyone. my mother and i looked at each other like she was crazy. then i recalled a book i read a few years ago that says you don’t choose a cat the cat chooses you. i new he was the one and i haven’t regretted it once

  27. Our Cat bandit banged on the back door to be let in. I thought someone who had just moved out had left him behind. He lived for 3 wks in our conservatory. Then his original owner who lives not far away came to ask if we had his cat. He recognised the cat (called Merlin) took him home and said if the cat returned to us when he was let out again he was choosing us and we should keep him. 48hrs later the Bandit was hammering on our back door. I opened it and he shot upstairs and wouldn’t come down for a month.

  28. On the day I had to have my beloved cat Starsky put to sleep a neighbour showed up at my door clutching a tiny black and white fluffy bundle. She had been roaming around the village for a few nights and various people had been letting her in because it was so cold but then putting her out in the day in the hope she would find her way home. I took her in that night, tried to find her owners but they never came forward and eight years later Mystery or Misty for short is still with me. I believe she was sent to me to help me through that time of loss – she now has four other playmates …

  29. Four months before I had to help my dear Honey cross the bridge, a little tiger showed up on our porch. He was hungry so I fed him. He never left the porch again. It took a few more months before he convinced he was our sand there was definitely an acclimation period for our other cats but now he is our special Zacchie. He follows me everywhere and has the adorable habit of leaning his whole body into mine and smiling at me. I love him to pieces and now he lives only inside with his brother and sister cats. :)

  30. Veronica Hargrove

    I enjoyed the article, but, I was not pleased the author went to a “breeder”. I acquired my cats, the past 45.yrs., from adoption, showing up in my yard, someone’s home……..there are way too many in shelters. Please adopt, spay and neuter! Just had to state this!

    • I totally agree! All of my animals , for the last 32 years, have been rescues. Even tho I was a Siamese breeder for a few years, I still had 12 adopted cats. They won more ribbons at the cat shows then my purebreds! Spaying and neutering are the only way we are going to control the population and keep more wonderful animals from being killed!

  31. We have three cats we had only intended to have two but fate had other ideas. Our first two chose us, our first Kit-Kat was one of two left of a liter our friends had we went over and he immediately jumped into our laps, going from my husband to me, the friends were surprised because he was the less social of the two and didn’t like to be picked up. He Chose us.

    Our second we got years later FrootLoop I’m still not sure why after all those years but my nextdoor neighbor told us her sons cats had two liters and I was compelled for some reason to go over and see them the second we were our of the car we were converged upon by a hoard of cats they sniffed and than went on about their business but one of the bunch stayed wanted to be picked up and petted going between all three of us my daughter had went with us again we had been chosen.

    Two was supposed to be it since we hadn’t planned on the second but in September of the following year my husband send me a picture of this little tiny ball of grey he had found him in the engine of his truck When he opened the hood and held out his hand the kitten jumped right into his palm never hissed or bit, not feral cat a dump :( He brought him home with intentions of finding him a new home but he had other plans. We gave him a bath and he never once fought hissed or scratched while we did docile as could be, once he was clean I think we both fell in love (well I say my husband was already in love he disagrees) this tiny grey kitten with tuxedo of white and lopsided white and grey nose our FrootLoop immediately thought Lucky Charm was hers and interactive play-toy and that is how we ended up being owned by three (totally indoor) fuzz balls.

    Lucky makes a habit of needing to be rescued by his human daddy on a weekly basis I swear he does it on purpose so my husband can feel like his savior yet again :) lol

  32. I chose my 4 yr old sisters roxy & rosy at the age of 7 weeks, I loved them on sight, my 1 yr old tilly was my daughters kitty and I looked after her for a week while she was on holiday, 4 days after her return my daughter informed me tilly looked depressed, needless to say tilly came back to us and is now a part of our family for ever more x

  33. Well, I wanted a bengal more or less but breeders were way out of the questions. After going on Craigs list I found 1 but the owner was difficult to reach so I gave up — then I found a lady in my area that had kittens she rescued and the one pic was exactly what I was looking for. He was found at approx 1 wk old and was bottle fed by her and was ready for a home. So over I went, and she was bringing more kittens as I was looking at this litter. Amazing lady. Anyway, she nicknamed him Tiger because of his kitten demeanor… but one look and that was it. He is 10 mos old and the one of the best furbabies ever. He is MY cat overall. He sleeps with me at night and comes to me for food. I love him so much. So not always do they pick you but if it was meant to be it will work out for both of you.

  34. My cats all chose me!! The first was Kallie, who just passed before she turned 18 years old. When she was a tiny little fluff-ball, she peeked into my front porch door & squeaked at me…she claimed me & my heart right there! She was an amazing & special cat, now that she passed shes in an urn. Sox stole my heart -piercing it with cute poofy cheeks & bright blue eyes at a pet store….he will be 15 …. he is my “little guardian”. Lastly – but not least, at the same place I found Sox, Shadow ran away with my heart!! Bless his Benal soul…he passed at the age of 12 last year. He was my little nut…loved to run full-throttle through the house & head first into walls! I miss my babies, I still have one, and I will be getting an itty bitty furry purry at the end of the month! I have the pick of the litter…I shall see which one wants to claim me next! Long live our Feline Children! ♥♥

  35. Both my cats chose my husband and i,its been 5 years and just this pass wednesday had to put my baby angel to sleep because of cancer.heartbroken but cherishing my memories and still loving her brother.

  36. I went to the shelter to choose a cat (of another color).. When I looked into Vixie’s cage, she grabbed my scarf and pulled it in to play. I knew she would love living in a home full of yarn! She settled right into my arms and purred. The rest is history.

  37. I also was chosen! I was trying to adopt a cat from a foster home and they kept pushing me to adopt one which i quite didn’t like. At some point they showed me my little one (ginger tabby) and he literally climbed on top on me and sat on my shoulder. I laughed aloud and said ” I believe i have just been adopted ” . I took a picture with him on top and still keep it! :) He is the best

  38. My nellie is 2 and a half yrs old. She was four months when we got her. We went to the vet to get a flea treatment for our puppy max. I used to volenter there annd so one of vet workers told me to come back cause they had a new batch of kittys up for adoption. Most of them were kittens. Me and mom went back and i fell in love with them all-soo cute-i stuck my finger in between the bars and none would come over and play-one cat i got to pet but it didnt move or anything-well this little girl-nellie-played with my finger and instantly we knew right there that was our little girl. Not only that but she was the last of her litter to be adopted and she was the runt. She is such a sweetie :-)

  39. Paris didn’t exactly choose my family. But she couldn’t have found a more perfect home. At the rescue she was 6 months old and playing with a 5 month old (who I had wanted to take home because she was friendlier). Paris paid no attention to us, she was timid and just wanted to play with her toy. It came down to Paris, the 5 month old and a one year old black cat. Paris was the least charming of the three but my mom thought that she was the prettiest and after humming and hawing over who to chose mom opened the carrier and said whichever walks in first we will take. Well, Paris doddled in there while the other two were busy getting cuddles from my mom and I. Mom snapped the door shut and we took her home. Paris couldn’t be in a loud home, or one with children. She is a very independent cat and we are perfectly fine with her just coexisting. Therefore, she ended up with the right family. Trinity, on the other hand, was a kitten who completely chose us. We were looking for a kitten because Paris didn’t make the move to university as well as we had hoped. She wanted to stay home. So we heard about a little, black, male kitten who needed a home. When we got to the house, this tiny, white and gray female climbed up my clothes until she was perched on my shoulder and licking my cheek. There was no contest.

  40. I think Sabrina and I chose each other. It was a Friday in April of 2000. I was heading home from work in Florida and passed a shelter called the Cat Lady in Sarasota. I decided to mosey in and look at the cats and see what the place was about. Well there were cages galore and I was checking all the furballs out when this little head pops up from behind a momma and stares at me with the most beautiful gold eyes I had ever seen on a cat. We were just staring at each other and the owner quietly comes over and says “Would you like to hold her?” I said “I couldn’t” She said “Sure you can”. And before I knew it I was holding in one hand this beautiful little striped ball of fur with gold eyes. I held her in the palm of my hand in the middle of my chest and we were just staring at each other like we were mesmerized or something. The Cat Lady, as I’ll call her, said to me “Looks like you’ve been chosen.” I didn’t know about that but I started to walk around with her, checking out the other cages. All the while she was just looking at my face. I went home alone that night but could not stop thinking about those gold eyes.
    The next morning I was on the phone with the shelter and she was still available so I started adoption proceedings. Took a few days and, in the meantime, I bought the things I needed, never having had a cat before. When I went to pick her up, I discovered that she had come from a round up of cats from a near bye trailer park. And this tiny little furball was the most vicious of the kittens, drawing the most blood when caught. You could have fooled me. She settled in my palm just fine, all the time looking me in the eye. She slept with me that night, buried under the cover in my belly, and has been my constant companion ever since.

  41. My 1st cat Figaro, most certainly chose me… I went to rescue centre and scanned all the kitties one by one and feeling sorry for this one cat who had a broken back and lost the use of his back legs, got my attention but feeling I had to continue scanning remainder of cats got to one kittie who really showed excitement when I got to his pen, so I asked if I could fuss him. He leapt on to me and purred and rubbed I was falling in love with him, time came when he had to go back in his pen, he put up so much of a fight that I said I would take him immediately. He lived for 19 years with me and my family . He was so loving and even slept with the dog. We miss him so much. I have another kittie now and that too was love at 1st sight, for me when she was 4 days old my 1st sight. And when she opened her eyes and started to wander I was the person she would make her way over to and snuggle up on…. She really is my little princess … Love you Misty xx

  42. Our new kitten chose us! My husband was at work and our boys were on our front porch playing with some toys, I was doing some house work and our youngest son (5) came in and said we have a new cat….. I asked him what he was talking about as we have a cat already and I look around our house and see this kitten about 4 or 5 months old IN my cats litter box. Im asking my son whos cat it is and he says ours! The kitten then walks out of my bathroom into the kitchen and straight to the cat food and water dishes like hes always lived here. This kitten came right to me and started rubbing against my leg and purring! He walks around our house like hes been here since the day he was born! His name is dallas and hes a great kitty and loves to cuddle! :)

  43. Neurotic Lady Adopted By Sane Cats

    Graphite, a Korat, came from an abusive environment to live with me temporarily until a permanent home could be found, but we all know how that goes as she has been my owner over ten years now. Chatte, a Tabby, was found abandoned in an apartment parking lot . . . my then-boyfriend/now-husband spotted her from a distance as we exited my vehicle. At the time, all that was visible of her was a tiny ball of fur surrounded by dead leaves. As I approached I heard a horrible rattling sound coming from her chest, she was malnourished and appeared near death; however, the emergency vet told us she had an eye infection and a bad lung infection, but they both could be effectively treated with antibiotics. Bill took care of the payment and we took her to my home to nurse her back to health. At that time, I already had fallen in love with Bill, but his coming-to-the-rescue of a stray cat sealed the deal.

  44. I had adopted the sweetest little black cat, Dusty. She brought me so much joy, was always by my side, even shared a pillow with me every night. She was only about two when I got her, thought we would share many years together, but after about a year and a half she got very sick with FIV and I had to put her to sleep. My heart was broken and I swore to the vet that I would NEVER get another one. My daughter had gone with me, and the vet looked at her and said “I give your mom 3 weeks, and she will get another one”. Well, he was wrong, two weeks later I saw a picture on our local shelter’s Facebook page of a mama kitty and her five kittens that they had found out on the street here in town. She had the biggest eyes that looked so sad, I just had to go see her. She was just beautiful and so sweet (and such a good mama) that I said I would take her, since I knew it was harder to adopt out older cats. The shelter wanted to keep her for a few more days to make sure the kittens were totally weaned. In that few days I decided to take one of her kittens, too. When I went back to get her, I told the woman there that I would take the kitten that she thought would be the least likely to get adopted. She did not want to make that decision and made me pick. All five babies were playing and active, but this one little black one climbed up the cage and got right in my face….that was it. I did not know at that time that black cats were least likely to get adopted, so I figure he picked me!! Anyway, it’s been a little over a year, it’s taken that long for Mama Holly to trust and realize that she finally found a good home…she is every bit as sweet and loving as Dusty was. As for Mr. Jethro, well, I can’t actually say he’s sweet, but he makes me laugh, even when he jumps in the refrigerator every time I open it.

  45. When I got my now 14 year old little man, Storm, my husband and I went to the pet store, where we lived there was no real place to adopt a cat from and the pet store was the only place. The little fluff of black fur was the only one not sleeping in the litter box. We asked to hold him and he went right up to the little door, and as soon as he was in my hands, he was purring. He curled up against my chest, in my hands, that little motor of his working over-time. That was it. I was in love.

    We had to put him back into the little cage to fill out paperwork. He reached between the little bars for us and squeaked. It made me want to cry. He still curls up against me and purrs his loud purr…but he chose us.

    Here he is and his loud purr:

  46. My cat chose me…I’ve had this experience twice. When younger, on one Easter morning, my Mom opened the door and in walked a cat. He hopped up on the couch, curled up, and fell asleep. He slept for about 3 days…and never left. We named him Sir Jellybean (Beaners for short).
    And now? My husband and I moved to a new house 6 months ago. And now I’m in love with a little girl I’ve named Furlin. She chose me to be her human…and this to be her home…with no doubt. Almost 2 months ago, Furlin showed up on my back porch: bloody, thin, her coat dull. I fed her and gave her water, cleaned her wounds up, treated them, and set up a little spot for her to sleep. She then chose to move to the front porch. For the past month, she’s been working on bonding. I set up an AMAZING area for her…places to shelter from the weather, food and water, perches and hiding holes. Little by little, she’s been getting more comfortable. A few nights ago, she decided it was time to march on in the house. She is now living mostly in our bedroom (it’s a HUGE house…so I imagine she’s “breaking it in” bit by bit). She wakes me for her breakfast. She tells me when she needs outside to prowl. She’s warming up to being indoors, her weight is up by pounds, he fur soft and shiny again, her wounds have healed (except a crooked tail from having been broken in the past). * HAPPY SIGH * It not only makes me happy to see her thriving and happy, but to know that at least we lived here when she needed someone. And that over this time, she took her own time and space…and then made it clear this is what she wanted.

  47. I met Noodles around Thanksgiving several years ago. I had a herb garden that I was about to pick some oregano from when I saw a young, black cat sniffing around. It was cold and windy outside that night so I wanted to offer my house as shelter for this cat. He was very verbal so I assumed he was hungry but when I offered him lunch meat he didn’t seem very interested. He came inside and made himself at home. Ever since that day Noodles and I had a close friendship. We moved from that house a few years later and when we first moved into our new place I had to be at work alot more. Noodles ended up (what I think) exploring then wasn’t able to find his way home. I looked for him day and night. I was constantly checking animal control, after a month went by I started to think I’d never see him again but low and behold I found him!! I took a different way home and saw him crossing the street. I stopped my car and called out “Noodles”, he turned around and when he saw me, he came running and meowing as if he was telling me all about it. I was so happy!! A year or so after that also after a move he ended up missing again. What I haven’t explained to ya’ll is that there is this man that horrasses and stocks me. He’s not an ex-boyfriend or anything considering I’m gay. He was an old roommate of mines acquaintance who decided to latch on to me. When I explained how I found Noodles earlier I left out the reason I was taking a different rout was because I was being followed by Frank (the stolcker) and it was possible Frank had my cat the whole time. The second time Noodles went missing I started getting messages from Frank regarding my cat. After a year went by he sent me a text about how he found Noodles but I never answer his calls nor texts because I don’t wanna encourage his behavior. Anyway if Noodles is still alive I will find him I just hope he remembers me.

  48. My Darwin and I were a match because of circumstances and both needing time to heal. My previous cat Nelson had died at the age of 10 while I was traveling abroad and in the care of my parents (who’ve had cats their whole life together). They told me when they picked me up from the station. I was emotionally devastated and missed him terribly. And it was wherever I sat or did something I was reminded of him (Nelson used to follow me around and beg for attention). So, after two days of ghostly memories, I decided I had to adopt a new cat ASAP. I needed a new cat to be prancing about, needing care and attention, just to distract me. It was just too painful all on my own. But because my heart was still enormously sore, I knew that a happy, super playful, super socialized kitten of 10 weeks would be too happy in contrast to how I’d feel inside. So, I searched to adopt an older cat – from a several old month kitten nobody could get rid of to an older adult cat that needed a new home.

    I met Darwin when I visited the cat-aiding woman’s house to meet Darwin’s father (of little over a year). The father was a pleasant enough tomcat. But in the center of the living room sat a scrawny scared kitten in a cage that was going through its first week of socialization training (the motherless kittens and tomcat father had been dropped off into the fields by their original owners wen they were moving). And as he needed fresh water and food, they got him out of his cage and dropped him in my lap.

    I had seen 5 cats when I was to make my decision, and Darwin had not been the planned one. And yet he was one of the three cats I truly considered. I knew the 3 month old female kitten I visited before seeing Darwin (reserved, having been the leftover kitten, and yet tried my lap and seemed to signal – I could settle with you) would be loved by the couple at whose house she’d been born. They hadn’t chosen her, but she was happy there (with her mom and bro) and they could settle for her. So, then it was either his father or Darwin. Something told me though the dad would be fine too where he was, but Darwin needed someone able to help him socialize, become his ‘mother cat’, and yet time and space to adjust. I knew we suited each other perfectly.

    He was scared witless the first week. I kept him in my bathroom at the time (he had phobia for larger spaces), and weaned him into living with me from day to day. It took a while, but after two months he adopted me as his caregiver, the one he could trust. He adored me soon after, following me anywhere and everywhere, always watching what I’m doing with great interest, as if he thinks he needs to learn it himself. He doesn’t mauw really (he was castrated by the shelter at a very young age, and so has no more than a peeping voice), but he makes those typical kitten sounds to recognize my presence or touch.

    Anyhow, we both needed time. He didn’t really pick me, because he didn’t want to be picked by anyone. He was too scared. Only one he trusted was his father tomcat. But he was exactly what I needed, and I knew I was exactly what he needed to be a happy cat. And he sure seems to know it now.

  49. I was cleaning my flat one day shortly after moving and I had my doors open. I was sitting on the floor when a cat with no tail wondered in came up to me and climbed on my lap. He started purring and kneading my leg after about 30 mins he miaowed and walked out again. This happened 2 more times and then one day he didn’t leave. I was told by neighbours that he was a stray but I found out he belonged to another neighbour who didn’t really care about him and he wasn’t bothered that I had him so we became flat mates.

    After 6 years we have just moved and Gollum has settled well. I truly believe he chose me and we will be cat/human buddies now for life. He sleeps curled on my arm every night and we know each other’s routine perfectly. Gollum doesn’t like my fiancée too much though but they are growing on each other lol

  50. We chose each other. His mom used to come to our house all the time, the first time she came inside it was over. She belonged to a couple up the street but she was constantly visiting us. We found out who she belonged to when she had her kittens. I remember going inside and playing with all of the kittens but I was drawn to Shadow. He was a beautiful tiny gray and white cat. He was the runt of the litter and he wasn’t even the prettiest or fuzziest! I remember picking him up and he didn’t try to get away. I put him on my lap and he just purred. I didn’t want to want to part with him. The other kittens were nonexistant compared to him. I begged my parents to let me keep him and he has been my baby ever since. He acts differently around me compared to other people, though he’s one of the most friendly cats you’ll meet. I can go outside and call his name and he’ll come running to me. He won’t do that for anyone else. I’ve had a lot of cats choose me over other people, but it was never like him.

  51. My cat choose me. My mom brought him home one day because I had seen people hurting him. My mom refused to take him in at first but when I told her what I’d seen she thought about it and after long considering she came home with Shifu (I don’t know who gave him his name), as soon as my cat entered my room he came up to me and began rubbing his head and sides against my legs and arms. Eventually he lay down in my lap and looked as content as ever. He was frightened with every little sound he heard and it took him long to trust people again, but with our help he became a social cat however he doesn’t like visits from ‘strangers’.

    Although it was my mother who ‘saved’ Shifu, he has a greater bond with me.

  52. My Elvira found me at a shelter. I went in knowing I wanted an older cat instead of a kitten. There was a room designated to the older cats where they were able to roam freely and not be in cages. Elvira was right in the middle of the room laying on a tiny bench like a big lump. I was instantly drawn to her. I sat with her for roughly ten minutes and knew she was coming home with me. I went to the desk and told the woman I wanted to adopt a cat and which one. She looked at me kind of strange and said “you mean the fat black cat?” i told her yes. She started crying and told me that this she was surprised Elvira wasn’t hiding. She said that when people go in the cat room that she takes off and hides in the tree house and that she wasn’t very social. She also mentioned that Elvira had been returned from 4 homes because of her lack of social skills. I let her know i was still taking her home. Elvira has never once hidden since she has come home with me and she is very social.

  53. I’d like to say our two rescues chose us but in all honesty, had we gone on first meeting, they’d still be in the shelter – where they’d spent the previous five months. The big tabby, Max who was 8 at the time, came out of his cat igloo to say hello then went back in and stayed there. His little three-legged 6 year old brother, Baci, didn’t even venture out of his for the 40 minutes we spent in their pen! But we thought they deserved a chance. They’d been terrorised by a small child at their last adoptive home and had become very defensive & hissy around small children (personally I’d have clipped the kid ’round the ear and told it to LEAVE THE CATS ALONE but apparently that’s no longer politically correct – probably just as well we don’t have kids). The cats spent their first week with us in a spare bedroom. One or both of us would go into their room every evening and read a book aloud, just to get them used to the sound of our voices. If they wanted to be social, great, if not, no pressure. After a week we left their bedroom door open. If they wanted to come out and explore they could but again, all in their own time. To get them used to being handled, I’d pick one up. If he wriggled I’d immediately put him down and make a fuss of him. Never any pressure. And so it continued…… baby steps.

    Scroll forward two years…… Max is still pretty much your “average” type cat: not spectacularly affectionate unless it’s feeding time, likes fuss but only on his terms and is still not a fan of being picked up (but will put up with it for maybe 10 or 12 seconds now). Baci is a different story – I’m HIS human. He follows me round the house (he’s sitting about 3 feet away as I type this) and frequently demands fuss and cuddles if I’m paying someone / something else what he thinks should be “his” attention (like my husband, the computer, a sewing project, the book I’m reading etc.). He sleeps on the bed, and he can now be cuddled whilst lying on his back and purring. He was the one doing most of the hissing at that repellent child but our experience is that he really doesn’t have an evil bone in his body – he is the sweetest, most gentle natured little cat you could wish for.

    It may be love at first sight for some cats but some have been so traumatised by life that they’ve forgotten how to trust or love. It takes time, patience and understanding to remind them. Then they can make their choice. I’m rather glad Baci chose me, even if it took months rather than minutes.

  54. I’m not willing to say I’ve been “chosen”, but my boyfriends cat took an instant liking to me. According to him, she never was one to wind around the ankles of a complete stranger, if she even showed her face at all! But Piyah greeted me like an old friend. It was so natural to me too that I hardly even noticed it until I saw the puzzled look on my boyfriends face. “She never goes up to strangers and even some people she knows with such abandon”. I admit I feel honored. But I don’t feel a “stranger like” newness to she and I. We really are old friends, I’d put money on it. I’ve always been a cat owner and have two of my own, males. I also have three sons. Having Piyah around is like having a sister. I often call her “Girlfriend”. After closely watching for a few days, she now grooms herself in front of the mirror sometimes! Really! Or I’ve found her just gazing at herself in my vanity in exactly the spot where I apply my make up. :) She delights in my cast off robe. She sleeps on me and paced the bed when I was ill. My boyfriend and Piyah have moved in now, but Piyah rarely leaves my room! Once an outdoor kitty who scared of raccoons, she rarely goes out into the hallway. I love her dearly and enjoy taking care of her. My cats and dog adore my boyfriend too, often congregating around him while he works at his desk downstairs. I’m sorry to gush, but it’s a beautiful thing we’ve got going on here. Did I mention his two cockatiels? After 20 years without nary a peep, my female cockatiel sings his male love songs. I think this is gonna work.

  55. Have no idea how/why my cat is more affectionate towards me (no matter what), but it *does* drive my wife nuts who can’t understand why working for his affection does not work. Humans should understand that cat affection (or lack thereof) is not a personal statement of worth.

  56. Well my story starts off on my search for my first kitty.

    I’ve lived with cats and dogs my whole life, but none were ever truly mine. So this cat was going to be special! I knew about how cats chose their owners, and it always fascinated me with how they knew.

    Now when it came down to me and cats, i wasn’t very big on a lap cat. Sure i love to cuddle them, and give them kittie kisses, but i’m fine with them just sleeping around in my room, while i do my study, patting them when they give me that little look.

    I hadn’t met very many cats that don’t need to have attention 24/7, most of them (to my mums taste) had been cats that practically live in the arms of their owners, and sleep in the bed with them at night, and all that affection.

    So the day came to get my kitty, and i was worried i was going to be too picky. I didn’t want the cat to feel neglected just from me showing affection in a different way. Luckily the first cat i came across was perfect. I had gone to a shelter to find a cat, as i had some holidays to get the new kitten used to the house, the people, and also help it with anything it needed (as some shelter cats usually have some psychological damage depending on the previous owners).

    (oh wow this is turning out to be long! Will add a tl;dr ^-^)

    The kitty i found was this poor little thing, really thin, and really shy. This other kitten had been bullying her, and stealing her food from her. But as soon as i walked in to have a look at them, she became the brightest little kitten! The people at the shelter hadn’t seen her this excited and happy to see anyone before, and i just knew i had to take her! I held her throughout the adoption process, and took her home.

    Now that she had a place to call home, an owner she wanted, her personality and affection style came out.

    She’s a very skittish cat, new people are a bit too much for her sometimes, but if i’m there calming her, she usually does alright. But affection wise, she was perfect. When she wanted attention, i was always willing to give her all she wanted, but she was quite happy to just sleep nearby, watching what i was doing, being in the same room as me. Everyone else thought it was a bit weird, but she is the most loving little thing, just in her own way ^-^

    But yea, before i drag on about it,
    tl;dr my little darling somehow knew what kind of cat i wanted, and what kind of person i am (having clinical depression and anxiety). She’s the most perfect little furball ^-^

  57. My brother has 3 cats, but one of them has always been with me, it’s like he’s actually my cat instead of my brother’s. He’s always in my room and he sleeps right beside me every single night. He hasn’t been to my brother’s room in like years. Could it be because of the fact that the very first night that we found him (he was 4 months old) he spent the night in my room on my lap or close to me?

  58. Princess came to me as a foster cat in 2008. My plan was to let her go to a loving home. But she’s not a lap cat, she doesn’t like to be lifted, and I cannot remember the last time she napped in my lap. 2010 I went for a two week business trip. When I had been away the first week, I emailed the SPCA and told them I couldn’t live without her. When I cam home, she heard me come up the stares, and she cried so pitifully. When I opened the door, we spent a long time cuddling and I knew we were bonded for life.

    It took us a long time to get to that stage, though. First three days she hid under the sofa. She wanted into the bedroom, and after a month I gave in, but it still took 1.5 years before she started sleeping on the bed. But we love each other now. We’re two misfits who found each other randomly, and I know I am more than a meal ticket. I love my Princess :)

  59. Like most of the other stories, my cat chose me. As I was about to move into my new apartment, I was on the hunt for a very particular type of cat: A declawed, short-haired, black cat. After looking at the animal shelter’s available cats online, I decided to meet the 3-4 potential kitties in person with my mother. I entered one of the cat rooms at the animal shelters and started searching for my kitty. Unlike other animal shelters, this one didn’t have any of the cats caged. Instead they had hammocks and tall scratching posts set up so the cats were free to walk around or just lounge. While I was looking at the different black kitties, who all seemed to be blissfully napping in kitty igloos, my mom told me to turn around. Apparently, this beautiful orange-white tabby was following me from the moment I entered the room. After I noticed her, she started to rub herself against my legs and purr nonstop. I quickly sat down in a chair within the room and the cat jumped up on my lap, sitting there for 15 minutes as I pet her head. My mom told me that this was my cat. My Coco may not have been what I was looking for, but I was exactly what she was looking for. Then, as I started filling out the adoption paperwork, the volunteers were suprised that I was adopting this particular kitty. They told me that she was sweet, but incredibly shy around people, often hiding in the background. After my paperwork was approved (it took about a day…which seemed like the longest day ever), I brought Coco home. She followed me everywhere and purred whenever I held her or pet her. And, contrary to what the volunteers say, she is a rambunctious cat with an explosive personality. I’ve almost had here for a year now, and I seriously can’t remember life without her. She is the sweetest cat, and I’m so glad she chose me.

  60. A cat came up to me when I was at the Dept. of Public Works one day. Shw was so skinny and probably didn’t eat for a while. I felt sorry for her so I took her home and fed her & gave her water. I didn’t live too far from where I found her so I walked her back once she finished. Two days later I heard a meow and it was her so I decided to keep her. I loved her for two years until I had to put her to sleep because of stomach cancer a few days ago. She is sadly missed.

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