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My Cat Doesn’t Purr!

It look like my cat doesnt purr: but he is still happy

Your cat can be happy whether or not he purrs

A curious answer to my cat doesn’t purr! I have just read an article in the Washington Post about a cat that seems to be happy and content and never purrs. The response included the suggestion that Harp music or Gregorian chants could help make the cat relax and put him in the purring mood. Frankly, I almost spilled the mug of tea that I was drinking over my laptop–this is the most ridiculous advice I have ever heard. What makes a cat relaxed and in the purring mood is how you treat him or her – nothing to do with the music you play — sounds soothing to us are perceived quite differently by them.

The fact is that cats vary in how loud they purr. Some purr very quietly indeed and you will be hard-pressed to hear a sound. You may need to place your hand lightly on the throat to detect the vibration. True, others sound like small steam engines and here is an example:

My cat doesnt purr: this one does!

Because your cat doesn’t purr loudly like Sonar—or indeed at all—tells you nothing about the happiness or contentedness of the cat. Cats vary in many ways and purring is just one of those ways. Purring is, after all, a form of communication and cats do this in different ways. Naturally if your cat normally purrs and suddenly stops then that is important to recognize.

Particularly accompanied by a change of behavior or appearance (such as spiked or flattened hair for instance) then it could be a real sign that your cat is ill and requires attention. Quite apart from this it is possible that damage to part of the brain—the amygdala—could cause a cat to stop purring, but this would be accompanied by other significant changes of behavior and would be very unusual indeed. Please share this post using the buttons below.


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