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My cat follows me around everywhere — why?

Does your cat follow you around? Do you think that cats should be independent and following out of character? Personally, when a cat follows me around I never complain – I take it as a complement. It does take some explaining though.

my cat follows me

Once, the world was full of farm cats. Most cats – even ones of a non-working variety – lived outdoors and mostly spent their lives hunting and exploring. At bedtime wives would ask husbands, “Have you put the cat out for the night?” Curling up in front of a roaring fire in winter would be a luxury for a cat, like winning a feline lottery. These cats would never have time to pussy-foot around following you. My cat follows me around? It never happened.

Nowadays cats live increasingly indoors. Cat breeds have changed too. The most common adjective for many of the new pedigree breeds is doglike. Breeds described this way include Siamese, Savannah, Chartreux, Siberians, Turkish Angora and American Bobtails. Many people go out of their way to find cats that will talk and interact with them. For these cats ‘following’ is perfectly normal behaviour. Looking at some pages from the Cat Fanciers Association I found the following descriptions:

Exotic: They will, however, quietly follow you from room to room just to be nearby.

Ragdoll:  They run to greet you at the door, follow you from room to room, flop on you, sleep with you, and generally choose to be where you are.

Sphynx:  They have an abundance of energy and mischief and are always with you, on you or showing off for you.

Siamese: They are the quintessential “people” cat, for they love to be in your lap, on your bed, at your table–and in your heart!

One of my Korats did even better than follow me around. She would jump on my shoulder and stay there for hours wherever I went. I would walk outside. Total strangers would shout “what kind of parrot is that”. That’s how Hattie first became a neighborhood celebrity. My cat follows me around? She did much better than that.

My cat follows me around: sometimes it’s not even my cat.

Sometimes some perfectly strange cat just takes a liking to a person and starts following them around. The more the person ignores them the more the cat follows. That is, mostly likely, a natural feline response to being ignored —

But why is it my cat follows me?

There is no obvious reason to think it’s natural instinct. The commonly held view is that in the wild they hunt alone. Their social life is restricted to sexual encounters and sniffing territorial boundaries. It’s often observed too that feral cats are very cautious of each other when coming together to be fed as a group.

Another argument is that domesticated cats remain kittens and kittens follow their mothers around. This might be a good argument if it was true but, though often claimed, many experts now think this notion quite wrong.

More likely cats are far more social than many of us actually think. Compared with dogs of course cats are very different and don’t live in packs, yet the more experts look into it the more they uncover examples of strongly social behavior.

Kittens at the picnic

Very often in colonies of cats, for instance, the females will team-up when they give birth. Kittens can drink the milk of any female in the team.

There are also examples of domestic cats working together to hunt: one cat flushing out the mice, for instance, while the other does the catching. Then there is the fact that cats rub-up against one another and share their scent as well as choosing to sit close to favored buddies. This all shows sophisticated social interaction and the need for companionship, rather than a solitary lifestyle. Naturally, some cats may be more sociable than others and we may tend to increase the general level of sociability through selective breeding.

My cat follows me around everywhere. Does this apply to you? Please use the comments to tell me what breed your cat is and whether it follows you around.


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  1. My cat is a 2 year old Burmese that we have had since he was 10 weeks old, and he follows us around so much, we have nicknamed him Shadow

    • group of cats are not called packs or colonies, they are called a clowder, but my female cat follows me, and my male cat follows my brother, but my male cat doesn’t know my brother so well and is usually afraid of him, my bro pets him sometimes when I give him the royal rub, he purrs instantly but it takes my brother more time to make my cat purr, lol posted this here cuz I couldn’t find how to post it on top

    • My cat is Lela, she not only follows me but leaves lizards!
      Lizards!!!! I googled it though, it means that you are their
      Child, they are teaching you how to hunt. It’s okay, bless her heart, she’s my cat!

    • I have 4 cats: Whinnie, Teemo, Drogo, Shadow. Last one, was named for following me around. But all of them do, including in the shower….that’s right! When I’m having a shower they go inside and stay where the water doesn’t reach(pervs). Except for whinnie, who doesn’t give 2 craps about me as long as he has food :p I love them all though <3

    • Each day I walk my kids to and from school. When Inky (black, mixed breed cat) hears me getting ready, he makes his appearance. With my kids in tow and Chase (black lab) on her leash, Inky follows a few feet behind. If he doesn’t follow the 1/4 mile it takes to get to school, he will wait hiding in a bush or under a tree. When Inky sees me, he runs to me. Sometimes Inky will meow in a way as if he’s saying wait for me or where are you. He’s followed long enough that he knows to stop at the end of the sidewalk and wait for me to cross. Inky is easily distracted by any sudden movement and can be difficult to redirect but (most times) he will come when I call his name. Many of his behaviors are dog like.

  2. My cat is a Birman. She follows us all around and today greeted my son with a kiss when he came home. She is a finalist in the National Cat Awards next Thursday!

    • I have a Birman too Jayne, and was told they are “The Original Velcro Kitties”. Mine follows me everywhere. . .bathroom, closets, shower. . . everywhere. He eats when I eat, uses the box when I’m in the bathroom, drinks when I drink. . . I often wonder how he survives when i go away overnight! Miraculously he’s still alive when i get home! :))))))

  3. I have a 14 week old kitten, Merkin, who follows me round and I have to be so careful as I’ve stood on his tale a couple of times and he has tripped me up lol! He’s a British Shorthair and is nuts but also very loving and affectionate when not in crazy kitty mode 🙂 x

  4. I have 5 Siamese cats and have lived with cats most of my life. I do not find them to be solitary creatures at all but playful. Cats in pairs are always better than cats alone, especially in a household where one cat becomes easily bored. They love to wrestle. My 5 cats at home are often found together sunning on a windowsill, or playing in the house. They migrate with the people in the household except when they want quiet sleeping time. Certain cats will bond with certain members of the household. There is a hierarchy as there is with dogs where the alpha cat takes the lead. This is similar to a pride of lions in many ways. They are not particularly solitary. The outdoor cats in the neighborhood also fight for territory and some wrestle and make friends with each other and are often found together. Cats certainly have individual personalities, even among a similar breed. Some are more vocal, some are more playful, but all of them are wonderful creatures. The behavior of the housecat is so similar to the great cats. I have lived with cats for so long, that when I was at the zoo a few years back, I saw a tiger relaxing in the sun, and as he looked at me, I could tell he was content and I did the “blink” (which cat owners will know well) that signifies a sense of peacefulness and contentment, and to my surprise he did the blink right back at me, the same way that my own housecats did. Once you have fallen in love with cats, you can never go back. The best sound machine in the world is the sound of a purr against your cheek.

  5. I have 2, four year old spayed females. One Bengal and one Abyssinian. I can’t go anywhere without it being a parade, and the only time it bothers me, is when doing laundry as I’m terrified one will get curious and end up locked in one of the machines without my knowledge.

    • Lol i have an abyssinian as well. Though, she learned somewhat not to go between my legs when i walk, leaves the kitchen just before i enter, comes when her name is called, and a few other things. She follows me almost everywhere.

  6. P.s. I once had a Siamese cat (Count Vladimir von Pisky–don’t ask) who would howl if he was separated from his people. A shut door was a no-no. He would even play soccer when kids would play outside and was known to actually come into the bath and sit on the bather, not to mention give kisses since he was a kitten at the Humane Society. He helped me survive through a divorce and was always my companion and had a piece of my heart. This extraordinary cat, when he was 11, made friends with my neighbors many years ago after I got remarried and when my children were very little, and he bonded with this couple. When the neighbors moved, they begged me to take him with them. It broke my heart to separate from him, because he had been my baby for so long, but their household was quiet and adult, and mine was noisy with young children, and I knew he loved this couple, so I let him go with them. He moved to San Francisco and became a sailing cat, lying on the deck of the couple’s boat. Years later, the husband came down sick with prostate cancer and was bedridden for 3 months. The cat never left his side and was his companion through all the recuperation. People seldom give cats credit for the extraordinary creatures they are, not only living works of art, but more, even, with a heart and compassion, always knowing when to comfort the ones they love. He has probably passed by now, but I will never forget him, and I have never found another cat quite like him. RIP Vladimir. You will always be loved.

    • What a beautiful story of true, unselfish love. You did what was best for Vladimir, and you have to wonder whether he had some sense that he had a higher calling when he befriended the couple next door.

      I recently went through major surgery, and my heart cat, a shaded silver Persian old lady cat, was my constant companion, always on me or sleeping next to me. Within a month of my recovery, her health went into a slide, and we by mid-Spring, we were dealing with end-of-life issues.

      I was able to get her comfortable, stable and eating on her own through the summer, and she spent many a morning sunbathing on soft towels in my bedroom window. But as fall approached, it became clear it was time for my girl to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I have to wonder if she staved off her own decline because she knew I needed her. Amazing how that works.

    • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    • Extraordinary story of such deep love and respect. Makes me wet-eyed to remember my Siamese, Piwackit.
      Thank you for sharing.

  7. I have a Turkish Angora that follows me all over the house, except when he is sleeping. From the moment I get up in the morning, “Scooter” is there to greet me. He is also a very loving cat that loves to get on my lap when I’m on the couch. I also used to have a Maine Coon named Cujo (the one in my profile pic) and he used to follow me around too. They both like to talk too. They had very similar personalities. Cujo passed away in December, and I adopted Scooter in February.

    • Hi i have a maine coon named strider and i like to know what other behaviours your maine coon did. mine is like part dog i swear and he loves to dig at papers and be in boxes
      sleeps with me and follows me

  8. I have 3 cats, none of which is a special breed. They are just wonderful “mixies”; however, the tortie does follow me around and stays close to me whenever she can …. She also talks to me and that is why I adopted her. She even yells at me once in a while!! (hate to say it, but she learned that from me)
    The other 2 are black and they both have a certain amount of love they need to give and to receive.

    • I have 2 cats and they are not any special breed either. One is a Torti and the other is black also (male). They both follow me around the house. If I am upstairs they are on either side of me in the bed. If I go to the bathroom, the black one sits at the door. If I go down stairs, they both come trotting down there also. I just think they are very spoiled kitties!!! lol lol I give them lots of affection and I think they like being close because they know they will always get attention.

  9. We have 2 singapura’s brother and sister, they follow us around everywhere, Budi (the male) likes nothing better than jumping on your shoulder while we are pottering around the house, oh and they both talk incessantly and are extremely inquisitive, but do not like strangers that much especially children, they run away and hide if any of our freinds with small children visit, but are fine once the children are older.

  10. my cat lewis follows me to the shops and back and also has taken walking to the bus stop with me and waiting till i get back from work to walk home with me xxxxxxxxxxx

    • My cat Sweetieboy (10 years old) does the same thing! When I walk to the stores he stops at a certain point and goes into the bushes. When I come back he comes out behind me and follows as if our walk was never interrupted.

  11. Debbie Cross Carter

    I have a domestic long haired kitty(16 yrs young) she follows me everywhere,sleeps with me and can you believe my daughter(12yrs old)is jealous of my kitty…

  12. My kitty Hannibal follows me, sleeps with me and meows loudly when I step out of the house. He will sit at the door and meow until I come back in if I step out on my porch for just a few minutes. He’s almost 6 months and he is the most precious kitty i have ever had the joy of owning,

  13. My 12 year old domestic short-hair and 7 year old Siamese grew up as only cats until I adopted the Siamese a few months ago. After a just a couple weeks of establishing the hierarchy, they now both follow me around, and if I’m sitting often follow each other around. They both greet me at the door when I arrive at home. They take turns sitting on my lap when I’m awake, and I often wake up to both of them sleeping on me at night! I now have double the snuggle!

  14. My 8 year cat (she is from a shelter not sure what she is other than long haired domestic) follows me everywhere. If I sit down, she has to be on my lap and if I get up and move to another room she runs after me and wants to sit on me again. Sometimes when I’m standing up, she even and stands on her hind legs and cries so I can pick her up. Its SO cute! I have another 8 year old cat (short hair domestic also from a shelter) who is more of the “I like to be where you are” but not to the extent of the long haired one. He’s really not into being pet but likes to sleep next to me right on my pillow. He’s also sits no the sink when I’m in the shower and looks at me which is creepy but kind of hilarious.

    • Hi, I’ve just read your comment I have a 16 week old long haired black and white kitten, I have 2 dogs 3 kids 2 fish and a partner lol, I’ve never owned a cat before , but I can’t move for her whether in the bathroom or kitchen she meows after me, but it’s only me can you offer some advice please.

  15. KiKi follows me down the street when I go out. This is somewhat of a hazard, due to main roads and a train station. I’m assuming – due to the way she does it – that it’s down to separation anxiety. It’s not like *accompanying*, more following, darting ahead, skitting about, not looking for fuss but seemingly quite freaked out. Sometimes she’s more sneaky and slinks along behind parked cars – where I can’t see her when it’s dark, so I don’t know she’s there. She once gt all the way to the [alarmingly busy] high street before I knew and I had to pick her up and carry her. It’s all a bit of a worry. She’s maine coon mixed with tabby.

    • Please keep Kiki in the house! Would you let your toddler follow down the street?

    • I agree. My sister owned a cat names Squishy ( seriously) who did the same thing. I always tried to convince my sister to not allow him out. One night Squishy did not return home and he was found later and had been hit by a car. Sad but true 🙁

  16. My 3-year old, Poppy, is a shorthair bullseye tabby and white moggy with a compact muscular body. She was around a year old when I adopted her. She had already had 6 kittens and been abandoned before I took her on. From the beginning, she had a perky personality, was a keen hunter and was also completely bonkers but she was quite shy and it took some time for her to have full confidence in me and to be open and trusting. She’s still very independent and doesn’t take to being diverted from her chosen course but she has always followed me around. She likes to know where I am so, if she has been out, the first thing she does, after a stop at her scratching post, is to check which room I am in. Then she is happy to settle down for a nap. If I go out round the small enclosed estate, more often than not, she will follow me, so much so that it is a standing joke among my neighbours that where I go I am followed by my shadow. Once she knows where I am going, she will often go off and do her thing but she likes to keep tabs on me.

  17. My 7 year old Tabatha is a pure moggy, and she follows me around for attention. She’s not bored, as she has access to the world whenever she wants it. When outdoors she likes grass, earth, bushes, trees, mice, birds etc . She has her sister, Morgan, for companionship and Morgan doesn’t bother to follow me around. They have different personalities, as do all cats. Tabatha also loves to perch on my shoulder. I am a tree, obviously!

  18. I have a 2 year old flame point ragdoll. I have had cats in the past and I must say my ragdoll is the first that I can truly say is doglike. He follows me eveyrwhere. He sleeps with me, we watch TV together. It is truly funny. I loved all my cats DEARLY. But, this one is a velcro cat.

  19. My cat sagwa is a mix but she looks like a seal siamese, she follows me from room to room, she sleeps with me, if she wakes up and does not see me she meows till i answer her, cannot go to the bathroom by myself, she does not like shut doors, she sits in my lap or on my chest/stomach when i am laying down, and if i leave town she meows till shes hoarse and gets all depressed till i come home.She loves me and i love her.

  20. I have a Russian Blue called Willow, she is always at my side. I was beginning to think there was some insecurity issues.

  21. My cat is an Abyssinian/Mackerel tabby mix, he was originally a stray I took in after I got screwed over by a sphynx breeder. He follows me everywhere in the house, when I leave my room for even just a second, he follows behind me like a little baby duck. He seems to really enjoy house music xD I think it’s nostalgic for him<3

    I'd panic so bad if he ever followed me out of the house… .___.;

  22. My kitty, Jackie, is a domestic short hair she follows everywhere I go even the bathroom. If the door where I’m at is close she will begin to meow until I or someone else opens the door for her.

  23. I have a 7yr old boy feline cat he follows me from the time I enter the house & lay down that’s when he lay down I take a shower he lay or sit in the bathroom I close him out he lay in front of the bathroom door, he attacks my twin sister he just drive me nuts but I love him so much!

  24. I have an 8 year old korat that follows me almost anywhere I go. He responds to his name and even sits outside of the room that I’m in if I shut the door. My favorite part about him is when it’s bedtime and my other cat is cuddling up to me to sleep, he’s sitting by the door guarding the room. 🙂

  25. littlemisssunshinehk

    I have two kittens (coming up for 6 months old) called Bella and Gizmo…they are domestic short haired and were rescued together from street in Hong Kong so don’t have much more info on them than that. They are inseparable and cuddle and play together all day, but if I am home they also follow me all around the house…bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and always snuggle on the sofa with me. I love them and hope they don’t grow out of their loving and affectionate ways!

  26. Last week we got a rescue cat called Henry. We have none of his history or breed but he is beautiful. He usually hides under the sofa unless food is an option but tonight I was home alone and just lay on the floor gently calling him. He came out and sat right next to me. The.even was then spent talking and getting him used to general noises like the dryer and doors shutting. My dad has a rule of no pets upstairs so when I.came to bed Henry tried to come with me. i was genuinely flattered and now I feel bad. He didn’t meow though so I think he is ok?

  27. A bowl full of Peaches

    My maine coon has just followed me and my 5 year old to the end of the green behind our house. It’s about a mile across with a busy road at the end. I was very worried. She was about to cross the road when I scared her back. I love her following but I don’t want her to get lost or used to roaming. We have already had one cat intentionally stolen from us to the point that we had to re-home him. We want to keep our current cats for life if possible so the following is a bit of a worry.

    Our maine coons are called Peaches and Cream. Peaches followed us this morning and waited for me to return. She is currently curled up in the fruit bowl on the table. Hopefully she will always be around to do so!

  28. Norwegian Forest cat, 7yrs, female, spayed.
    Adopted from the RSPCA when she was 33months.
    Meows all the time & fetches toys & brings them back to you. Sleeps on my pillow.

  29. Our family is completed by a gorgeous, personable, highly intelligent, 9 yr. old Maine Coon male. He follows me around with occasional breaks to go check on my husband, after which he returns to my side. He sits at the table when we eat, sleeps with us, cuddles with both of us, and if I close the door to the bathroom when I’m in there, sits and cries on the other side…..I suspect he thinks I have a secret escape hatch in there. He’s a delight.

  30. My cats LOVE to follow me around outside. They often settle in where I am at in the house, too. I enjoy their company.

  31. I have a common moggie called China. She has calico markings and is stunningly beautiful. She not only follows me around, but she tells me when she’s used her litter or if she wants something. She is really affectionate and often puts her paws around my neck and cuddles me. I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome and she is very attentive when I have a flare up and seems to be taking care of me in her own little way. I love her to bits and wouldn’t be without her now

  32. Spinner was my Siamese shoulder cat–died of kidney disease, maybe from Chinese melamine in cat food. I have another meezer with kidney problems now–he sleeps with/on me. I have another Siamese, a girl, who would bite & scratch me for over 6 months before she decided I was her friend–even so, she followed me to keep an eye on me. Now she is the most loving cat ever, a real head-butting purr machine. That’s for anyone who has a less than friendly cat. You can win them over with a lot of love. I have a tuxedo boy who is not happy if he is not on my lap. He may have cancer–if so, it is inoperable, in his nose. I suspect he’s getting comfort altho he does not seem in pain or discomfort. The only symptoms are he keeps a runny nose & his forehead is swollen. But the cat is not losing weight or anything & is constantly perched on my leg.

    • That bump/runny nose could be a lot of things (other than cancer) but all of them likely need a vet. I hope he sees one soon and everything turns out all right.

  33. I have 6 cats and all of them at some point of the day will follow me around the house. 3 of them are from the same mother and will sleep together all of the time. My cats may not be ‘typical’ as they are extremely social, among themselves and the humans of the house

  34. My cats didn’t follow me around, but instead preferred to check on me and visit for a while throughout my waking hours, and sleep near or on me at night. My neighbor’s cat used to like to follow me to the bus stop and wait with me while I waited on the bus for work. More than once the bus driver laughed and told me I forgot something when he arrived and the cat was seeing me off!

  35. I have the most beautiful British Shorthair named GiGi.She is a 3 yr old chocolate colorpoint (looks like a Siamese, but has round head and a “mask” on her face like a flower). She is the greatest company a human can ask for. She goes EVERYWHERE I go. Bathroom, basement to do wash, kitchen to cook, bedtime she goes up to the counter in the bathroom and gets “brushy-brushy”, which is like cleaned up for bed. She sleeps under my arm if I am alone, on my feet or the ottoman at the foot of the bed if my husband is around. She has a designated role for everyone in the family. I am MAMA, get all love, hugs, kisses. She will not eat unless I feed her. My husband is “sugar daddy” (feeds cookies and plays with toys). My sons are playmates. She is very timid around company, hanging around me whining when anyone is over. Boy, can she TALK!! I wouldn’t trade her for anything!! 🙂

    • Ooooooh boy that sounds like Richard Parker. He is nine months old and I keep wondering if his stickyness to me is a phase because he is still a kitten or if it is going to be like this forever. He is also a British Shorthair, by the way. I have been looking into forums if there are people in similar situations with BSH’s. This is my first cat ever and I chose this breed because they are supposed to be very independent and can be left alone without much problem (not for days, at least for when I’m at work, for example). But man does he whines, and even waits for me outside the door when I go shower. I love him but sometimes I just find it a bit too much :3

  36. I have several & they all follow me at various times. The most persistent are the coon mixes, the ragdoll, & the Bengal. My Norwegian (passed) always followed me. I can’t sit anywhere without at least 3 of them on me or near me. They even wait outside the shower!

  37. I have 8 rescue cats and although their personalities all differ they all share a common bond with me and will follow me everywhere. I have had family members witness how they will even sit at the door if I leave and wait for me to return.

  38. My Lil Miz Kitty is a beautiful Calico. She showed up one day as a kitten. We took her in and now she is almost 4. She follows us around room to room, sleeps with us and is very loving and very social. She is a very happy girl!

  39. I wouldn’t say my cats follow me around. I would say they escort me from room to room. Toaster gray tabby 8 years old, Shadow black cat 5 years old, Milo orange tabby 4 years old.

  40. Yup…everywhere…like stalkers!

  41. I have two DSH cats. They do not follow me around. I’ve wondered if it was because I adopted them when they were a little older, 6 yrs. They are indoor cats but I made a ‘catio’ for them and all they do all day and all night is cry to go outside. It’s tough. I built the outdoors retreat because my female would trot back and forth for up to 30 mins btwn the living room and bedroom just meowing. No love from these two. That’s ok.

    • James Lautner, Senior Cats Editor

      Valerie, I wrote this only because I had a couple of cats that DID follow me around. I think your experience is more far normal than mine 🙂 If I was a cat I would want to go outside too. Far more exciting!

  42. I have a beautiful Maine Coon, and what I call “my little alley cat”, whose pedigree is questionable at best. 🙂 The Maine Coon is INCREDIBLY social, not just with his family, but to anyone who visits our household. He follows us around, chirps (a cuter than cute Maine Coon speech impediment), touches us with his paws if he thinks he may be being ignored; it’s pretty sweet. My mixed breed baby, does exactly as he does. She is 2 years old, compared with his 13. Makes me wonder if this is where the expression “copy cat” came from.

  43. My Cat Marmite isnt a pedigree. He follows me around the flat. Unless he is otherwise occupied (staring out the windows or killing spiders), he is either asleep near me. Sittingnext to me looking at the side of my head,gently pawing me for attention, slaying on my lap after a purring-kneeding session, sprawled out asleep on my lap (sometimes with his head curled up into my chest), following me into a room , running ahead of me into a room, jumping out in front of me as i enter a room, pawing at the fridge door, sitting /lay/standing in front of me while i use the loo( sometimes swaying and tapping his side into my leg/ rubbing his head into my feet/ standing his rer legs and tappginmy face with his paw).
    When outside, he follows me about, if i call him he comes, if i walk anywhere he follows- so much so that if i need to walk to the shops, i need to take him in doors to prevent him trying to cross a busy B road with me
    My cat is very routine orintated… wakes early in the morning, wakes me up at about 6.30am, i let him out, he returns about 8.30-9am, eats his food, i go out, i think he sleeps and plays the rest of the day, when i return he is always in the window waiting for me…. as soon as i open the front door, he dashes out and rolls on the patio then dashes off as i go in and do his food. He comes in, east some- hangs around wth me for a while then goes out for about 30 or more, but back no later than 9.30pm. He gets a treat for coming back and then he is around me the rest of the night. Most days he sleeps in the same room as me- mainly right next to me on the bed.

  44. Our cat is a common breed (European) stray. Since we adopted her last year, she has been constantly following me wherever I go and I just feel that she does that because we have developed a very special bond. So, I guess affection is in the character, not in the breed.

  45. I have a female cross breed called Cheryl and she follows me everywhere I go and I don’t now why I have had her for about 5 months I think it’s normal for some cats to follow there owners

  46. I’ve been living with three cats recently, two of them are never around but one of them is extremely friendly towards me. She is fixed, but roams outside and at night when she comes back, she always makes her way to my door and comes right in! She’ll lay next to me purring and laying on her back. She even follows me into the bathroom. The problem is, she’s not my cat and now I’m afraid she’ll start having anxiety when I leave. She doesn’t follow anyone but me! Weird!!!

  47. I have a short hair domestic rescue that I suspect is a spangle mix. Apparently he was found left in a box next to the side of a road. (Although I don’t know why anyone would ever do that!) We adopted him, took him home and named him Twizzler. He loves to talk, gets into everything (even though he knows he shouldn’t) and loves to be in high places. His favourite games involve jumping and playing fetch/chasing balls. He is usually the first to greet me when I get home and then follows me everywhere around the house. He enjoys naps in my lap and only after he realizes I won’t be leaving again any time soon does he wander off to another room. But the minute he hears me move he’s right there wanting to know what I’m doing/where I’m going. Between me and my husband apparently I’m the only one Twizzler gives kisses to. 😉

  48. I have two orange tabbies, both males. They both follow me everywhere. If I go into the bathroom or go outside, they wait by the door for me and greet me when I come inside. Whenever they hear my voice, they run to me. And if I get up, they follow me around and go lay down somewhere near me. They always sleep with me as well. And they like to head butt.

  49. My cat, an 11 year old ginger male domestic short hair followed me 2 blocks up the street yesterday. He started and then I encouraged him…he was like a little dog! I’m thinking of getting a lead with a harness so I can do it again but with more safety as I worried he would roam away and then not be able to return home safely.

  50. I have 2 Somali’s, brother & sister, 8 years old. Zizi is my ‘furry limpit’ she follows and sits with me wherever & whenever she can and has to have a rub down with a towel when ever i get out of the shower. She sleeps curled in my arm every night and purr’s loudly at the slightest bit of attention.
    Genghis has to be wherever we are, but does prefer the bottom of the bed at night, he loves a ‘Genghis Hug’ and purr’s & churipps when he gets one. He does like lying over lap top’s which can make working at home a little tricky…..
    They are both happy to go for a nice long walk with us, no lead required as they have to be near us to see what we are doing. They even followed us in the snow drifts this year while we were digging out.
    They are both used to aquiring lap space, both at the same time, which can get a little uncomfortable as they get a little heavy! They come to call just as any dog would, even if we can’t see them, and greet us happily whenever we return home just because they are glad to see us, no food involved.

  51. Mary Kay Fowler

    cats are wonderful companions!!! My Snowball who lived to be 19 yrs old always greeted me after a day of work like I was gone for yrs!!! Slept with me every night on my pillow & I loved him. I now have 4 cats that are truly wonderful!! I could never be without my wonderful feline friends!! .

  52. I have 4 adorable cats ranging from 2-5 years old, 3 girls and a boy(Delilah, Surprise, Pookie, and K-Nicky) and they follow me around whenever I leave the house.. Here’s some back ground on them if it helps any:
    One cat I received as a birthday present as a kitten(Delilah), 2 were brother and sister (Pookie/K-Nicky) whom my friend found in their garage as kittens and gave to me, they looked about 3 months old and the mother was never found. And one was given to me by my uncle when he moved into his new apartment, she was 2 years at the time(Surprise). They’re all very different looking and all except the one my uncle gave me(she’s a long haired dwarf cat ^.^), have no distinct breed. Just a bunch of mixes. All fixed and 2 of them live outside in the barn.
    But anyway, every time I go outside for anything, Delilah walks around my ankles and Surprise follows behind me. Then when Pookie and K-Nicky notices me they run over as fast as they can to walk with us, Pookie always walking a little infront of me to my right and K-Nicky to my left slightly behind me. Every now and then, he’ll shoot forward, make a circle and go right back where he was before. It’s like this every time. Same positions and everything, same distance apart. When I stop, they stop and sit and roll around, but as soon as I start to walk again they all fall in line. When I’m outside with one of my friends or family and walking around, it doesn’t change. I’m not complaining, it’s just weird and I was wondering if anyone knew why? I feel like im part of a club or something lol

  53. I have a Main Coon type cat (Fifi) who follows me in the street. As first I was a little worried that she might be crushed by a car but she seems to be doing fine. I like going for walks in my neighborhood and I am starting to be known as the women which walks her cat! I can be as far as 1 kilometer out of my house and she is still walking with me!
    I have wondered if this is common because I have never seen or heard of any other cat do that. Fifi also plays fetch with elastic bands….so I guess their might be a bit of a dog in her!

  54. I have a Korat. She follows me everywhere! I can’t even count how many times I almost step on her because she’s always there. So cute! :3

  55. Our family cat growing up would follow my mother around all day while she was housekeeping, greet me and my sister when we came home from school, and make her rounds with all of the family. We grew up thinking cats were evil tools. Blizzie the fat white kitty cat changed my mind forever; now, I prefer to have/own a cat over a dog. Just watching a cat and trying to understand their behavior is fascinating!

  56. I have three cats and the follow me everywhere, to the point it is the joke of the neighborhood. I got to walk the dog they follow behind in a line. I call it the Easter Parade. Go down the street to check on a fallen tree and they’re right behind. One is a black domestic short hair (Lou C. Furr), one is a ginger tabby (Probie) and the other is a Siamese mix (Satori). I notice they follow the dog too but that is mostly the Siamese mix, who will often rub up against and groom the dog. Strangely they don’t do it with any other member of my household.

  57. I got 2 moggies, a brother and sister about a week ago. They are about 3 months old and both follow me quite a lot. When I walk in the door I can call them from their nap and they come running like puppies! Even running upstairs to grab something I find them sitting shyly outside my door waiting for me. If they leave me to go zooming around the house, the girl keeps in constant vocal contact, chirping at me all the tIme. They are so sweet!

  58. I have two American Long Haired cats Bo (3) and JudyCal (1) who follow me everywhere. If I just move..they move. When I use the rest room, they come along sit and wait, when I’m in the kitchen they are behind me. Even when working, they sit on my desk. When I leave to run errands, they are waiting for me at the patio door. Of course they sleep on my bed on their pillows and watch t.v. The younger one always licks on my legs…I love my babies Bo and JudyCal.

  59. My Persian follows me around.

  60. Miss May Ling (our Japanese Bobtail) walks at our side as if she is on a lead, whether she is..or not..She follows me around all over the place and freaks out if someone goes outside and doesn’t take her with them…she is as ‘chatty” as your average Siamese cat is, and I think that sometimes she takes the “Be more Dog” video…seriously..

  61. My little black cat Poppy follows me round everywhere. She was a feral cat who gave birth to two kittens on the streets. She was rescued from the streets along with her two kittens. Poppy and her kittens were full of fleas, sores, and ticks. They were all treated, immunised and mircochipped by vets and Poppy was spayed. The kittens soon found new homes but Poppy was still being cared for by the lady who rescued them. She could not keep Poppy as she already had two cats and 2 German Shepard Dogs. I already had two cats which I got from the Cats Protection League so I was really weary about taking in another cat, but I took two weeks off work and decided I would have her. Poppy was not a social cat and I had to keep her separate from my other two cats for 4 months. She hid in a corner for at least 6 weeks. We very, very slowly gained her confidence by sitting quietly with her for hours on end just slow blinking with her and offering her tasty treats. The first time we heard her purr was just amazing. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. She then started to play with balls and bits of string. She still wouldn’t let us stroke her but it was still amazing progress. Eventually we gained her total trust and she would come and sit next to us and let us stroke her. The next step was to introduce her to my other two cats Pepe and Penelope. Poppy fell immediately in love with Pepe unfortunately the feelings were not reciprocated 🙁 Penelope was totally indifferent!! By this time Poppy was roaming freely around the house when Pepe and Penelope were outside. Anyway to cut a very, very long story short Pepe and Penelope eventually accepted that Poppy was now here to stay. My next step was to get Poppy to go outside to do her poops 🙂 With Pepe and Penelope I got them used to the neighbourhood with cat harnesses. Poppy was having none of this whatsoever. I racked my brains wondering how I could get her used to going outside. I eventually bought an extra large rabbit run, which I put her in and moved it around my gardens over a period of a month. I would then shake a bag of treats and bring her in and give her lots of the treats and cuddles. Eventually after a month of this I decided it is now or never. I let her out the back door on her own. I was terrified that she wouldn’t come back home. She disappeared for at least an hour and I was out of my mind. I need not have worried, my little black cat came straight home when she heard me shouting for her 🙂 She has become the most loving of my 3 cats, she follows me around everywhere and can always be found sitting on the sofa at the side of me every evening 🙂 She is the most amazing little kitty who has ever owned me 🙂

  62. My orange main coon “Mac” sings in the shower. No kidding. We have large tiled stall showers in our home and sometimes in the evening, he will go into one of the guest room tiled showers and start his singing “show”. It’s really cute. He tries all kinds of tones and I think he likes the sound of his own voice. We have three cats and our other male WAS a feral cat but after seven years of constant attention, he’s the biggest baby in the house.
    He and Mac sleep together, eat together and really have bonded. But, none of the other cats “sing” in the shower.

  63. My cats all follow me around, even when my boyfriend (whom they love) is sleeping and I get up to do something in another room. They all follow me in there and hang out. I think it is an attachment type of behavior. I am essentially their mother. I provide food, soothe and protect them when they’re scared, and will give them tons of affection. Humans become attached to each other when there is a sense of a secure base, especially if someone is deemed “wiser”, and reflect an understanding to them. In a sense, we attach ourselves when it feels like it is essential to our survival. I think this works with cats as well. In fact, attachment theory was partially born from watching animals, so it makes sense to me. Now, if someone would explain why cats love to follow you to the bathroom, that would be great! 🙂

  64. my five month old kitten Loui follows me everywhere i go, even outside, deep into the woods, he stays within eye sight. and if i go too far he will cry for me. he sits and waits until im out of the shower and sleeps on my head at night. also when im gone for long periods of time and come home he is overjoyed and intensely cuddles me and kneads me with his eyes closed purring the whole time. hes always in the same room as me.. i think it might have to do with the fact that i found him as a kitten in my cellar, and had to bottle feed him for a little while. im his true mommy ?? <3 😀

  65. My birman rescue follows me everywhere. My siamese/ragdoll mix does the same if I’m out of the room for more than 5 minutes. It’s cute but can be frustrating. Sometimes, I just want to use the restroom without two cats staring me down. The birman is also very vocal. If I don’t give him the attention he wants, he complains until I give in. I always thought cats were more independent. I use to have a persian mix and she didn’t care for me very much.

  66. I have a 3 year old Tortoiseshell and she started following me to each room and resting while I worked, ever since I went on a trip for a few weeks while she had other caretakers. She also listens to commands (for the most part); ‘dinnertime’ ‘lay down’ ‘jump up’ and her name of course.. “Dokudami”

  67. My 14 year old Black & White cap and mantle, Frank, has been physically attached to me from the day I adopted him as a kitten. He sat on my shoulder while I watched TV (until he grew too big), follows me wherever I go (he especially enjoys the captive audience when I’m in the washroom) and sleeps on me whenever he has a chance. At times when I’m not able to have him sit on me (if I’m working) he will sit as close as possible and normally make sure part of him is touching me, if even just placing a paw on me. He is my shadow and really he is just a perfect mirror of the love I have for him and the attachment I feel towards him.

    My 10 year old Tortie, Beans, is more of a check-in kind of girl. She comes around to see what’s happening and to have power petting sessions. She is definitely more attached to my hubby and, being quite vocal, I can hear her ‘yelling’ at him when it’s time for her to get her fix. Interestingly she speaks to me more quietly and enjoys my gentle petting but also ‘yells’ at hubby and likes a roughing up from him. She can also frequently be seen petting herself on any and every thing possible, from walls and chair legs, to shoes and remote controls.

    God I love my kitties.

  68. I have two cats, one is a male Hemmingway( he has an extra set of toes. Also I have a female and IDK what she is sorry. Anyway I’ve had my Lillian ever since she was four weeks I had had to wing her off of pets milk…. Yea that was alot of patience. Well as a baby I always held her on my chest at my neck, after 4 months or so she stopped she wouldn’t lay on me any more… Well it kinda made me sad. Well then out of nowhere in this past four days she’s been loving on me and laying on me , not complaining but im wondering if she since im up set over the passing of a recent dog we had or could it be something else. Can anybody explain it to me? Please.

    • It could very well be because you’re upset. Our cats usually ignore me, but if I’m angry or sad about something they’ll often come and sit on my lap.

  69. We have a 10-year-old Maine Coon mix who follows not me, but my wife everywhere. He also comes when she calls him, but not when I do it. I think it’s because my wife is usually the one to put food out, groom him, etc.

  70. My cat Squeaky (5 year old Lynx Point Siamese), follows me around everywhere…whether I’m in the shower (she sits on the edge of the tub), putting my makeup, watching TV, eating or sleeping, she’s there…she talks to us all the time & even answers with her “twitters” 🙂

  71. Hi I have 2 8 month old Maine Coons, one of them is very independent but another one thinks I am his Mommy, he is the one to wake me up with kisses, follows me always and always next to me which sometimes makes me concerned that he wants something but i cant translate, jumps on my chest (17lb) LoL and wants me to hold him like a baby, closes his eyes when i sweet talk to him always like he needs some loving time, and if I close the doors from him..OMG nonstop scratching at the door … but both of them are not vocal at all… I wonder sometimes if its okay… even when they Meow you can only hear some kitten voice but so quiet … :))) but they do not sleep with me only somewhere close… my boys are very calm .. I got truly lucky 😀

  72. My cats are all different mutt types. I have 3 black cats that may be part Bombay, and a ginger tabby, and a torbie mini Maine. They all follow me around! They all talk! They either answer to a whistle, their names, or finger snapping. They follow verbal and visual commands. None of them are related. 2 of the black ones are total parrots, and 1 of those 2 walks like a boss on his leash. They are of various ages.

  73. i have 2 cats one persian and a maincoon (soz for spelling) i like it when they follow me it because it makes me feel that they love me and care, once my persian merlyn she tried to run inside my car but she ended up getting lock in the house and brownie my maincoon she just follows me everywhere.

  74. Hello,

    My cat (Ramona) loves to follow me places and insists on being picked up to be carried. She’s a calico. I’ve noticed when I’m carrying her to random locations and if I look around, she copies me. She enjoys tasting my food. Hanging around me. Waiting for me to get home. She responds to her name. She is much like a dog.

  75. My cat Taz is my shadow. Black, American Shorthair I believe. He knows when I am due home, complains if I’m late or not home at all, greets me at the door, & then follows me when I am home. Even opens the bathroom door. I got him when he was about 2, & we bonded quite quickly after. Love him :-).

  76. My cat Ripley is just a regular street cat, we found her when she was less than a week old, I know she sees me as her mother, and I see her as my daughter 🙂 (well I did bottle feed her and wake up at night), anyways she is 7 months old now, and she follows me everywhere, I read about the teenage stage when they are less responsive and don’t really show affection, but it dosn’t seem to happen with her. I love her!

  77. Hello, my cat is a bombay, he is the most social kitty I have ever
    had ( only to me ) to anyone else not at all, he’s actually been called stuck up
    He’s with me all the time, people say that he thinks he’s a dog.
    He’s always trying to talk to me, when I say something to him he’ll answer me
    Back with his little our talk.
    If for some crazy reason he’s not there all I have to do is call him and he comes running
    He is my true faithfull companion and I love my kitty with all my heart and I know he feels
    The same

  78. My flat mate owns a 2 year old male domestic shorthair, not sure exactly what he is but he’s a handsome young tabby named Felix. For the past week, he has suddenly taken a liking to me. I never have and still, I don’t feed him or encourage him as I know his current behaviour is breaking his mums heart. He won’t sleep in her room and if she tries he gets up and knocks all of her belongings over just to get out and will come to my room. He sleeps on my lap while I watch tv in the living room, he then leaves 10 minutes before I go to bed and jumps on my bed. If I have the door closed and he’s not already in there, he will headbutt my door and meow until I open it. My boyfriend was over and he did this, so I let him in. As my bf and I were talking and kissing on the bed, Felix then got up from his spot and sat himself between us. I really have no idea why he has suddenly started doing all of this and I feel horrible for his mum. Any ideas as to why he is so hellbent on staying with me? Because I am currently in bed and he is purring away on top of my stomach when he normally sleeps at the foot of my bed…

  79. I adopted two sister orange short haired tabby kittens and the more outgoing cat now follows everyone around the house. Into the bathroom, if you’re sitting on the couch sure enough both kitties are right there. They even tolerate my one year old baby boy. They play so nicely with them and the outgoing one we named pumpkin will even jump into his crib to rub and play with him. Couldn’t ask for two Bette kitties for my baby boy, they never try and attack him even if he does get a little grabby, instead they just go somewhere he can’t until they want to play again 🙂

  80. I have three domestic shorthairs, all different in age and coloring. All three are females and came to me at different points in time . We also have a golden retriever mix. All four animals follow me room to room on a daily basis . If I run upstairs for a second to grab something they follow with in seconds. When I hurry back down , they hurry back down. Seems odd all three cats and dog do this . Our newest third cat picked this habit up so quickly from the others it was scary . Is this normal?

  81. I have a 6 yr old DSH/Siamese mix and a 8 yrs old exotic who have been housemates for four years. I’ve had the DSH since he was 5 months old and adopted the exotic three years later. They follow me everywhere, sit and watch me, and lay next to me. They’re not overly affectionate towards each other, but they never fight during stalker time. 🙂

  82. My cat is feral. Found him at 4 weeks in an alley. Took him to the pound and they said they were going to put him to sleep because he was to young to survive there. So I pretty much took him in as a “second chance” program, where I would take him until he was a little older and than give him back for adoption. Needless to say I named him and yeah I adopted him. That was 7 years ago, about 3 years ago he started following me everywhere, he will meow if i close the bathroom door until i open it. He gets on the bed before I even do. He also sleeps on top of me. Doesn;t matter how I lay, even on my side he will find a way to lay on top of me, like his two paws over my thighs.

  83. just your average orange tabby (i.e. Morris or Garfield) follows room to room, outside, inside,gets in my truck and rides around. We didnt adopt him, he showed up one day, injured and we took him to the vet and he got better. Hasnt left my side since. If he gets left out at night, he comes to my bedroom window and “taps” to come in. His name is Dave.

  84. My siamese follows me everywhere. He cries if he cannot find someone and we have to yell out his name and he comes running. Our little black kitty follows my daughters everywhere. We went on vacation, and she adopted my neighbors kids until we came home. I love cats.

  85. My 2-3 month old kittens follow me everywhere and I just figured it was kitten behavior. Cat owners keep telling me that they won’t grow out of it. lol. If I’m washing dishes, they have to get up on the counter, being in the same room is not enough. If I’m eating, they want to get on the table (with a water-squirt bottle I taught them not to get on the table). If they want to play while I’m asleep, it has to be on the bed… on top of my legs. It was a little annoying at first, but I’ve gotten use to it. They’ve grown on me.

  86. I have domestic tabby cats…all brothers…3 years old. Henry, Charli, Tiga, Zaya & Loui the 5th cat.. They love each other so much, You dont know how many photos and videos I have of them, all huddled up, cleaning each other….hugging each other…its unconditional love between them all! Unfortunately, mummy cat disappeared the other day…not in her nature…I hope she is I have searched high & low everywhere…I hope she comes home…

    I have noticed that my cats dont like to stay in one spot to sleep for long….they may sleep in the same spot for a week or so, and then move onto a new spot.

    I also noticed with Charli…this is going to sound silly, but i had to find out whether i was imagining it…but in the evening..he tends to follow me everywhere…as soon as i look at him…he looks at me and quietly meows each tim…(they are all like huge tigers..but when they meow…its more like a whisper funny.) He constantly wont leave me alone…and then I noticed…when I go to my bedroom and hop into bed..he straight away asks to jump under the blanket with me..and places his head on my pillow …and If i hop back out and leave him…he follows me out each time…so, back to bed i go and lay down until he goes to sleep in order for me to get out of the room…I couldnt believe it…Its been happening nearly each day now…If anyone knew I was ‘putting a cat to bed’ they would think Im nuts!!

    so cute though….he’s my fat hot water bottle at the moment

    I was also deprived of sleep each night..having to let each one in & out as they got used to using the outside kitty litter (my garden bed turned worlds biggest kitty litter) and if they ask to come in, they also run both their paws up and down on my window…

    Im getting used to it was hard at the only time i could get a full nights sleep was if i went away for the night… I love them all to bits and it is absolutely worth it.

    It was nice to read all the comments above…

  87. I am a 30 years old male and my female cat all the time follows me, even she wants stay over my PC when I am navigating in internet and she all the times fights with my feed and in the nifht she sleeps in my pillows

  88. I am a 30 years old male and my female domestic short hair cat all the time follows me, even she wants stay over my PC when I am navigating in internet and she all the times fights with my feet, all the time she wants combat my feet and in the night she sleeps in my pillow and put her body besides my head every night

  89. My cat let out a big meeeeow wen in the bathroom he was gone in seconds. No bite mark no blood my dog was in kitchen. Cat was about 6weeks old. Was a boy

  90. Glad you said ‘doglike.’ That’s exactly how my 2-year old kii behaves. I live alone and work during the day, when I come home she’s either at the door or sitting nearby and rushes up to me. She comes when called and knows what ‘no’ means. She even plays fetch! She’ll bring me a toy (she likes chains), put it in her lap, and meow until I toss it..and she brings it back and repeats the process. She also follows me around room-to-room. I often don’t notice it but more often than not when I’m in a room for a couple minutes and look down at the floor or the furniture she has relocated herself there from the room she was in prior. For example she was in the living room but when I came to lie down in bed I just noticed she’s now on my dresser. If I were to go out back in the living room/kitchen to grab a drink she’d be move back to her tree in the living room, too. Precious hearts of gold.

  91. I have a part Bengal I rescued. She spent the first week I had her, under my bed and frightened. After that she came slowly out and then I became her family I guess. She is constantly with me and follows me from room to room. When I first started letting her out during the day…she was like a toddler who is learning that ‘mommy’ can be in the next room and it will be all right. She will go in the yard and play around , but every so often she will come back in the house and ‘talk’ to me and maybe have me pet her…and then away she goes again. She is the best cat I ever had because I feel so close to her. It is like we are family.

  92. I have had cats my entire life. Whenever I was walking my lab ,Khia my domestic long hair cat would follow . I always had to turn back and lock her in the house ,after walking my dog it was Khias turn , we would walk only 2 blocks . as i live on a corner lot that is busy .but the best part was if a car was approaching I would hit the cement with my hand and call her name to distract her from darting out into the street. I swear she was the best cat ever . Miss her terribly .

  93. I had a cat, a male tabby who would follow me when I walked to school! Now I have 2 tabbys one orange the other black and white and when I come home they are both siting there at the door. One of them, Luke, is siting on my bed right now

  94. My Oliver is a black and gray tabby, about a year old now. He is wherever I am for the most part. If I slow down to brush my teeth or wash my face, or even cook…he plops down on or next to my feet. If I should even try to sneak into the guest bath (where is food blow and litter box is) he is there before I can even get 2 feet away from the door! Anyone who enters there gets his attention, which is over the top affectionate with a thunderous purr. I love my silly boy. One game he plays though is kind of odd though….he like to run behind people he loves and jumps up to love bite people in the butt. Yep, that’s my Oliver

  95. I got my Cat a year ago she is a Ragdoll, she was about 4 yrs old when I first got her, and ive had her a year now, cause at first she was very shy being new to a new home and also myself, she doesn’t sit on my lap much, but she will follow me everywhere I go, we eat together, and play as much as possible, when I come home she is waiting for me, heads straight for the living room rolls on her back, waiting for me to stroke her, she is very vocal too, she love a brushing, her name is Smokie and is my very best friend, she hasn’t had the best of life from her previous owners, so yes I tend to spoil her rotten, but hey she is so worth all the love she can get, and that I can give, I wish I could post a photo as she is so cute, but don’t know how to do that on this site as im new to this site,

  96. So I’m not quite sure what breed my cat is, he is a mixed of some sort, black, in my opinion large for a six month old, has long hair on his tap while the rest on his body remains medium, and big tuffs of fur that stick out on his paws. Anyway, I got him when he was about 2-3 months old, instantly stuck and settled in like he lived here for ages. He is absloutely one odd ball of a kitty, he thinks he’s a dog! Literally. He only goes to the back yard and plays with the dog, comes in when he realizes no one is out there with him, goes crazy over his toys, followes me everywhere, bathroom, room to room, kitchen, couch, bed, even when me and my fiance go to take our kids on a walk to tire them out he tries so hard to come with that we actually took him on a walk once. He’s an absolute people cat, let’s me pick him up even from a dead sleep and cradle him like a baby, he totally retaliates too when he knows hes in trouble lol he’s like having another kid/dog and he loves just sprawling out on you or curling on your lap, ive never known a cat like him! I wish i knew what breed he could be mixed with! Love my baby 🙂

  97. I had “Bridgid” not of any particular breed, for 16 years. She travelled with me over half of Australia. Unfortunately she passed away a few months ago (think someone injured her, but no proof Grr). A couple of years back someone abandoned a little ginger cat in the park where I live, so I took him in. He was only about 3 months old. Now, according to caravan park rules, no pets are allowed, but, for some reason they let me keep my cats. He did blot his copy book a week or so ago, went fishing in the park managers fish pond, not a good idea. Unlike Bridgid, he will not sleep on my bed, climbs on my knee and purrs, follows on my walks to the beach, but only at night. They all have there own personalities, just like humans. 🙂

  98. I’m glad that so many other people have VERY affectionate cats and I use the term very loosly lol! Our family cat ” Crispy the critter” is about a year and a half old. My four year old son at the time named her of coarse and they immediately took to each other. Well since then Crispy has taken to me and follows me everywhere. If I’m sitting she’s in my lap, if I’m in the bathroom she’s in there with me, if I’m taking a bath she’s on the ledge licking me, if I’m in bed she’s snuggled next to me. I was starting to get concerned but there are so many others with cats like this apparently. The funny thing though is that this cat was born from ferryl country cats so no special breeds.

  99. Yes! I adopted a 5 y/o ragdoll/siamese mix, he’s my chubby buddha cat 🙂 I’ve had him 2 years now, I developed arthritis at 41 and blew the cartilage in both my knees requiring I use a mobility device to get around – mostly my walker. He’s since taken to following me EVERYWHERE, including to the corner store. It must be quite the sight to see us all walking down the sidewalk – my 10 y/o son, his 3 y/o pitubll, me and my walker and a chubby cat walking on the grass behind us with his belly pouch swaying side to side LOL. God love him!

  100. Niles, my seven-month old domestic shorthair, is sitting on the table next to my computer as I type this. If I were to get up and leave the room, he’d hop off the table and follow me. If I come back, he hops back on the table and dozes off again. He’s with me almost constantly – he sleeps with me, sits with me while I work, follows me from room to room, curls up with me when I’m reading in “our” chair . . . he’s even tried to get in the shower with me!
    It’s corny to say, maybe, but Niles really does make my days a lot more fun. I adopted him from a shelter when he was just over four months old. In three months’ time we’ve become the best of friends; I’m continually surprised by just how much I love him (and how much he seems to love me in return).

  101. During the summer I was driving along, and out of the blue,something furry and tiny shoots across the round. Without even hesitating, I whip to the side of the highway (while every is zooming 70 miles an hour around me), and I run toward it. There sat the most me most kitten I had every seen, and she was a spitfire! I picked her up, handed her to my 11 year old daughter, and took off for the vet. The vet estimated her to be 4 weeks old, and although dehydrated and scratched up, she should survive.Also, she was a purebred siamese! I took this tiny kitten home (fully aware my husband was Not going to be happy because just a few weeks prior someone dumped two other kittens at our house and this would bring our total to 6 cats!) I babied her and applied her ointment religiously. Now she is about 6 months old, and I have created a monster! She is with me everywhere! She likes the other members of the family, but if I call her she will fight tooth and nail to escape them to get to me. All our cats are loving with good temperments, but I have never seen another cat like her! She is smart, and I believe she holds a special connection with me because she realizes I saved her life. However, spoiled is not the word to describe her. It is far past that point! Funny thing is, one of the other rescue cats does the same thing to my husband and has little to do with me. I guess we do have favorite children 🙂

  102. I was searching to see why cats follow you because every time I walk the dog my cat is never too far behind and I love that. The neighbors seem to find it interesting as well. But, I must say every cat I’ve ever had will follow me while I’m walking the dog. The cat I have now in particular is an Orange Tabby. And he will follows me even if the dog isn’t with me. Haha. But his mother followed me when she was alive as we’ll. so i dont know I guess I’m just looking to see if there was some reason why they do that. I already know my cat adores me.

  103. Hi, I own 5 cats and 1 four month old kitten. All my cats wait for me or come running out of the house when I come home. People comment because all my cats do this and my kitten will probably do this also when she is allowed outside because she comes to greet me when I walk through the front door. When I am at work my partner will say he has hardly seen certain cats all day but when they hear me he hears them all rushing outside to see me. It is not for food or treats because even if they have already been fed they still act in the same way. One of them is a feral cat who was an adult when she came to me, two decided to visit me and stay and three I have had from kittens. They all act in the same way, but yet are all very different in personality.

  104. Both my cats follow me around.. tiger tabby Sabrina (usually when she is hungry and occassional asking for affection but my Mia everywhere I go… sometimes when I am en-route and she is behind me and I back track and … My ADD probsbly dirves her crazy cause she still continues to catch up wherever I am. She is alos the kitty by your side- pet me, nudging- can’t sit still for a leisurely pet… she has got to be up walking up and down along the bed and head butting again… she wants to be where ever the people are…. my babies… gottta love em.. so loving….

  105. I have two cats that are mixed-I think part Tabby, part Siamese, part something else. Riceball and Oreo both follow me everywhere-one will even follow me to the bathroom while I shower (he doesn’t get in the shower-just waits for me to get out). I can even let them outside with me in the garden and they will stay with me there. Then, if I tell them “Inside” they will go back inside. They love being around my husband and myself but tend to follow me more. I find it really sweet and cute and am glad to know that other cats do the same thing with the people they own!

  106. I have. 10 year old long haired tabby, Merlot. She greets me when I get home and follows me from room to room, she is very vocal and will say “hi” to anyone who approaches her. She sleeps on our bed and will go to bed when we go. She is just lovely.

  107. Aloha! We have a 5-year old Korat, named Astro who loves to follow us around, watching and getting involved in most of our daily activities!! He will come in and watch me brushing my hair, for example, in the bathroom, and keeps tabs on whether I am getting ready to go somewhere or if it is just “upkeep” — he can get quite vocal & try to grab my ankles if I don’t acknowledge him (like if I am in a rush)! Shadow would have been an appropriate name for him as we often have to avoid stepping on a paw or a tail, right under our feet! We love our little boy!

  108. My cat is a British lilac blue , he’s a pedigree and ex stud cat, we bought him a year a ago and he has an amazing temperament but he was sooo scared at first but now he’s loves us, he’s follows us all over the house which I love but I would love to know why they do it is it just because they love us and want to be near us

  109. I have a beautiful red headed boy, an American Shorthair, who follows me everywhere. He is my devoted little buddy. If he can’t push the bathroom door open he sits outside the door and waits for me. Same thing if I go in my bedroom. Of course, he sleeps with me every night, snuggled up close under the covers. During the day, if he’s not on my lap, he’s not far away. I’m disabled, so I’m home a lot and my boy is my constant companion. Whether I’m cooking, reading, or sleeping I guarantee my kitty is by my side.

  110. i have two cats of the same breed, which is Persian/angora/normal housecat mix. and they are extremely dependent of me, they follow me around and meow, and climb up my legs and sleep on my shoulders. Odd little things. The smaller of them has developed a habit of kneading on me whenever she gets the chance.

  111. Patchy (daughter named her) our calico who is from a farm cat litter follows me around, she meows and scratches at the doors if they are closed to her. She sleeps anywhere I am and even lays on me. She’s an extremely social cat. If I have to be out of the house for an extended period of time she is grumpy when I get home like she’s mad I didn’t take her with me. lol. When people come over that she knows shes all over them as well. I have never had a cat like her before and I have had several over the years. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

  112. I have four cats. Siamese, Tortoiseshell , Tabby, & a Ginger. All different ages. Every one of them follows me around the house, If I get up & go into another room I usually have about 2 minutes before they all come find me lol. My tortie is obsessed with me, she sleeps like a human on MY pillow with me & I often wake up to her grooming my head lol. The Tortie & Siamese are both very talkative especially the Tortie. She seriously does not stop! My house looks like a pet store blew up in it but, I wouldn’t have it any other way! My husband works nights & they make sure they keep me busy 🙂

  113. I have a handsome orange tabby he is about a year and a half old. I found him in a barn as he had been dumped off at a farm where I do some hunting. Anyway he followed me around and jumped up on my lap. So after getting the necessities I went back and brought him home, he was quite sick so a vet trip was a priority. I knew he was quite young and the vet placed him at 5 or 6 weeks. Anyway we are great friends and I take his following me around as a compliment. If I go outside he watches me thru the window. Nice thing is he isn’t obsessed with following me around more just he likes to know where I am. If I go into spare room to use the computer he will follow me is stay for awhile then go to one of his favorite spots. If I am in there for a long time he usually comes and checks in and says hello. He also follows around my girlfriend when she is over. Anyway I am forever grateful that he decided to be my cat.

  114. My 13 year old cat will follow me to wait for me to sit down so she can sit on my lap. Sometimes she ignores me – it depends on what mood she’s in. We have a cat hatch and my cat can come and go as she pleases. The odd thing is that if somebody is at home, she wants that person to open the front door for her rather than use the cat hatch… I’m baffled by this.

  115. Me and my husband have two cats. Everette is one year old and Holly is almost one year (about 6-8 months). They both follow us around all the time. I’m not sure what he is other than a white cat, and she’s a short hair domestic tuxedo cat. She’s really vocal, and he’s not. He has more of a loner tendency, but he loves to flop over on you out of nowhere and they both like to watch you. Holly’s always following people, playing, and fighting for attention. They’re both so sweet though.

  116. I know I may sound mean or you might think why do I have a cat once after reading my comment… But I have a 6yr old Maine Coon (KittyBoi) he is my life… I love him more that anything in the world. We’ve been through a lot together. Well any ways how do you put it… He follows me everywhere… I can’t do anything without him following me… I cook breakfast lunch dinner – even if I cook a snack he’s right on my heels. I go outside to be alone and he’s at the door meowing. I close my bedroom door so I can clean my stuffy small room cuz if he inside with me I can’t get anything done. I go to one side of the bed to clean my bed off he’s there. I go to the dresser he jumps up on the dresser he’s there I go to the closet close the door and he by the door meowing cuz he want in… I love the attention but this is getting to the extreme… I’ve tripped over him and sprained my ankle I don’t know what to do.. Again I love him and I would die for him but man I feel like he’s driving me crazy… HE MEOWS AKIT I DO GIVE HIM ATTENTION ALOT OF ATTENTION AND I DONT KNOW WHY HE MEOWs SO MUCH AS WELL. It HURTS ME CUZ I DONT KNOW IF HE’S IN PAIN OR HES JUST BEING A SPOILED BRATT, I DON’T KNOW… PLEASE HELP

    • Sorry for the misspelled words.. I hope you can’t understand what I wrote… I just need help … I’m starting to be mean to him then at night we are alone and he just purrs away and I start to cry and tell him I LOVE HIM I WISH HE COULD TALK AND TELL WHAT IS WRONG. I SING A I LOVE YOU SONG TO HIM. I FEEL LIKE I’M AT A LOSS AND I HAVE NO CONTROL…

      • Sabrina, have you thought about getting a brother or sister for your cat? Another Maine Coon. I think I the same breed or close to what you have is best. It sounds like youre they only person in the house…Are you gone a lot? Do you have a ton of interactive toys for him? Has he been fixed?

        • Sabrina, Stacey’s advice is exactly right. Your cat maybe trying to tell you something. You can always take him to the vet too to make sure nothing is wrong. Either way, I hope you can fix the situation. My cats trip me all the time too but I could never be mean because I know it’s out of love 🙂 Good luck!

  117. We have a Birman and a Ragdoll. Our twins are in college now–empty nesters and these cats are truly our babies who amaze us every day with how cute they are.
    Our Birman is so smart she goes ahead of us when we do things in the house because she knows what we will do next. It’s a crack up in the morning before going to work time. She also OPENS cubboards in the bathroom because she knows we will be doing that. Our Ragdoll is smart too…I think because his Birman sister raised him… I taught him how to sit on demand before a treat because he would jump up and knock it out of my hand! No one belives me that sits when you say to until I show them.

  118. I have a big fat (no not fat, full of love) tabby cat, who is 9 years old, and is acting very our of character the last week. Normally he is very independent, and would only come and lie next to me around 2 in the mornings when he was done with his nightly travels. The last couple of days he has been following me everywhere, and I am scared that he might be getting sick, and is somehow trying to tell me that he isn’t feeling well?

  119. I have a 13 yr old Siamese. He follows me around some of the time. But he is more into checking all the rooms in his hunt for me. And then, he’ll greet me with the usual Siamese “talk.” And he won’t shut up until I pet him and/or give him his belly rub. He’s had a stuffed mouse … “Mousey” … for years. And when I’m in my computer room, especially, I hear him coming down the hall because he has this special meow while carrying Mousey, I sit here and smile, know he’s bringing him to me. The only problem is, with his “talking” he usually loses (drops) Mousey on the floor when he opens his mouth to “speak.” Then I have to go down the hall and get the mouse. Now he has a larger and more beautiful mouse (with catnip in its belly, he’s still trying to figure out how to get the catnip out of there. I call this mouse “Giant Mouse” because he seems to be about 1/2 the size of Miggy. Oh, and Miggy does come when I call him.

  120. Francis pettitt

    Our three cats follow us on quite long walks. We live in a small village in Italy and are surrounded by fields and forests.we have to careful about dogs though. We have to be careful, if we don’t want them to come with us and must slip secretly out of the house.

  121. I have a 2 year old half bengal have British short hair. he follows me everywhere in the house. He waits for me to get in from work. He even jumps up at the letter box and pulls the mail out. He insists on being in the bathroom with me and he has one half of my bed!

  122. I had two Manx, bother and sister, Bogey and Babe. One of the most inintelligent breeds I’ve ever had. They seemed to understand what I was saying and sensed when I was upset. Bogey would get on my chest rub on my cheek, softly meow, and start purring. He would stay there until I said I was ok. Babe would just sit beside me purring, giving me the ” I love you ” winks. It was wonderful. Babe would shower with me as Bogey watched from the sink. They would be waiting for me when I came home from work. Follow me thru the house meowing , like they were telling me about their day. Bogey slept at my head, Babe stretched all way down my leg, under the blanket. Babe passed at twelve yrs. , Bogey passed at fourteen. Its only been six months. I still grieve over these two wonderful , intelligent, and loving animals. I can’t seem to get close to another cat. Friends and family tell me to get another Manx, there’s just something about this breed…… I dont know why I’m so attracted to it. What do you guys think?

    • Manx cats are the best 🙂 I have a 2yr old Manx-cross(not sure what with tbh) i got from a cat shelter. His name is Tyson as he spent the first week boxing with our dog (Jack Russell), letting him know he was the new kid on the block. He is very affectionate and likes to climb up on my chest, and sleep there when Im in bed. He also follows me down to the local store, its about a 500m round trip. He meows the whole way, and sometimes climbs halfway up a tree that he likes on the way lol. He knows that there is nowhere for him to sit near the cornerstore so he hides in some bushes until I comeback, and out he flies and follows me home 🙂 My friends are totally amazed, and so am I.

  123. My (2) two year-olds are litter mates and have to be in whatever room I am in. It can be annoying when I am tripping over them because the male always has to plop down at my feet 🙂 but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Not sure of the breed because mine are products of a feral colony. Since my cat’s litter were all placed in 2013 both the mother and father were trapped, fixed and released back to their colony.

  124. I have an Egyptian Mau/tiger mix, and he follows me everywhere. My apartment isn’t very big, so it isn’t like we are that far away when I am home anyway. If I shut the door to the bathroom or bedroom, he will start trying to rip up the carpet and scratch/bite his way through the door. He also licks me and head butts me a lot. And rolls onto his back and waits for me to rub his belly. He also greets me at the door almost everyday. When someone he doesn’t like walks by outside the balcony window or outside the apartment door, he growls at them. He just seems very possessive. My other cat, a calico, follows me around, but she doesn’t necessarily need to be right next to me every moment. She’s a very loving kitty too and likes me to pick her up, hold her like a baby and rub her belly.

  125. I have 2 cats. One solid black short hair almost 3 years old, the other a very fluffy grey cat with distinct markings of a manecoon on his forehead, he is about a year and a half. Both our cats follow us around eeevvveerryywhere. We have had these cats for just over a year now, bought them from a humane society. While their behavior was adorable at first, and admitedly still is, it is also a bit tedius.

    I love my cats to death and give them affection throughout the day but it is never enough for these cats. They *never* sit in a separate room. Sometimes I shut the bathroom door when I go in just for some privacy because they follow us in there as well! I get out of the shower, one isblaying on top of toilet, the other on the towel for drying my feet.

    We get home from work or wherever and they greet us like we have been gone for daays. I still dont need an alarm clock because I am lucky if the kitten lets me sleep past six. The older cat has gotten better at bugging us in morning.

    I have been a cat lover and owner for a long time (as long as I can at 25), and I have never seen cats with such an extreme behavior as this. Did show affection in every way listed on another website. The face rubbing, the kneading, the belly exposing; and theres hardly a break with them. I have been trying to teach them when I am in bed it is not petting time anymore, I dont kick them off the bed (well I do toss them off at 4am or 5am when they think we want our faces rubbed while we are sleeping.) But I tell them no and push them away. They have been getting better at that at least.

    There is just no downtime with these cats. Their downtime is the 8 hours we are at work then they are aaaalllll over us in the evening.

    In the end they are the most adorable cats I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I am just concerned for their lack of independence.

  126. My two boys are brothers and were adopted at eight weeks. They are both rarely far from one another., and always within arms length of me!! They run out when I get home, and beg for treats than after they get treats and I leave the room they follow me with out finishing. One sleeps on right in my arm pit under my arms and blanket and the other shares a pillow with me. While the one on my pillow usually goes to the couch in the middle of the night, he still runs in around 7 to be sure not to miss out on any of my waking attention. The one who sleeps in my arms usually winds up on top of me in the middle of the night although their are many nights he stays in my arms all night!! I open the door sometimes so they can play outside and they literally stay right by my feet purring as soon as I move they run inside- scaredy cats is an underestimate. The only time they go in my closet still together is when I have friends over. I have never known them to be anything less than very social able, and protective. Once I had a boyfriend who treated me very poorly and they peed in his shoes all the time. This has never happened with anyone else or myself. Animal instincts 🙂

  127. My female cat does follow me around the house and cries, to go with, when I go out without her. Her brother is less dependent but also doesn’t like to be left in the house without humans. I think they have mostly Turkish Angora & Turkish Van in their blood line. They are from Turkey and are born from street cats. Due to circumstances, I raised them from 1 day old. Mother ( has all the markings of a Van) and grandmother ( has all the makings of Turkish Angora ) are known cats and I have a selection of males in the colony that are prospective fathers therefore my speculation on the bloodline.
    Having been hand raised I felt I must keep my two as I could not return them to “feral” living conditions. I feed and care for a colony of feral cats in Turkey. Thank goodness all the females are now neutered so these two I raised last year are the last kittens in the colony …. for the moment !! It gives the females a much better life as it is very difficult for them in the winter months when food is scarce in the vacation areas. Having to endure the whole process of having young and raising them is much more difficult outside of the “vacation season” so I am glad the females and the catchable males are neutered/spayed now.

  128. My two cats are torties. They follow me everywhere, day and night. They great me at the door, and even bring me a toy mouse when they are hungry as a signal to feed them. They also fetch small balls of wadded up paper I throw them. It is very sweet. I didn’t know it was this common. I just thought maybe I was a particularly good owner!

  129. I have a 5 year old Manx who lives with my boyfriend and I in a tiny studio. My cat follows us individually especially when using the restroom. It’s too funny. I mean we only have three rooms in the apartment and he will move less than 2 feet from where he was to be closer to one of us. Hah I love him.

  130. My cat is a short haired Maine coon mix that follows me around constantly. Before I left for college she would occasionally watch me or allow herself to be petted but after I returned home after a year of College she now follows me everywhere I go and if she cannot follow me she waits by the door until I enter the area that she hangs out in. She was born outside and when she was little and not fixed she would want to go outside constantly but now that she is fixed she wants nothing to do with the outside. Its getting to the point where I have to constantly watch where I step I love her but I have taken far too many tumbles trying to step over or around her.

  131. i have 4 cats from same blood line they are not pedigree they sit at front door wait for me to leave the house and will follow us as far as i let them and sit and wait where we left them and walk home with us/me even if we are in the toilet they will have there paw under the door to try get the door open

  132. I have a Tabby named Shadow…..he got that name because he was my shadow from day one. It has been 5 yea rs since I got that little fur ball. He will be asleep on the sofa….but as soon as I leave the room he will come looking for me. I can’t do anything without him being there near me. He sleeps by my feet. Sometime my wife n I will wake up with him sitting between us just watching us!!!! He knows the sound of my car… walk….of course my voice. All in all he is just GREAT!!!!! HE LIKES POP CORN!!!!

  133. My beautiful golden tabby Niles follows me around the house. More often he sits on or near me, greets me at the door when I come home, and lets me spoon him at bedtime. In the spring and summer when the windows are open, he’s most likely found on the sills smelling the air and listening to the outside sounds (he’s a strictly indoor cat), but he comes and finds me frequently, sort of like “touching base”; we still sleep together every night. During the colder months without his windows, he’s my little shadow. I love it.

  134. All my cats have and do go on walks with me. I feel very loved and enjoy the companionship. It’s like walking with a small child you get to see everything in a new light.

  135. Our cat follows me around so much that I trip over him sometimes, step over his tail or sort of kick as I take steps to move from one place to another. And, this gets on my nerves as I face obstacles nearly all the time when I am on the move.

    He follows me to bed, sleeps on top of me (gets thrown away of course, but insists on sleeping on bed anyway, goes to toilet with me, on sofa, on Tv when i am watching tv, on my shoulders, on my dinning table, etc etc….

    I think he finds company in I play fight with him every night (he is very playful even at 7 years of age)…funny thing is my wife takes care of him, loves him, feeds him but….guess who he comes to greet first when we are out of town for a day 🙂

    Of course, he spends time with my wife also…sometimes by force (lol) as she loves to cuddle furry creatures, smooches etc.

    No matter where he is in the room, if he hears me open refrigerator door, he is there in lightning fast…..

  136. I have a Mackerel, he’s one years old (human years). Had him since three weeks old. He’s always been a biter. He bites my foot and holds onto it as I walk to my room. Sometimes when I’m laying on my side he bites my elbow. He follows me everywhere. I go to a room and shut the door, he attempts to claw his way under the door. So, I open it (so he doesn’t damage the door). To get him to leave me alone while I do my “business”, I started turning on the water in my tub or sink. Now, he won’t drink water from his bowl, only in the tub. And he’s not afraid of water, he’ll play in it. But he only lays by me. He’s only laid on me twice in one year, and he really dislikes being held or picked up. When I leave the house he waits in my bedroom window until I come home. The only time when he’s not by my side (minus me being out) is when he eats, and does his business. He has his own bedroom, all for him but he never goes in it. Always by my side. My last cat, a Tuxedo, slept on me a lot (especially my neck area) but he didn’t follow me everywhere.


  137. I have two cats. My oldest was part of a 6 kitten litter of barn cats. She is multi-colored medium hair length. She is the most loveable little thing you could ever ask for. She will be 7 in January. She has been with me through good and bad times. When I got sick and almost passed she stayed with me night and day until I had to be hospitalized for 7 months. She was moved across country to stay with and be taken care of by family members. When I was released from the hospital and moved to the new residence she acted like she was mad at me. It took her about a week to finnally warm back up to me. Not long after I got back one of our relatives had a kitten that had been abandoned by her mother at their house. I fell in love with her she was so friendly. They could not keep her so I took her home with me. I had totally forgot about my girl at home. Brought the (non descript yellow striped) cat inside and had a large wire dog cage she would stay in while I introduced the two to each other. They hit it off right away and now they are inseperable and chase each other thru the house. They both sleep with me the oldest in the crook of my arm and the yellow girl at my legs. I love my girls even though they are a pain some days following me everywhere in the house. But I wouldn’t have it any other way

  138. My boy is an American short hair. He is currently walking all over my laptop to prevent me from spreading rumors about him online. He follows me everywhere. He must be in the same room as me at all times or he will cry bloody murder. He’s sweet though. I guess we just enjoy each other’s company. 🙂

  139. My 5 year old Siamese follows me everywhere in my small apartment. I don’t think it’s cute, I think it’s annoying. Not even my dog does that. I wish she would stop.

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  141. From having cats in my life I noticed not all will follow you. I have one that is always following me no matter where I go. He is so attached to me like I am his mama! My own mom told me how one of my great aunts had a cat in the village and this cat will go wherever my great aunt went- whether she went to go to do some farming on the land or to go fetch water, the cat is always with her and she likes to stay on her shoulders! So sweet.

  142. He (my cat) follows me all the time. Rarely is he not near me. If I move, he’s quickly behind me.
    He even follows me to the bathroom (which is kind of discomforting). He prefers to eat when I’m near him and sometimes he talks for no apparent reason (though most of the time he’s quiet). Sometimes he stares at me.
    He doesn’t follow my mom like this. He’ll go wait for her at the door when she comes home and seems generally more excited for a while after she’s back, but this also applies to me.
    Though one time I was gone for about 24 hrs (short vacation) and came back, he seemed really grumpy with me (I did make sure he had plenty of food/water/clean litter before I left) and I think I remember he growled at me. He ignored me for about a day before he was back to following me around and no longer grumpy.
    As far as I can tell, he’s just a normal orange american shorthair. His furs a little on the thick side for a shorthair though. He sheds a lot and is dandruff prone. He has really pretty fur though. Though I can never seem to brush it enough and once he got this big clump. We had to cut off a lot of his fur to get rid of it.
    Anyways, though he follows me everywhere, he has this weird habit of shying away from my touch or running away if I try to pick him up. Similarly, if you try to put him in water he’ll freak. But he likes all those things when he tries them. He’ll put his head under your hand or bump his head on your leg and then it fine to touch him or pick him up. Likewise, he’s fine with water if he chose to mess with said water. He’s weird.
    Oh. And he’s a little clumsy (nails the landing, falls off anyways).
    Other things: Sometimes when you go to pet him he’ll just plop over and lay there.
    He sometimes knocks things down on purpose (stares at water bottle, brushes it off table with paw).
    He does things you don’t like on purpose to get your attention.
    He sometimes whines and does this weird noddy head motion while looking at you with big eyes.
    He was born in September. I think he’s now five or six (probably five). He just doesn’t grow out of the kitten eyes.

  143. My Shadow is a tortoise shell cat. She’s almost twelve now and follows me everywhere in my house. She only insists on sleeping in my room and meows at me sometimes until I pick her up. She will only sit on my right shoulder, not my left. If I put her on my left, she moves to the right instantly. Also, she drools when (I think) she’s happy haha. I love her so much. <3

  144. My 7 month old cat follows ME everywhere. He is a domestic longhair and is so handsome. He has a very mellow, low-key personality, but it seems like he is glued to my hip. If I get up and go in another room, he follows me. He lays down less than two feet away from me until I leave the room. I have two kids, 13 and 6, and he will greet the kids for a brief moment at the door after school, but other than that, he never leaves my side. I have never experienced this with any other cat I’ve ever had. It’s strange, but I don’t mind for the most part. The only thing I am not too fond of is when I’m doing laundry or other household chores and end up stepping on him or accidentally kicking the poor thing because I don’t see him. It doesn’t seem to phase him, though. Lol. He is not neglected or anything, either, so why does he follow me so much? Anyway, I still love him no matter how far up my butt he is.

  145. We have a tabby/white shorthair, no pedigree, and it follows me around everywhere. If I go up to my hobby room she will follow me up and curl up in a corner. At night she gets up onto my bed and after she’s satisfied I am not going anywhere she’ll go out for a while then come back in and curl up on our bed. When we first got her from the Cat Rescue she was brought to our house and I gave her a “guided tour” of the house!

  146. I rescued my cat, along with his feral mother and brother and sister, when he was less than a day old. His mother hated being confined to our home and abandoned them and ran out the back door when they were only 4 and 1/2 weeks old. We hadn’t intended to keep any of them, but Gandalf adopted me as his substitute mother and followed me everywhere from that day on. He walks me to the door every morning when I leave for work and greets me at the door every night when I come home. He will be a year old next month and I couldn’t love him any more. He has brought such joy to home with his giant purr and demands for attention!!

  147. Ewa Cwirko-Godycka

    We have three, a Burmese, an Abby and an Asian. They all follow me about and want to be where I am much more than my husband. He laughs and says I have a following. I sit, the sleep, I work they do nit settle just put their noses into everything. One is a kitten but the others are seven, so it is not the age. My previous cats were two Burmese and it was the same.

  148. We have 12 cats that we rescued. Seven of them were young feral kittens while the other five were in very poor health. All of them need a lot of attention when they were brought in. They follow me constantly from room to room while my wife is at work and then they rotate who they wish to be around. They don’t like being alone and even when not by our side, they stay by another cat.

    They will lay with us and be all over us. We have conversations with them. Okay, I know I am nuts but having been a dog person for my first 55 years of life, I am astounded by how much they need to be a part of a family.

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