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Gentle Cat Beaten Because He Looks Like Hitler Nursed Back To Health


A much loved cat beaten to the brink of death because he looks like Hitler was ‘feline all Reich’ yesterday after battling back to make a full recovery. Baz, a seven-year-old moggy, has a distinctive patch of black hair under his nose like the Nazi dictator’s moustache. He was found dumped in a bin and clinging to life with severe injuries and blinded in his left ... Read More »

Logansport Police Rescue Kitten From Sewer

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Reported by the Pharos Tribune  and photos by J. Kyle Keener Photo editor. Logansport police officers rescued a kitten from the sewer under Broadway at 12th Street Monday evening. “When a cat is in a tree they call the fire department. When it is in the sewer, they call us,” an officer arriving on the scene said. Nearby resident Patricia McClelland, 22, of ... Read More »

Muffin Recovering From Major Surgery After Microchipping Mishap

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A small orange cat called Muffin, recently adopted experienced a mishap when the microchip ended up in his spine resulting in paralysis on his left side. He is now recovering from a serious two hours operation by a neurologist in order to remove the microchip. Though it is too early to be absolutely certain, he seems to be recovering well ... Read More »

Would YOU Adopt a Black Cat? (New Video)

Would YOU Adopt a Black Cat? (New Video)

Black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate. No one seems to know for sure why this is. Even in countries like Britain where black cats are widely considered lucky they still have a bad deal (as do black dogs). Recently there has been much publicity over the idea black cats are unpopular because they don’t ... Read More »

Two Beautiful and Inseparable Cats Need Rehoming: One Has Feline AIDS

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News Channel 3 report: Reggie is a 5-year-old blue eyed short haired Flame Point Siamese. The House of Mews rescued Reggie from a kill shelter in Tipton County. Reggie is very gentle, a little shy, but definitely loveable. Tests show Reggie is negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS or FIV. He would love to be adopted with his brother ... Read More »

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