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Korat Cat vs Russian Blue

Both these breeds are delightful cats and outstandingly intelligent. Both possess a grey coat and beautiful green eyes. People often confuse the two. Look closely though and you will see they actually look different. The Korat is chunky while the Russian Blue thinner and aristocratic. The Korat is like a coiled spring and feels heavier than it looks — the result of being muscular and having very little fat. Korat Cat vs Russian Blue is nothing about one or other being better — more about differences in body and character.

Korat Cat Versus Russian Blue

The heart shaped Korat Face

Look, for instance, at the shape of the face. The Korat is famous for having a heart shape face. The International Cat Federation describes it this way:

 You can see the heart outline by drawing imaginary lines from the rounded chin to the top of the ears and back to the head.

The Russian Blue has a very different more wedge shaped head. Quoting again from the ICA:

korat cat vs russian blue

The wedge shaped Russian Blue Face: Photo: sk_catz

 The wide, high cheekbones frame the large, almost round emerald eye. The large, flared ears frame the exquisite face providing a pleasing balance.

Then there is the coat. The Korat silver grey coat is very distinctive being single haired and having no downy undercoat. It does not normally need combing and there is very little loose hair to contend with. The silver tipping seems to develop with age. The Russian Blue coat in contrast has down hairs of equal length to the guard hairs which make it thick and soft: the Korat is a jungle cat and the Russian Blue a cold climate cat which accounts for this difference. The Russian Blue also has a silver tipping to the hair.

Korat Cat vs Russian Blue: Russian Blue Appearance

This short video gives a good idea of the appearance of a Russian Blue

Korat Cat vs Russian Blue: Korat Appearance

This video shows a young cat of four months. The eyes and body are nowhere near fully developed but the poise and playfulness are already apparent.

Korat Cat vs Russian Blue: Personality

In considering Korat Cat vs Russian Blue personality is also a contrasting factor. The Korat is an active and engaging cat. It can be kept entirely indoors: this might be at the risk of climbing your curtains. It notices everything with great intensity and constantly wants to be involved. It seems to naturally become the most most important creature in the house and will supervise all you do. My female Korat bonded with me from a very early age and became an inseparable companion. This seems to be common behavior for a Korat. All Korats have a love of cuddling and close contact. Many are highly talkative and confident.

The Russian Blue has an altogether more tranquil, quiet and easygoing nature: it is one of the breeds ideal for apartment life. Unlike the Korat it will not be the first to greet visitors and may initially remain aloof. The Korat can be pushy the Russian Blue is more reserved. The Russian has a reputation as very loving and playful,  and ability to get along with other animals. It might be a better cat for someone working all day than a Korat.

Both these breeds are very special and have ancient origins — the Korat especially so. Your choice may be a difficult one.

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One comment

  1. It was to hard for us to choose between these 2 breeds, so we adoped both : a female Korat from Senguinet Cattery (Josiane Massart) in Dax, France, and a female Russian Blue from Bluestjern’s Cattery (Anja Voepel) in Braunschweig, Germany. Both are born in december 2014.
    They quickly became best friends and we cannot imagine them to be separated. The Korat is the boss, with her superior intelligence and intuition, while the Russian Blue is less shy and always ready to explore new horizons or to climb on visitors to catch a caress. Both like to stroll outdoors (fenced or on a leash).
    The plastic beauty of the Russian Blue with her paired blue-green eyes and her slim aristocrtic body impresses all of our friends (we sometimes call her Barbie girl or Brigitte Bardot), while the Korat has a most intimate relationship with her masters and an incomparable physical elegance, moving like a champion of gymnastics.
    So, in our homes (Lyon and Lavandou near St Tropez), these breeds are quite additional and fit very well together !

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