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Cat Proves To Be The Best Babysitter

should I get rid of my cat when I have my baby

This is a remarkably touching video. A lovely black cat is very tender with the crying baby… On watching this some people have said that there is a danger a cat will smother a baby. This is however incorrect and there is absolutely no evidence that it has ever happened. In our view the majority cats and babies can live ... Read More »

FDA Now Warn To Keep Lilies Away From Cats

lilies are poisonous to cats

Many cat lovers are still unaware that lilies are highly toxic to cats. We have cautioned about this many occasions including the article Warning That Lilies Kill Cats After Three Die From Valentine Flowers. This is a time of the year that many veterinarians loathe because of the number of cases of poisoning that they have to deal with. Now ... Read More »

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