May 20, 2024

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In Lieu Definition And Meaning

Examples are used solely that will help you translate the word or expression searched in varied contexts. They are not chosen or validated by us and may contain inappropriate phrases or concepts. Please report examples to be edited or to not be displayed. Rude or colloquial translations are often marked in pink or orange. “In lieu of dismissal, worker agrees to work clean and sober for a minimum of 30 days.”

Vocabulary coach Build your vocabulary with our free vocab trainer. Enter a text into the textual content area and spotlight one or several words with the mouse to look up a translation. The official definition, in accordance with American Heritage, is “to put at a loss as to what to suppose, say or do; bewilder.” “When you say you’ll try to do one thing, you’re admitting the result is not assured,” writes Roof. “In lieu of pumpkin pie this 12 months, we’ll be serving Twinkies.” “In light of recent headlines, we stocked up on Hostess products.”

The Primary Known Use Of Lieu Was

If Monday is a vacation, the zoo shall be open but will be closed on another day in lieu of the holiday. Persons who work on their days off may take off one other day in lieu if they so select. At harvest time, in lieu of wages the crop is divided between the owner and the labourers.

According to info received, police called to the scene in home violence circumstances may concern an emergency restraining order valid for three days in lieu of instantly filing charges. The word lieu originally comes from the Latin locus, that means “place,” and its that means has stayed true to its origins ever since. Though it does have a standalone definition, “the place or perform previously held by another,” this noun is most commonly encountered in the phrase “in lieu of,” which suggests, principally, “instead of.”