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Nora The Virtuoso Piano Cat Plays Catcerto

cat playing piano

Have you ever seen a cat play the piano before accompanied by an entire orchestra? Strange thing is this does not sound so bad at all and has gone viral with 4,393,445 views and 21,234 likes on Youtube to date. The orchestral part is composed and conducted by Mindaugas Piecaitis. In fact to me it sounds a lot better than ... Read More »

Summer For Grumpy Cat and Friends (New Video)

Colonel Meow Dies

Here is a great new video from Purina Friskies starring Grumpy Cat, Nala Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat & Klaus who star in Friskies’ latest music video, “Cat Summer.” And the really great news — for every video view, Friskies is donating one meal to cats in need around the country (up to 1 MILLION meals). ... Read More »

Hot Weather Causes Explosion of Kittens in London

Battersea Kittens

The warmer weather has resulted in an explosion of kittens in London according to Battersea Dog and Cats Home. They are now desperately trying to find good homes for the many kittens. They say: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s kitten maternity ward is stretched to breaking point as the charity prepares its furry new arrivals for its annual Kitten Shower event. The ... Read More »

Cat Daddy Leaves $800,000 For Care of Cats

money left to cats in will

According to the San Jose Mercury News a man has left $800,000 to a local Humane Society for the care of cats. According to the news report The society can expect a check in September for $589,427, according to county finance chief Roy Given, who acts as the county’s public administrator. The payment is in addition to a $400,000 IRA ... Read More »

Reader Requests Help In Deciding Whether To Keep Lost Cat

should I keep lost cat?

In the last few hours a reader (Patrick) has asked for help in deciding whether to keep a lost cat. When I read the opening words I fully expected to be replying in a very positive way: that was until I read the whole story. You must read the final two paragraphs to understand what I mean: “A few days ago, I came home (I ... Read More »

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