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Smallest cat breed in world

smallest cat breed

Raffles, a Singapura cat. These cats range from small to medium. They are the smallest natural breed. Photo: Liz_Upton, Wikipedia

The smallest cat in the world —  according to the Guinness Book of Records —  is Mr. Peebles. Mr Pebbles is a domestic cat weighing 3 pounds and standing only 6 inches high. Many other one-off cases can be quoted. Some record healthy adult cats of around 2 pounds. When it comes to the smallest cat breed there are a number of contenders.

The Singapura is believed a naturally occurring breed originating from Singapore.  Many consider this amongst the smallest cat breed. According to

The Singapura personality is mischievous, good-natured, gentle and outgoing. Singapuras have soft, gentle voices and enjoy being near their favorite people. Singapura cats are the smallest of all the recognized cat breeds. Females can be as small as four pounds in adulthood, males run about six pounds. Although small, they are muscular cats, almost stocky in build. They are not delicate or “miniature” cats.

The normal weight range of the Singapura is 6-7 pounds for a male and 4-5 pounds for a female with height at six to eight inches. Only some of these cats can justify the title of smallest cat breed.

Next challenger for smallest cat breed is the Teacup Persian. This is a variety of Persian bred specifically for small size. There are a number of lines but a according to Wikipedia:

A germ-cell mutation occurred in a male Persian cat called Treker in 1995, resulting in diminutive, but healthy and normally-proportioned, offspring. Treker and the females he was mated to were normally sized, but 75% of the kittens sired by Treker inherited diminutive stature, but normal proportions.

smallest cat breed

Long haired Munchkin. Photo: Sg0668commons, Wikipedia

These cats have the same personality as full-sized Persians. They are simply smaller versions. Other small lines of this breed have been produced by selectively breeding over many generations. Typically the female cats are 5 to 6 pounds and males 6 to 8. Such small cats are called Teacup Cats and breeds other than the Persian have been miniaturized this way.

There is another type of small cat competing for smallest cat breed. Instead of having normal domestic cat proportions it has very short legs.  This cat is called the Munchkin and originated in 1983 when a short legged cat was rescued from a truck. Poor thing had been chased there by a bulldog. The cat was Blackberry, the ancestor of all Munchkin cats. A genetic disorder (Achondroplasia) causes short legs in both humans and cats triggering a hormonal imbalance.  Blackberry was special because she was completely healthy except for her short legs.

Here is a very sweet and small Munchkin:

Smallest cat breed: Munchkin is a contender

The Munchkin line has been been crossbred with a number of breeds. The result has been some interesting though controversial cats. These are dwarf cats in contrast to the “perfectly formed’ teacup cats above . Some of these breeds include the Napoleon, Lambkin, Skookum, Bambino, Kinalow and Miniskin.

These very small cats remain controversial because of claims of genetic disorders. For this reason there was publicity when Paris Hilton purchased one. Careful breeding can reduce this risk however. If you enjoyed this post please like it and share it with your cat loving friends.



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  1. This is very interesting…

  2. Mary Kay Fowler

    I have a small feral cat that is 2 yrs old & weights only 4 lbs. Her MOther & sisters all weight over 10 lbs .
    My vet said I have the runt of the litter but she is just sooo wonderful & loving!!! She has had a few medical problems but is doing fantastic now!!! She lives with my other 3 cats one who is also Feral not soo friendly as her ,Bink, who is now 17 yrs old is very small too!. With a lot of LOVE these feral cats give back 1000 times to you.

    • I really want to get a singapure kitten but I need to know where to get him and how much it will be. I also would like to know bout their health. I guess maybe I should ask my vet… I had to put my precious baby girl to sleep. She was 15 years old and healthy all her life but suddenly became diabetic n had renal failure. I felt like I would never get over losing her, I miss her SOOO much. I had a male before her and he lived 18 years, again I did not think I could be completely happy without him, but my uncle grout me this little tiny baby kitten, a calico, I had to bottle feed her and that of course was my Kali Girl. I was blessed with two beautiful and brilliant cats…..Kali was extremely intelligent…..:):)

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