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Persian Cat Temperament

What is the Persian cat temperament like? Persians are one of the earliest cat breeds and have been amongst the most popular of cats for more than 100 years. They are beautiful– of course–but Persian cats are also so popular due to their great personalities.

Persian Cat Temperament

Persian cat in characteristic sitting pose

Here is what the Cat Fanciers’ Association says about the Persian cat:

Persian Cat Temperament

Their sweet, gentle, personalities blend into most households once they feel secure in their new environment. Creatures of habit, they are most at home in an atmosphere of security and serenity, but with love and reassurance, can easily adapt to the most boisterous of households. Their quiet, melodious voices are pleasant and non-abrasive. They communicate delightfully with their large expressive eyes and make charming pets for all ages. Persians have short heavily-boned legs to support their broad, short bodies. They like to have their feet firmly planted and are not given to high jumping and climbing. Playful but never demanding, they love to pose and will drape themselves in a favorite window or chair, enhancing the decor in much the same way as a treasured painting. Persians are tremendously responsive and become a constant source of joy and delight to their owners.

Persian Cat Temperament: Persians are playful

Watch these cute kittens at play

Persian Cat Temperament: Persians can be trained like dogs!

Persian cats can even be trained like dogs as this video shows. Here Cooper has been trained to wipe his face! Very cute… he can even so it on command with both paws

This all goes to show what a wonderful cat a Persian can be. Not only sweet and gentle but also very engaging and loving towards their human companions. If you enjoyed these videos please share this post with your friends using the button below.

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  1. I once owned a Persian (he already passed away). He was such a charm – very quiet and timid and never too active. And when he does meow, which is rare, it is always gentle-sounding and almost shy. Persian’s are like refined Monarch ladies – they like to stay poised and orderly. Once in a while though, he would be really affectionate but when he does, it is always expressed in the sweetest way. When I was still an accountancy student and was preparing Financial Statements late at night, he jumped up to my table, walked slowly atop my spreadsheets, then sat down on them. Once poised, he started purring as though saying, “stop studying for a while and spend time with me.” Though late and cramming, I just can’t say no to that. I stopped what I was doing and played with him. I was really sad when we lost him. I went up to a hill that I always climbed when I was a kid and buried him there – a place overlooking the city where I lived and grew up (Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines). A high class hotel (Oriental Hotel) now stands near where I buried him. It’s so sad that I can no longer just visit his grave anytime I want as I used to.

  2. I have a 4 year old tortishell colored Persian. Of all the breeds she has been the most sweet, loving, engaging, playful, fun cat I ever had. She doesn’t scratch or bite and loves giving kisses. She only meows before she eats or when she greets you. She loves laying on me or near me if I am home. Sadly she was just diagnosed with terminal cancer and I never had stronger connection with a feline. She has forever made me a Persian lover for the rest of my life. ♡

  3. Franz, your story is really touching. I’m sure your kitty is just rolling over in his grave. He sounded like an amazing pet and you sound like a great owner. I own a Persian all white doll-face girl myself. She’s absolutely beautiful. People actually try to offer me money for her. And some people have tried to steal her from me too because of her beauty. I have to be careful because her was very expensive. She is warm and loving and just puuurfect!! Your story has inspired me that when the time comes to find a beautiful and meaningful resting place for her when she is gone..

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