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Kitten and Owlet Become Best Friends (They Even Nap Together)

Kitten and Owlet Become Best Friends (They Even Nap Together)

Fuku an owlet and Marimo – a particularly cute little kitten – have become best friends and even sleep together at their home at the Hukulou coffee shop in Osaka, Japan. As a result of Twitter the two have become stars around the world. ネコのマリモの上で フクロウのフクちゃんが アヒル寝。 — hukuloucoffee@大阪.中崎町 (@hukuloucoffee) June 29, 2015 Read More »

Workmen Use Crane to Rescue Kitten On Elevated Highway 90 Feet High

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 22.32.37

A major rescue was launched to rescue a small and confused kitten that had become stranded on the elevated section of a busy highway (the overpass of Tokyo’s Setagaya-ku, Tamagawa National Highway 246). In the end it took took two days and a team of firefighters, landscape gardeners and ministry officials – along with the use of a massive hydraulic ... Read More »

Soldier & Wife Adopt Kitten After Lucky Rescue From Cobra Helicopter

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 21.37.34

I WAS THERE Film Workshops run filmmaking workshops to help veterans and military families cope with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). At a recent workshop at U.S. Army Fort Drum & 10th Mountain Division students and instructors noticed a tiny kitten trapped in the side of a mothballed helicopter and had to undertake an urgent rescue operation. Showing considerable compassion the rescue ... Read More »

Cat Man From Japan Walks Nine Cats In A Stroller

Cat Man From Japan Walks Nine Cats In A Stroller

Recently a retired man from Kagoshima in Kyushu has become a celebrity by regularly walking his cats in a baby buggy around Tokyo. They call him “The Cat Man from Kyushu” and he attracts crowds of admirers as he strolls around with his most adorable companions. The cats are showered with attention and love. His popularity is perhaps not surprising. ... Read More »

Japan Mourns Former Stray Cat Tama Who Became A Stationmaster

Tama the stationmaster cat at Kishi Station on the Wakayama Electric Railway, in Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan

A former stray cat that was given an official role of stationmaster at a Japanese station has died. Tama became world famous for greeting travellers passing through the station. So many people visited especially to see Tama that she made a significant impact on the local economy. According to Wikipedia: Tama was born in Kinokawa, Wakayama, and was raised with a group of stray ... Read More »

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