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My cat saved my life

stories of cats saving livesCats often save human lives. Famously a cat saved an 11-year-old boy when gas filled his home. His cat jumped on his chest and weaved her head back and forth to keep him conscious. When that boy grew up he became a veterinarian and spent most of his life making house calls to sick cats. His name was Louis Camuti, the date was 1904 and he was the first veterinarian to devote himself to cats.

That’s a great story from the past. What about right now? Fact is if you look in the news and there are regularly stories of cats saving lives. Earlier this year Pudding saved Amy Jung only hours after Amy had adopted Pudding from shelter. Amy had a diabetic seizure in her sleep. Pudding nipped her face to keep her conscious. Pudding then rushed to another room to wake up Amy’s son.

The there is the case of David Osborne. David went into a deep and dangerous diabetic coma. He had such a low level of blood sugar doctors said it was unprecedented. Oz, David’s beautiful grey cat he had since a kitten, rushed to where David’s girlfriend was sleeping. He woke her up and would not stop his attentions until she went with him to David. David would definitely have died without the medics being called immediately. Without question Oz saved David’s life.

It’s not through single acts of courage and kindness that cats can save us. When our lives are in a mess, when we are desperate for love, then cats can make all the difference in the world. That’s what James Bowen’s cat Bob did when James was homeless and recovering from heroine addiction. James discovered Bob in a bad state and nursed him back to health. In turn Bob loved James and gave him a reason to live:

I have spoken to many people whose lives have been transformed by their cat. In a cruel world where cats are often badly mistreated it is an uplifting thought they are very often such a source of life and joy. If you have an uplifting story of a cat please tell us.

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  1. this is my little boy and our lovely Jessi-cat. She is amazing.

  2. Whenever I cry or I am upset the cats come and sit around me and look at me. They seemed to be very concerned why they are seeing me in this state. Which btw doesn’t happen very often. But when it does my cats are there and they want to make me feel better. And they do just knowing they are there for me. The look in their eyes is priceless especially when I am upset and they just look so concerned for me. So in that way, they do save my life just by being there and caring about me. 🙂

  3. my kitties take turns watching over me. i have one that sleeps with me when i have nightmares, a set of kittens that meow at my door , then run, to make me get up and move. and the others come cuddle me when i am hurting or sad. i would be lost without them

  4. Our orange tabby would jump on our chests and wake us up at night. After we learned we both had sleep apnea and got machines to keep us breathing, she quit. We realized she was trying to keep us alive. Felines are awesome!!

  5. My cat chesterton who I had since 7 weeks of age always knew when I was coming home but when my mother was ill with cancer and subsequently died he knew something was not right and would sleep on the pillow beside me until I was in a deep sleep then go and sleep downstairs on the sofa. When I woke up the next morning he was there on the pillow just sitting upright looking at me. Every day for a month he did this and then it stopped. I was devastated when I lost him a few years later and just before he died I held his paw and said “I’ve had you for a very long time Ches now you’ll be with Mum again but this time in heaven” and just as I finished saying it, he curled his paw round my finger. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through.

  6. i have a female cat 3 years pld i am on pills and one perticular pills messes me up pretty bad before sleep one night i fell asleep upright with my elbows on my knees with food in my throat i didnt realize it but she knew all of a sudden i feel her jump from top of couch onto my back i woke up nd spit out the food instantly i was releived i dont know how she knew but im grateful i dont know why she did it and im reading some research to understand why all animals do these amazing things animals are family too

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