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Korat Cat Personality

The Korat cat is amongst the most engaging and intelligent of all cat breeds. A Korat has a sense of its own place in the world. It will often adopt one person whom it bonds with great strength. I have been fortunate to be such a person — a remarkable experience and privilege. The Korat is also highly inquisitive and aware of every tiny thing around. Move an ornament and when a Korat enters the room it will notice the change in an instant. The Korat cat personality is truly special.

Korat Cat Personality

The Korat Cat

The Korat greatly enjoys human contact and handling. When visitors come to the house they will become highly involved and will probably try out different laps for comfort. Also, though very gentle, a Korat will often play with children. Having had enough, it will return to its favored lap for a rest.

Korats make a remarkable range of sounds. Talking with you is one of their favorite activities. Do not even consider having a Korat if you are not prepared to have lengthy conversations. A Korat may also insist in sleeping in bed with you. My own, Hattie, always slept back-to-back with me. She was tiny and I am over six foot tall.

Korat Cat Personality

Two Korat Sisters. Photo: Wikipedia Therealbs2002

Korat cat personality includes remarkable intelligence. Cheryl Coleman tells the story:

My first Korat knew how to change the radio to the station she liked. We’d set it in the morning to one station, and when we got home it was on “light jazz.” After the second time, we left it on the jazz station and it stayed on that channel. So, when she birthed her kittens she had the music SHE liked!

Sounds extraordinary? Having lived with a Korat–I would never say owned–I believe this. Hattie would regularly wake me up by jumping off a chest of drawers beside the bed onto my head. Mirrors obsessed her. She would look at the reflection of herself for hours – something that only primates are supposed to do.

Korat Cat Personality: see them in action

Korats have a written history documented from the 13th Century. They are remarkably little changed over the years. They are also cherished with an almost mystical fervor in their home country and considered  good luck. The Korat Cat personality is much in keeping with its ancient origin. Please share this post with your cat loving friends.

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  1. I too have been one of the chosen ones these extraordinary and unforgettable cats claimed as their own. I recently lost my little lady very suddenly and the whole atmosphere of the household has changed, no more little squeaks to wake me up in the morning….and those cuddles…….it truly was a priviledge

  2. Jo B . . . so sorry for your loss – I know you were blessed during the years you were so loved and adored.

  3. My husband, kids and I adopted 5 cats. The first was a multiculoured white female (Jo) that was so playful, we feared she would fall and injure herself from chairs and tabletops. Then the kids went to to visit anfamily with my mum and came back begging me to go see some of the cats they saw in the house especially one that was grey all over. So I went with them to see the cats and we took in two, a black one with a white bow tie, white whiskers and white socks (Socks) and the grey one (Tom). The moment we brought them home, our older cat suddenly “grew up” and stopped playing. That has never stopped worrying me as I cant understand it.
    Then we noticed that while the black kitten was playful and calm, the grey one was VERy vocal about his needs and would always talk back when spoken to. He was extermely playful andsimply just seemed to loved me. I. Have never had a cat with such a strong personality and that made me wonder why this cat was so different. Then I decided to start searching the internet for grey cats with yellow green eyes and viola! My Korat journey began. Everything I have read about the Korat is so true about my Tom. He loves to eat, loves to play, loves me to bits, looooves to talk and loves to be petted. My husband and I were amazed to learn about the Korat and their amazing personalities and how much Tom falls squarely into their personality fold.

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