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Shelters In Virginia Must Put Adoption of Cats Before Euthanasia


New legislation (SB 1381) in Virginia will require private shelters to work primarily for the purpose of adoption of cats. While you may assume all shelters would do this, some private shelters in Virginia are alleged to make little effort to adopt but rather have a deliberate policy of euthanising the great majority of cats brought to them. Alley Cat ... Read More »

Some Beautiful Photographs Proving Manly Men Can Love Cats Too

David Willams Photography

There has been a long held view that cats are somehow more the realm of women than men. A cat is feminine, a dog masculine. Is the truth quite different from this? Recently a series of photos showing partially unclad men with kittens has proved wildly popular with some cat loving women, many of whom have expressed the view that there is ... Read More »

Paralysed Cat Given Second Chance with Wheelchair

Paralysed Cat Given Second Chance with Wheelchair

Tumbelina is a remarkable cat. Born with a rare condition called cerebellar hypoplasia she cannot take a single step without falling over. She has also been described as a brilliant mind trapped in her own body - a kind of feline Stephen Hawking. Now Tumbelina is being given her own and very special wheelchair. It will take a very special person to provide ... Read More »

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