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News Photographer Saves Abandoned Kitten

News Photographer Saves Abandoned Kitten

WRIC 8News photographer Tony Luckett his photographer where on their way to a story when they came across a kitten sitting in the middle of the road having previously been dropped from an unidentified vehicle. According to ABC 8News: Luckett sprang into action, saving the kitten, who sought shelter under a truck’s wheel well before they were able to get ... Read More »

What Does TV Look Like To Cats And Dogs?

cat watching TV

According to this video cats and dogs see TV fundamentally differently to each another as well as to us humans… Some of this may be true, but my cat always likes to watch wildlife programs on TV, staring intently at the screen in fascination when they are showing — birds evoke intense interest and hunting lions and tigers even more. ... Read More »

Disabled Man Fights Eviction of His Therapy Cats

Therapy cat

It is now widely understood that cats can provide wonderful therapy for people with disabilities and illness. In this case a 45-year-old man suffering from spina bifida had, according to WFAA TV, lived with two “therapy” cats for more than a decade. Furthermore, when he moved into a new home two years ago it was specifically recognised on the contract ... Read More »

Cat Lovers Warned Not to Use Their Cats Names As Password

Don't use your cats name as password

Do you use your cat’s name as a password? I just asked a small group of cat lovers if they did so and was shocked to discover that more than half admitted to doing so. In far larger surveys, involving the general population, pets names are always found to be one of the most popular passwords. Some studies suggest that as ... Read More »

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