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How to Stop My Cat from Shedding So Much Hair

How to Stop My Cat from Shedding So Much Hair

Norwegian Forest Cats, though long haired, require relatively little grooming for most of the year. Courtesy BFE, German Wikipedia

How to stop my cat from shedding so much hair? Cats naturally shed hair and when this happens the only way to deal with this is by regularly grooming them using a brush or steel comb. Though some cats dislike grooming they normally come to enjoy the process when done regularly. The more often the cat is groomed the fewer the knots and the less resistance from the cat.  If you struggle to do this, seek professional advice to guide you. There is no reason to believe that changes to diet influence the rate of shedding, though a good quality diet should assist the development a healthy, shiny coat.


How to Stop My Cat from Shedding So Much Hair: Groom Your Cat This Way…

Cats instinctively groom themselves and the real problem is that modern breeding has encouraged long coats which the cats cannot manage to deal with themselves. This not only means that hair collects on your carpet and furniture, but also that hair balls form in the cat’s stomach.  The amount of grooming depends on the breed of the cat. A short haired cat such a Korat requires practically no grooming having short silky hair. Even some long-haired cats require little grooming. Here is a quote from Petsource  on the Norwegian Forest cat for example:

“Virtually waterproof, the Norwegian Forest Cat shouldn’t ever need bathing under regular circumstances or regular grooming. The coat’s naturally oily, water-resistant guard hairs are designed to protect the insulating undercoat, a must for surviving those frosty Norwegian winters.”

You will, however, still need to groom for while when the cat loses its summer or winter coat. Choosing a hairless cat such as a hairless Sphinx is another answer though these will still require regular attention as body-oils build up on their skin. In this case combing would be replaced by bathing.  The answer to how to stop my cat from shedding so much hair is either to choose your cat very carefully or resort to regular grooming. Let us know your views on this and share with your friends.


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One comment

  1. man! whomever said weegies need ‘little to no’ groomer were s t r e t c h i n g the truth!
    my man Skitch–an ASPC rescue–is probably 3/4ths Weegie and has all the weegie characteristics. but right this minute-the end of June–he’s shedding so much he leaves GLOBS and BLOBS of fur everywhere!
    His name is Skitch for a reason; he’s pretty skittish and easily spooked. so trying to use ANY thing shiny on him (nail clippers, scissors) requires that i cover his head so he can’t see what’s coming. also, i got a beard-trimmer (on sale for father’s day! ;-) to try to remove the mats under his arm pits but NOOOOO; it made too much noise.
    I did just read, on another site whilst searching for grooming tips, of a gal who uses the trimmer on her weegie whilst he’s drinking out of the sink. As Skitch loves loves loves to drink from the tap, i think i’ll try that next.
    this is a great little website; thanks!

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