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How YOU Can Protest about University of Wisconsin Cat Torture

James Cromwell Protested. Let all our voices be heard in support

James Cromwell was arrested — every voice counts. Photo © Glenn Francis,

As most of you will know there has been a major outcry against the University of Wisconsin and their appalling medically unjustifiable experiments on cats. This was drawn to the attention of cat lovers by the arrest of James Cromwell, the film and TV actor, a day or two ago. For the full story see James Cromwell Arrested in Cat Cruelty Protest.

Everyone who loves cats should stand-up and protest. The best way to do this is to write an email in your own words and send it directly to UW. We don’t all agree with everything PETA does but in this case their instructions on how to achieve the most effective protest cannot be bettered.

Please go to their page and follow the instructions. It will only take a few minutes and every voice counts. The link is Protest Against UW Cat Experiments

Every voice counts and yours might be the one that tips the balance against these cruel experiments.

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  1. These atrocities need to be stopped



  3. How could anyone mis treat a poor cat. They are God’s creatures and sweet, animals, how can you look in their innocent eyes and do such things? One day you will be judged!

  4. This is unacceptable and has to stop. This is unjustifiable. A society can be measured by how it treats its animals, and most certainly, anyone who stands by and does nothing is every bit as culpable and as morally bereft as the person who commits the act.

    • I stand by everything you say in your posting. I am so appalled by what is happening I forwarded the info to the many animal welfare groups here in the UK.

  5. STOP cat abuse or abuse of any animal.

  6. There is no justification for this cruel torture

  7. University of Wisconsin has a pervasive cat torture culture. How many people looked the other way during the years of this abuse? NCAA…here’s your chance for another 60 million!!

  8. stop the senseless torturing of these cats they are God’s creatures~deplorable

  9. Whatever those experiments are “good” for, then they needn’t continue them! Nothing is worth torturing a poor helpless animal for. How would you feel if someone did that to your child, for the good of mankind? It wouldn’t happen, animals can’t speak, they just trust us completely. This is an absolute disgrace.

  10. The experimentation with and torture of ANY living thing is reprehensible and criminal.

    It must stop immediately!!!!

  11. Shame on you University of Wisconsin! Thank you to James Cromwell for bringing this to everyone’s attention! You should be commended, not thrown in Jail!

  12. Those who inflict pain should have to undergo the same exact thing themselves. U of W may God deal with you.

  13. Stop abusing cats or any animals! Shame on you, people from U of W!!!

  14. Would you do that to a member of YOUR family? Modern science and medicine has progressed far beyond the need to use cats, dogs, monkeys, rabbits and anything else with fur and has nothing but love and trust for you!


  15. Need to stop this if you want to test something TEST it on YOUR oneSelf

  16. Please stop torturing cats.

  17. Instead of using innocent animals who have never harmed anyone, why don’t you grab a few rapists & murders from death row? They’re not going anywhere anyway.

  18. Instead of torturing innocent animals that have never caused any harm to anyone, why don’t grab a couple of rapists & murders from death row? They’re not going anywhere right away anyhow?

  19. The medical experiments you are conducting on cats MUST STOP! PLEASE STOP this torture!

  20. outrageous…should be headline news…

    • Absolutely this SHOULD be headline news. Cats are considered 2nd class and this seems to make it OK to abuse them in so many horrible ways. After all – “It’s ONLY a cat”. This unacceptable mindset MUST end.

      “The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?” ~Jeremy Bentham
      And … cats can do all three. This disgusting abuse MUST STOP.

  21. Cats
    are not the same as humans . Wanting to fix a human problem.. get human volunteers.

  22. stop cat experiments. use volunteer humans.. any takers?

  23. Please stop performing these horrible experiments. What useful purpose can you possibly have for this cruelty?

  24. This is terrible. The persons doing this should have the same things done to them. Cats are wonderful and smarter than some people!

  25. Signed, emailed and shared. This is just the most inhumane thing I’ve ever seen’heard’read about, how a normal functioning human can do this is beyond my comprehension.

    ‘Cats are wonderful and smarter than some people!’
    – Linda Ayers

    Wrong. They are smarter than MOST (if not all) people. Cats are like gods who have come to Earth, they just silently watch and judge us to see if we are worthy. This poor cat has shown that humans are cruel and idiotic, they try to justify any form of violence by calling it ‘science’, when in reality, it is nothing more than the primal need for blood.

    ‘Instead of torturing innocent animals that have never caused any harm to anyone, why don’t grab a couple of rapists & murders from death row? They’re not going anywhere right away anyhow?’

    Couldn’t agree more, instead of pouring millions into the prison system to house them, make their crime benefit mankind in some form, use them for science, not innocent cats who, at worst, killed a bird or rodebt of some kind.

  26. Thank you Mr Cromwell for standing up for what is right. I say they need to use death row inmates & rapists for lab experiments, not defenseless animals.

    • I agree, we have plenty of people who are not innocent, and if left to their own devices would hurt and cause harm to others. Why don’t we use these people for these experiments, then we would see the true way that these things would react , and/or what the true reaction of a human would be. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

  27. Can we do to you; what you are doing to these defenseless creatures. Why Not? Does it bother you to be hurt and in pain…Let think about this. These animals that you are so blaze’ about using them in hurtful and a harmful manner is just like doing it to another human being, I can thin of better ways to get your results than to have to hurt an innocent creature, STOP NOW!.

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