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Cat Cafes In Japan

Cat Cafes In Japan

Cat cafés are opening up all over the US and Europe. While the first cat cafés was in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998, they soon took off big time in Japan and from 2005 to 2010 seventy nine cat cafés opened. Japan is still very much the cat café centre of the world. Sometimes Japanese cat cafes have special breeds of ... Read More »

Woman With Hearing Loss Teaches Her Cats Sign Language

Woman With Hearing Loss Teaches Her Cats Sign Language

Kim Silva, who herself has hearing loss, has taught her cats sign language. Now retired, she was a teacher at the American School For The Deaf. Bobcat’s mother was a feral and Kim rescued him from her backyard along with four other kittens. She says he was the runt and really developed a personality with sign language. Bambi a Siamese ... Read More »

Woman Spotted Driving Along With Cat Leashed On Her SUV Hood

Women Spotted Driving Along With Cat Leashed On Her SUV Hood

Polly Vandall of New Philadelphia recorded a driver who had leashed her cat to the hood of her SUV. The couple involved are now being sought by the police but their search is hampered as they do not have the license plate of the vehicle. Police Chief Michael Goodwin of the New Philadelphia Police Department described the event as “very ... Read More »

Frankie The Cat Causes Stir After Walking Into Manhattan Police Station

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Frankie the cat showed great initiative when he walked into an Upper Manhattan NYPD precinct. Police began a search for his owner after deducing his appearance was that of an extremely well turned out kitty. The precinct even announced his arrival on Twitter. According to NBC New York: “This cat walked into the 34 Pct today. Officer Andrea DiNella would like ... Read More »

Beautiful Cat Pulled From Freezing River In Duffle Bag Seeks Loving Home

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A man threw a duffle bag into the freezing Winnebago River in Northern Iowa. A curious onlooker decided to fish the bag out of the water and see what was in it. Partly full of water the contents also revealed a beautiful but very cold and scared kitty. ====================================================== Stop Press A man has confessed to this crime. According to the ... Read More »

Determined Cat Fights to Survive Having Legs & Paws Bound With Tape


A cat now named Bruce the Almighty is fighting to recover from having his legs and paws tightly bound with electrical tape in a grotesque act of cruelty. The young polydactyl cat collapsed into the arms of officers after being rescued and is now in the care of the Regina Humane Society in Saskatchewan, Canada. The public are showing magnificent ... Read More »

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