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The World’s Most Relaxed Cat?

Cats naturally have an extraordinary ability to relax. The Ragdoll breed are particularly famed for their ability to relax to such a degree that they go completely limp. Just watch this…

Would your cat do that? I know this ability is not limited to Ragdolls because I had a small grey cat who used to behave exactly like the one in the video.

Anyone else have a cat like this?

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  1. Very relaxed….so precious! I have a Maine Coon who really likes to lay on his back with his belly exposed…just kinda lays there in a relaxed state with his little paws curled up….He would be too big to try and hold like this little ragdoll though…..hahahaha

  2. I have a stray that looks like that and is unflappable. he also will let me hold him like that and loves to be upside down. no matter what he is doing he prefers to lie on his back and look at the world from that perspective

  3. surely its the wrong colouring for a ragdoll i have a ragdoll and my friend breeds them my ragamuffin is that colour though

  4. My cat, Sheba is like this. She loves being held upside down and if you rub her tummy she falls asleep. When she naps she gets on a surface where she can hang off upside down and often we’ll hear a thump and know that Sheba has hit the floor again!

  5. awww, so precious, you can see the trust in that cutie 🙂

  6. My kittens do this just like their father did and their grandfather .It is so cute.

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